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#PNAweek October 9th to 13th
01 October, 2023 by @WeNurses
With an NHS England target to have a Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA) in place for every 20 nurses in your organisation, starting from March 2021 the role, value, implementation, and awareness of PNAs across organisations varies hugely. This October, from Monday 9th of October to Friday the 13th, the WeCommunities nursing communities will dedicate ...
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#PNAweek - Learn More & Book Your Video Session
18 July, 2023 by @EmmaPerry2007
In October (9th-13th) WeCommunities will be dedicating the week entire week to “all things PNA”. Coming soon - #PNAweek on Twitter   WeCommunities are delighted to be collaborating with and supporting the NHS England National PNA Team across our nursing communities on Twitter. #PNAweek week will include lots of shared experiences of the value the ...
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A week of wellbeing polls
17 July, 2023 by @WeNurses
In the coming weeks, across the WeCommunities nursing communities, we will be exploring our well-being at work.We have seen a rise in supportive content and apps that are often freely available to nurses and are designed to help us look after ourselves, we hope you have found them, used them and they are helpful.This week, we are looking at two asp ...
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@WeNurses sharing live from #HUKconf Jul 5-7th
03 July, 2023 by @WeNurses
It’s that time of year when Una and Michaela have a "Big Cholesterol @WeNurses Takeover"!Whether you are a heart specialist nurse or nurse alongside them, supporting patients with cardiovascular disease, this conference is well worth some time and we are delighted that Michaela and Una will be helping us achieve that via Twitter. On the 5-7th July, ...
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#StayAndThrive IEN Professional Nurse Advocate Places
06 June, 2023 by @EmmaPerry2007
Before and particularly since COVID there has been a growing movement and evidence basis around the need to support healthcare staff wellbeing which correlates with improved patient care.   Evidence-based research has highlighted that regular restorative clinical supervision offers significant health benefits to health professionals.  A principle o ...
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Tell Us Your Experiences for #StayAndThrive Week
05 May, 2023 by @WeNurses
From 5th to 9th of June We will be showcasing all the recent work that YOU have done to support our Internationally Educated Colleagues over the last couple of years for: Stay And Thrive Week 2023 #StayAndThrive week is an opportunity to see what is working well, adopt what others have done in a variety of settings, and learn about how important ou ...
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#ExpOfCare week 24th/28th April LOTS to get involved with!
17 April, 2023 by @HopeNetworkNHS
Experience of Care Week 2023: Improving experiences of care across health and social care Taking place from Monday 24th to Friday 28th of April, Experience of Care Week is a chance to share and amplify the work taking place across health and social care to improve experiences of care for patients, carers and families and improve the experience of d ...
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Getting #NHS75parkrun ready
03 April, 2023 by @WeNurses
The countdown to the NHS becoming 75 years old is on, and so is the... #NHS75parkrun countdown #NHS75parkrunDAYS - HOURS - MINUTES - SECONDS We all know exercise is great for our physical and mental health. The ‘We community’ knows this because every August Twitter lights up with 1,000s of healthcare professionals getting involved with the #WEACT ...
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What can you share for April's #ExpOfCare week 2023
15 February, 2023 by @HopeNetworkNHS
We are delighted once again to support the Heads of Patient Experience Network, tweeting as @HoPENetworkNHS, to learn more about how we can all learn from, and support, the improvement of patients' experience of care they receive from us as AHPs, Midwives, Nurses etc.  We would like to spend some time in February and March learning about the projec ...
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Remembering Peers Lost By Caring Through Covid19
13 February, 2023 by @WeNurses
Who can you remember the significant dates/events over the last few years, or is it still a blur? When did we first hear about Covid19, the first case where you nurse, first family member, first colleague to be infected?And then, the deaths came "We've lost more residents in the last few days than we would in 2 years, and we expect it to happen tom ...
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Student invite to MH Nursing Workforce Symposium
08 February, 2023 by @WeMHNurses
@WeMHNurses is delighted to have been invited to spend the day with Mental Health Nursing Leaders in Manchester on March 29th 2023 for the: Senior Leadership Symposium: Advancing and Sustaining the Mental Health Nursing Workforce As you can see "Workforce" is the focus of the day for this invite-only gathering of senior mental health nurse leaders. ...
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Getting #Nursing2023 right, together
21 December, 2022 by @WeNurses
Do you recall in late 2021 how excited you were for 2022, thinking "I'm glad this year is nearly over and I'm looking forward to 2022!". Well, it turned out that a post covid19 nursing world in 2022 wasn't what we all had in mind at all.Via your tweets, we continued throughout 2022 to see your personal achievements shared daily, highlighting all th ...
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Tweeting Safely During Industrial Action
07 November, 2022 by @WeNurses
This was created in light of industrial action by nurses potentially becoming a reality.We have chosen to share this pre-the RCN Ballot results, primarily, as the media is already being quite misleading in some of its headlines and we would like to remind nurses of how important it is to remain proud of how we conduct ourselves, both when caring fo ...
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Sussex Community Foundation #TheDigitalClinician take over
26 October, 2022 by @AntoniaBrown
Join us on Friday 28th October via @WeNurses as we "take a trip to the seaside" and explore how clinicians have been rolling their sleeves up and getting to grips with using digital to support their care in a recently formed "clinical digital innovation lab". Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) tweeting as @nhs_scft provides a range ...
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Mental Health Awareness Month & MHNs
21 September, 2022 by @WeMHNurses
October 10th is "World mental health awareness day" organised by The World Health Organisation."The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health. The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to t ...
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What's Working Weil in Mental Health Nursing #WWWinMHN
21 September, 2022 by @WeMHNurses
Around 2,600 years Heraclitus proclaimed "Change is the only constant in life". Change is also something the NHS is quite well known for, patients' needs, workforce needs, especially at an organisational level too; who has kept abreast of who employs them and what ICS/ICB their employer now belongs to, given that STPs have gone following them repla ...
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We Active Challenge 2022
25 July, 2022 by @WeNurses
Welcome to the 2022 We Active Challenge nerve centre including the background, how to get involved, and live dashboard!  We Active Challenge Background Now in our 7th year supporting health and social care professionals to be "a bit more active" in August! In 2015, during the first We Active Challenge, 513 #NursesActive & #AHPsActive tweets were ...
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Join the WeVolunteer team...
18 July, 2022 by @NRCUK
Please complete the form below and keep 7:30pm on August 31st free where successful applicants will be invited to join us on a webinar to learn more about joining the team!  Loading… ...
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A CYP day in the life of...
04 July, 2022 by @WeCYPnurses
We are always amazed at the wide breadth of roles that Children’s nurses hold.  We thought it might be really interesting to explore the diversity of children’s nursing and see what those roles really entail on a day to day.  We will be doing a series of ‘day in the life of…’ #aCYPNdayinthelife over the next few months. Who better to start the ball ...
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Advance Practice takeover day with @NorthBristolNHS
24 June, 2022 by @WeNurses
#WeNursesAP Thursday June 30th  We, @TaraIles and @MichelleSamson_ , are delighted to be sharing some of the Advanced Practice we deliver here @NorthBristolNHS, and are grateful to be offered the opportunity to share it with you via the WeCommunities @WeNurses community. We are excited to share this @WeNurses take-over day with you, we'll be tweeti ...
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WeActiveChallenge - Organisation Case Study
07 June, 2022 by @WeNurses
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WeActiveChallenge - Individual Case Study
07 June, 2022 by @WeNurses
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The We Active Challenge - get active kit!
06 June, 2022 by @WeNurses
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What about Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs)?
06 June, 2022 by @WeNurses
Healthcare support workers are a fundamental part of the NHS workforce and are vital in providing care to patients across a range of health settings.  The Healthcare Support Worker Programme, sets out that healthcare support worker is an "umbrella term that covers a variety of health and care support roles, including healthcare assistant (HCA), nur ...
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WAC Resources 2022 - Twitter Headers
31 May, 2022 by @WeNurses
Welcome to the We Active Challenge 2022 Resource Library! Putting the We Active Challenge pieces together... Whether you need to get yourself ready or your whole team, we hope the following images will help you get ready, enjoy and celebrate your WAC 2022 this August. You can either DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIBRARY HERE in a zip file or jump to the secti ...
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WAC Resources 2022 - Countdown Pics
31 May, 2022 by @WeNurses
Welcome to the We Active Challenge 2022 Resource Library! Putting the We Active Challenge pieces together... Whether you need to get yourself ready or your whole team, we hope the following images will help you get ready, enjoy and celebrate your WAC 2022 this August. You can either DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIBRARY HERE in a zip file or jump to the secti ...
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WAC Resources 2022 - Posters
31 May, 2022 by @WeNurses
Welcome to the We Active Challenge 2022 Resource Library! Putting the We Active Challenge pieces together... Whether you need to get yourself ready or your whole team, we hope the following images will help you get ready, enjoy and celebrate your WAC 2022 this August. You can either DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIBRARY HERE in a zip file or jump to the secti ...
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WAC Resources 2022 - Take Part Pics
31 May, 2022 by @WeNurses
Welcome to the We Active Challenge 2022 Resource Library! Putting the We Active Challenge pieces together... Whether you need to get yourself ready or your whole team, we hope the following images will help you get ready, enjoy and celebrate your WAC 2022 this August. You can either DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIBRARY HERE in a zip file or jump to the secti ...
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WAC Resources 2022 - Certficate
31 May, 2022 by @WeNurses
Welcome to the We Active Challenge 2022 Resource Library! Putting the We Active Challenge pieces together... Whether you need to get yourself ready or your whole team, we hope the following images will help you get ready, enjoy and celebrate your WAC 2022 this August. You can either DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIBRARY HERE in a zip file or jump to the secti ...
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WAC Resources 2022 - ALL
31 May, 2022 by @wenurse
Welcome to the We Active Challenge 2022 Resource Library! Putting the We Active Challenge pieces together... Whether you need to get yourself ready or your whole team, we hope the following images will help you get ready, enjoy and celebrate your WAC 2022 this August. You can either DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIBRARY HERE in a zip file or jump to the secti ...
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WAC Resources 2022 - Logo
01 May, 2022 by @WeNurses
Welcome to the We Active Challenge 2022 Resource Library! Putting the We Active Challenge pieces together... Whether you need to get yourself ready or your whole team, we hope the following images will help you get ready, enjoy and celebrate your WAC 2022 this August. You can either DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIBRARY HERE in a zip file or jump to the secti ...
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Inspire your organisation to move more this August
01 May, 2022 by @WeNurses
August may seem like a million years away, with dreams of sunshine and holidays being just that … dreams! BUT ….. now is the time to plot and plan and look ahead to WeActiveChallenge 2022.  We are really pleased to announce that this challenge will be back for the 7th year and this year we want you to take WeActiveChallenge into your organisations ...
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A new look for WeCommunities
29 April, 2022 by @NRCUK
WeCommunities tweeting bird logos have been instantly recognisable and have served us all well for the last 10 exciting years, but I wonder how many people know the history of our friendly-looking birds? “Little Chirp,” as the bird was affectionately dubbed by Pam Nelmes, was created hastily one evening for our founder Teresa Chinn MBE RN by the th ...
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#HeartFailure4Nurses - for Heart Failure Awareness Week 2022
24 April, 2022 by @WeNurses
One million people are living with heart failure in the UK, and 80% of patients are diagnosed in hospital despite pre-existing symptoms, which is why the British Society for Heart Failure (BSH)  and their Nurse Forum are working to raise awareness of the condition and its key symptoms through the ‘F-word’ campaign: fighting for breath, fatigue and ...
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WeActiveChallenge 2022
22 April, 2022 by @WeNurses
WeActiveChallenge is back for 2022! And we can’t wait to inspire even more health and care professionals to get a little more active in August.  The #WeActiveChallenge is a great opportunity to kickstart new habits, whether your already into fitness or a complete newbie it makes no difference, from runs and workouts to walking and taking the stairs ...
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@WeNurses take over for an IEN #stayAndThrive day out
19 April, 2022 by @SimonLittlefie1
We met Simon, tweeting as @SimonLittlefie1, just before the #StayAndThrive focus in April, Simon was relatively new in post and was tweeting about some newly arrived international nurses; it was clear Simon and his team very much wanted to support them to settle in and #StayAndThrive. We were extremely pleased that having had a call with Simon he ...
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Let's celebrate our International Nurses via #IND2022map
11 April, 2022 by @WeNurses
Following an amazing month of #StayAndThrive in April, where hundreds of you came together to share experiences and processes to help the existing and growing number of 70,000 internationally trained nurses to Stay And Thrive here in the UK, we bring you the #IND2022map as part of International Nurses Day 2022. The map is designed to bring some vis ...
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What do people get from tweeting in a WeCommunity?
20 March, 2022 by @WeNurses
It is very nearly 8:30 AM on a Sunday morning, it is a gloriously sunny spring morning and it is pretty quiet at WeHQ, but something is bothering us. We realised that we hadn't checked in on the community for a while to see how you were getting on; so, we asked: Quick question, please Sunday morning tweeters (No it’s not a tweet chat this early ?? ...
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Dedicating April to help international Nurses #StayAndThrive
14 March, 2022 by @WeNurses
How amazing is it that nurses pack up their lives and homes and head to the UK to be part of delivering care both in and beyond the NHS? Possibly still relatively fresh in the publics' minds will be the highlighting of our international colleagues' existence and value as they became one of the focal points in Brexit "discussions". Working in health ...
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@WYpartnership take over for #YoungCarersActionDay
12 March, 2022 by @WYpartnership
West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WY HCP) is a large integrated care system (ICS) that supports 2.4 million people, living in urban and rural areas. 770,000 are children and young people. 530,000 people live in areas ranked in the most deprived 10% of England. 20% of people are from minority ethnic communities. There are an estimated 400, ...
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Fuel Prices - Concerns & Solutions for Community Nurses
10 March, 2022 by @WeCommNurses
Concerns... Irrespective of why fuel prices have rocketed out of control in the last 10 days, the impact of being able to afford to "fill up" to get to patients has become a real concern for many nurses working in the community. For those that aren't aware community nurses, and many other healthcare professionals (and students on placements), will ...
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Michaela & Una take over @WeNurses - heart disease in women
16 February, 2022 by @WeNurses
Did you know? More than one in three women live with some form of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined, and yet only 44% of women recognise that cardiovascular disease is their greatest health threat. Conclusion: there are stark inequalities in awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of hear ...
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#WeCNs 7 Action Areas in March tweetchats
15 February, 2022 by @WeCommNurses
Having relaunched our expanded district nurse community to embrace all things community nursing, we couldn’t be more excited than to share our Tweetchat plans for March. For the first time, @NHSEngland has a Head of Community Nursing, a role recently filled Sam Sherrington  Sam has been supported by a team of Community Nurse Fellows, who have engag ...
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Story Telling Festival #PatientStories March 9th-23rd
15 February, 2022 by @wenurse
As nurses, we know that patient experiences and stories are paramount to how we understand, plan and deliver care.  As for tweeting healthcare professionals, we know how amazingly well stories travel across social media. We also know that #patientstories are complex as they impact the patients telling the stories as well as those that provided the ...
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From District to Community Nurses
10 February, 2022 by @WeCommNurses
Do you know who Heraclitus is/was, well, we didn’t either until we googled “The only constant is change”. Some may say that in healthcare things are always evolving, some may think very little seems to improve, and others may think we go full circle. The fact that the WeCommunities exist we think demonstrated that change is not only constant but it ...
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Join the amazing TeamWe
07 February, 2022 by @AgencyNurse
Behind the scenes at @WeNurses is a small, but beautifully formed, group of nurses that are collectively known as TeamWe We are looking for another member of the team to help Fiona, Tara and Teresa support the @WeNurses community in daily engagements and to create and run our tweetchats. No experience is necessary, simply a passion to support nurse ...
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Approaching 10 years of WeCommunities
02 February, 2022 by @AgencyNurse
We aren't quite there yet but our 10th anniversary is just around the corner in June 2022! WeCommunities cofounder Teresa Chinn MBE RN @AgencyNurse shares reflections, plans, and thanks in this short video: Teresa introduces the intended plans to transform WeCommunities into a more sustainable and formal charitable organisation. This transformat ...
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Looking ahead and making plans
30 January, 2022 by @AgencyNurse
This year marks the 10th anniversary year for WeNurses ….10 years … yes I know …wow ! Looking back and reflecting there have been many changes over those 10 years. Over the last two years in particular the pandemic has caused a rapid acceleration in the uptake and use of social media and this has led to the use of social media by nurses changing. I ...
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How to increase role support by using Twitter Notifications
11 November, 2021 by @WeNurses
What do you do with poll results like these? Did you know:After a 7 year innings, @NHSEngland got a new Chief Executive in August this year.For today’s anonymous poll we’re askingHow relevant do you feel the NHS England Chief Executive role is to supporting you in your role as a nurse?Thanks for you views :) — WeNurses ?? (@WeNurses) November 10, ...
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Self Care Week Twitter Takeover
02 November, 2021 by @SelfCareForum
The Self Care Forum is delighted to be returning to @WePharmacists for a second Self Care Week take-over on Thursday 18th November 2021, to highlight all things self care with latest news, research, resources and ending the day with an engaging twitterchat at 8pm. The Self Care Forum is a charity keen to further the reach of self care and embed it ...
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Mandated Covid-19 vaccines may cost the NHS 152,000 nurses
30 October, 2021 by @WeNurses
There are many decisions made about us, as nurses, that impact us and often few of us have significant input into those decisions.  There are commonly processes to feed into these decisions that are often government lead consultations, where representation by nursing bodies is invited and sometimes individual nurses are invited to take part too. G ...
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A Postural Tachycardia Syndrome Takeover
24 October, 2021 by @WeNurses
The PoTS UK team are so excited to be taking over @wenurses between 2-8pm on Monday. The 25th October is PoTS Awareness Day and they have a wealth of facts, figures and videos to share with you. PoTS UK are passionate about educating healthcare professionals about this widely unrecognised and misdiagnosed condition by sharing up to date evidence an ...
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British and Irish Hypertension Society Takeover WeNurses !
08 September, 2021 by @WeNurses
The Nurse and AHPs working party for the British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS) will be taking over @WeNurses to host two days of discussion, information and interaction on Blood Pressure and Hypertension.   The BIHS represents clinicians and researchers in the field of Hypertension and are hosting their Annual Scientific Meeting in Brighton ...
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Neurodiverse Nurses - get involved!
16 August, 2021 by @NDNursesUK
Building a free and valuable resource for those who are nursing with NeuroDiversity and for their employers too... Neurodiversity is an umbrella term that includes people who have dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), dyscalculia, Autism, and ADHD. As we mark ten years of the Equality Act, these protected characteristics have moved from ‘progressive corporate ...
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We Active Challenge 2021
22 July, 2021 by @WeNurses
Here comes the now somewhat infamous We Active Challenge There are no words for the time that has passed since our last We Active Challenge, but, we do know that being active helps in so many ways, so whether this is your 1st (excellent!!!) or 5th (Brilliant!!!!!) We Active Challenge, we know you'll enjoy being a little bit more active in August to ...
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#AHPsDay: Social movement to network
25 June, 2021 by @RachBrandreth
AHPsDay. A day of collective action to do something that is important and meaningful to you - celebrate, appreciate, inspire and connect. Here Carrie Biddle (Co-founder) and I share what we have discovered about social movement lifecycles and consideration of the future of #AHPsDay.    We found the following models helpful to frame our lived experi ...
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A Cardiovascular Twitter Takeover !!
14 June, 2021 by @WeNurses
The 18th and 19th of June we (Michaela Nuttall & Leonie Klompstra) will tweet from the annual congress of the Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions (ACNAP) of the European Society of Cardiology. This congress brings together nurses, allied professions and physicians from across all core specialties within cardiology, with the ...
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A cardiovascular takeover !
01 June, 2021 by @WeNurses
The 18th and 19th of June we (Michaela Nuttall & Leonie Klompstra) will tweet from the annual congress of the Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions (ACNAP) of the European Society of Cardiology. This congress brings together nurses, allied professions and physicians from across all core specialties within cardiology, with the ...
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When you hit Rock Bottom the Only Way is Up
28 April, 2021 by @lucy_uo
This blog was written by @StnKirstin for #StNMHDay TW: Self-harm --- As cliched as this sounds, I always knew I wanted to go into nursing from a young age, after my grandpa suddenly passed away from a cardiac arrest, it was discovered an off-duty nurse performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until the paramedics arrived. This was when I knew ...
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Keeping out the Pit
28 April, 2021 by @lucy_uo
This blog was written by student nurse @morkirian for StNsMHDay TW: suicide --- 6 weeks into the first year of an Adult Nursing degree I am loving it. I nip home to check on my son Andrew (name changed), who has been suffering with MH issues. My world falls apart. He is unconscious, barely breathing, and cold to the touch with vomit on his face. H ...
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My Journey With Mental Health
28 April, 2021 by @lucy_uo
This blog was written by student nurse @BNUZOE as part of #StNMHDay --- My journey with mental health has not been easy. Growing up I did not even know people could become unwell mentally. That all changed when I was 19 years old, I gave birth to an amazing little boy, about a week later I just felt this dark cloud forming over me, I would not let ...
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Anxiety and the Student Nurse
28 April, 2021 by @lucy_uo
This blog was written by student nurse @enny_y for #StNMHDay --- Hello, my name is Eniola. I am a first-year adult nursing student at the University of Hertfordshire, and I have been battling anxiety for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, people would talk down on me due to how small I was (I am still small), and it affected my confide ...
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Social media MAY have an impact on nursing!
19 April, 2021 by @WeNurses
Over the month of May WeNurses will be exploring social media and nursing.  We want start to understand the relationship that nurses and nursing has with social media and the impact that this is having so throughout May we will be holding tweetchats, sharing blogs, infographics and podcasts and running polls to really scrutinise where social media ...
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#ExpOfCare week 2021, a crucial week of short burst learning
01 April, 2021 by @WeNurses
Experience of Care Week is an international initiative, which runs from 26th April to 30th April, and to celebrate the work that is happening across health and social care, to keep improving experiences of care for patients, families, carers and staff.   We welcome being able to turn the spotlight on good ideas and recognise staff making changes fo ...
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Wellbeing and the Pandemic: Embracing our Vulnerability
29 March, 2021 by @RoaringNurse
Hello my name is Joan, I am a senior nurse currently working at the NHS. I am also, according to the nursing times, a well-known activist During the pandemic I left my office desk and I went back to the frontline. During the first and second wave I worked in ITU. Both emotionally and physically has hit me very hard. On a daily basis I went from jo ...
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‘Ground Control to Major Tom’ - QI & Innovation in care
04 March, 2021 by @WeNurses
Blog by Louise Brady clinical Practice and Development & Susan Barnes Registered Manager at Mais House To find out more about the tweetchat assosciated with this blog please CLICK HERE       Mais house is a small but beautifully compact royal British legion care home situated in Bexhill on sea, not far from the famous Battle of Hastings. Throughout ...
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All Our Health - Kingston University
23 February, 2021 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of Kingston University's WeLearn #AllOurHealth Programme To get us started here is some key information:  This WeLearn #AllOurHealth course is funded by Public Health England and is open to Kingston University's Students The course is 20 days long (with an Easter Break midway)  Each days steps take about 15 - 30 ...
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Knock! Knock! Community nurses, where are you?
05 February, 2021 by @NurseEstherM
Have you ever made a loaf of bread, and it flopped? I have, many times, what do you do? Give up? Make another one? Nursing is like striving to make the perfect loaf, over and over. The more I try, the more I fail, a disappointment at the time, but it gives me even more determination, to get the loaf to rise more, to be crunchy outside, soft inside, ...
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#NursesActive Feel Fantastic February
16 January, 2021 by @WeNurses
One morning .... quite recently .... we woke up and thought "it's a whole 6 months until the next WeActiveChallenge!" Quite shocking really and we don't know about you but we could definitely do with a little motivation right now, it's been a tough start to the year. Taking care of ourselves is, now more than ever, the last thing on our lists even ...
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Reflections on 2020, the year of the nurse and midwife
30 December, 2020 by @PhilBallRN
Reflections of 2020 from one nurse     Time of anticipation of post winter renewal Jan Aware something in China, news a little vague   A few warm sunlit days in Gibraltar Feb sounds like a virus is coming our way The opportunity to be in Pembrokeshire Mar Lockdown? Toilet roll supply in Wales One working from home Apr One friend ill in ITU    Bloss ...
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What a year 2020 has been!
30 December, 2020 by @VickiaDSN
What a year 2020 has been! The year started off well, I think! It’s all a bit of blur to be honest. One of my last “normal” memories of 2020 was our first ever family skiing holiday to Bulgaria in February. I remember watching sky news one morning, whilst away and hearing about what was going on in China and thinking how bizarre. Not realising that ...
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A nursing emergency or emerging opportunity?
07 November, 2020 by @PhilBallRN
As we venture into the next wave or peak or tsunami of COVID-19 in the UK, nursing has never been so important, certainly in my professional lifetime. Alongside other professional groups nursing is being pushed to meet the demands for care that our imaginations are inflating. One reality is that there are variations in demand that appear to defy re ...
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A @WePharmacists Twitter Takeover for Self Care Week
30 October, 2020 by @SelfCareForum
We, the Self Care Forum, are delighted to be taking over @WePharmacists for the very first time as part of Self Care Week. On Friday 20th November 2020, to highlight all things self care with latest news, research, resources and ending the day with an engaging twitterchat at 8pm. The Self Care Forum is a charity keen to further the reach of self ca ...
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A Self Care Week Twitter Takeover
29 October, 2020 by @SelfCareForum
We, the Self Care Forum, are delighted to be returning to @WeNurses for a second Self Care Week take-over on Wednesday 18th November 2020, to highlight all things self care with latest news, research, resources and ending the day with an engaging twitterchat at 8pm. The Self Care Forum is a charity keen to further the reach of self care and embed i ...
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Roald Dahl Specialist Nurses Take Over @WeNurses
27 October, 2020 by @WeNurses
Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which provides specialist nurses and support to seriously ill children, and its network of Roald Dahl Transition Specialist Nurses are going to take over the WeNurses Twitter account on Friday 20th November as part of #SelfCareWeek activities.   The charity is launching a Roald Dahl Nurses Fundraising App ...
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Influence of care: Strategic v clinical roles
06 October, 2020 by @WeAHPs
Lindsay Farthing, Macmillan Cancer Patient Experience Programme Manager, King’s College Hospital The last 6 months have been long.  Half a year of home schooling, coupled with juggling work commitments and family life has been tough. With the temporary closure of my patient experience programme, redeployment back to the frontline and the start of m ...
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“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want!!”….. if you ask me!!
06 October, 2020 by @WeAHPs
Radiographers Louise Harding and Paula Park from Warrington and Halton Hospitals share how they worked with people using their service to understand what matters and improve their experience when attending their busy Radiology department…. A visit to a diagnostic imaging department can be a frequent and essential part of our patients care and exper ...
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Cavell Nurses Trust #10kfornursesandmidwives Prize Draw
09 September, 2020 by @WeNurses
To support this year's funding raise for @CavellTrust during our 4th annual #10kfornurses, expanded to #10kfornursesandmidwives for 2020's year of the nurse and midwife, the amazing tweeting community came up with the idea for a Prize Draw ... and after a call out for prizes was shared around Twitter we are really pleased to announce the Prize Draw ...
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WeActiveChallenge 2020 Surprise Announcement!
27 August, 2020 by @SarahBradder
Hello all! We have a little surprise for all the participants of this years We Active Challenge... Hey WeActive Challengers! Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Fiit. The UK’s #1 rated fitness app. Our app gives you access to hundreds of classes including HIIT, strength training, yoga and pilates — wherever you are.  We were ins ...
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We Active Challenge 2020 - all you need to know!
12 August, 2020 by @WeNurses
So many ways to enjoy, take part, and reward yourself being part of We Active Challenge 2020!  taking part is simple, use your community # and tweet a pic of you being active. Let's start by seeing how the challenge is going in the We Active Challenge leader board below: XXXX Have you got your virtual badge? Enter your twitter name in the leader ...
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Virtual participatory learning with Carrot
10 July, 2020 by @WeNurses
For quite some time (8 years now) @WeNurses has been offering free participatory CPD via weekly tweetchats, it's been great to bring nurses (and many other healthcare professionals) together to share, discuss and support one another in an hour of professional discussions on Twitter. After delivering many thousands of hours of CPD via our tweetchats ...
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University of Hull - #AllOurHealth
02 July, 2020 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the University of Hulls' WeLearn #AllOurHealth Programme To get us started here is some key information:  This WeLearn #AllOurHealth course is funded by Public Health England and is open to the University of Hulls' Students The course is 20 days long Each days steps take about 15 - 30 minutes to complete Ther ...
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University of the West of England - All Our Health
02 July, 2020 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the University of the West of Englands' WeLearn #AllOurHealth Programme To get us started here is some key information:  This WeLearn #AllOurHealth course is funded by Public Health England and is open to the University of the West of England Students The course is 20 days long  Each days steps take about 15 ...
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University Of Plymouth WeLearn #AllOurHealth
17 June, 2020 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the University of Plymouths' WeLearn #AllOurHealth Programme To get us started here is some key information:  This WeLearn #AllOurHealth course is funded by Public Health England and is open to University of Plymouth Students The course is 20 days long  Each days steps take about 15 - 30 minutes to complete T ...
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WeActiveChallenge 2020 - It's nearly time to get moving!
12 June, 2020 by @WeAHPs
We’re back! And we can’t wait to see what everyone gets up to. 2020 has been a crazy year so far and we know that this years #WeActiveChallenge will be different but we also know just how adaptable you guys are. You have astounded us with your resilience, dedication, teamwork and innovation so it was a no brainer when it came to running the WeActiv ...
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University Of Nottingham WeLearn #AllOurHealth
05 May, 2020 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the University of Nottinghams' WeLearn #AllOurHealth Programme To get us started here is some key information:  This WeLearn #AllOurHealth course is funded by Public Health England and is open to University of Nottingham Students The course is 20 days long  Each days steps take about 15 - 30 minutes to comple ...
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Join the @WeDistrictNurse team
03 May, 2020 by @WeCommNurses
Thanks for exploring becoming an @WedistrictNurse volunteer! @WeDistrictNurse is proud to be part of the WeCommunities, we are made up of passionate, tweeting healthcare professionals that believe that connecting, learning and sharing, through twitter. This we feel helps us to stay informed, supported and therefore able to offer the best quality ca ...
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02 May, 2020 by @WeMidwives
May is upon us - the weather in the UK is sunny (mostly) and that light in the sky gives us all hope. Flowers are in bud some are even on their first bloom. As we crawl slowly through this pandemic our minds turn to the many NHS workers both visible and out of sight who are putting their lives on the line every single day. For some, the choice to w ...
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#WeNursingAssosciates Badges!!!
30 April, 2020 by @WeNursingAssocs
What is @WeNursingAssocs? The @WeNursingAssocs twitter account was set up in January 2020 to bring Nursing Associates (NAs), Trainee Nursing Associates (TNAs), and other Nursing Associate ambassadors (educators, line managers, NMC, HEE, etc.) together and form a network.  The account aims to facilitate a supportive network, provide access to resour ...
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#10kForNursesAndMidwives - be part of "Team WeNurses"
24 April, 2020 by @WeNurses
For the past few years WeNurses has been a huge supporter of the Cavell Nurses' Trust and every October we have joined, supported and RTed LOTS about 10k for Nurses & Midwives. (If you have so far missed 10k for Nurses & Midwives find out about it HERE) This year we want to go a step further and create a WeNurses #10kForNursesAndMidwives Team .... ...
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WeCareHomes Learn To Tweet Poster
21 April, 2020 by @WeNurses
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Nurse & Midwife Learn To Tweet Poster
21 April, 2020 by @WeNurses
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Resilience During COVID-19
14 April, 2020 by @JJackson_RN
Things are hard right now. I have studied resilience for nearly 10 years now, and I am still overwhelmed with everything that is happening. I hope that this shows that resilience is not easy for anyone right now. I have had several requests for information, and want to provide something to support nurses. I feel completely inadequate for this- ther ...
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WeCommunities Nurse & Midwife TwitterKit
06 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
Loading... (function(d){var js, id="pikto-embed-js", ref=d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];if (d.getElementById(id)) { return;}js=d.createElement("script");; js.async=true;js.src="";ref.parentNode.insertBefore(js, ref);}(document)); ...
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ABC's of doing Twitter well
06 March, 2020 by @JennytheM
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Twitter Networking Tips
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
Here are some top tips for those of you who want to use Twitter for networking:    ...
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Tweeting and revalidation
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
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Tweetchat tips
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
Here are two infographics to help you to get to grips with tweetchatting:        ...
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MyWe Guide
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
A guide to using MyWe to reflect on tweetchats for your CPD:     ...
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Social media triage
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
Come across a sticky social media situation ... this may help:    ...
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Staying professional on social media
04 March, 2020 by @WeStudentNurse
Some guidance on staying safe in social media spaces:    ...
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Twitter conversation starters
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
New to Twitter ?? Stuck on what to say??? This should help:      ...
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Some Twitter anatomy
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
Stuck on what does what on Twitter ?? Then brush up on some Twitter anatomy:       ...
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5 reasons
04 March, 2020 by @WeNurses
5 reasons why nurses should use Twitter .... and much more: ...
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Celebrities and trolls
04 March, 2020 by @DGFoord
Celebrities and Trolls – The many myths of Twitter for nurses … Busted! - By David Foord and Teresa Chinn  (Orginally posted on NHS Employers in 2014)  Over the past years nursing has travelled significantly from a profession where we blatantly discouraged and admonished the use of Twitter to one that has embraced and is encouraging a permissive us ...
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Unlocking the potential
04 March, 2020 by @AgencyNurse
Some thoughts on unlocking the potential of social media in nursing:  ...
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#WeStNsPod - Sepsis
03 March, 2020 by @WeStudentNurse
Welcome to #WeStNsPod     A platform of peer support and learning resources for nursing / nursing associate students.     #WeStNsPod evolved from a desire to enable students to learn away from our laptops, freeing up valuable time to 'do' 'be active' or just simply 'be' while we learn.     Tweetchats on pod topics add depth to discussions and are a ...
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#WeStNsPod - Sepsis Introduction
03 March, 2020 by @WeStudentNurse
Welcome to #WeStNsPod     A platform of peer support and learning resources for nursing / nursing associate students.     #WeStNsPod evolved from a desire to enable students to learn away from our laptops, freeing up valuable time to 'do' 'be active' or just simply 'be' while we learn.     Tweetchats on pod topics add depth to discussions and are ...
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Just keep tweeting!
19 February, 2020 by @SarahBradder
Hello all! It’s been five amazing years of @WeAHPs and it’s safe to say that the community has gone from strength to strength. As the leadership of the community is having a bit of a shake up, I thought it was best to go back to the beginning and talk a little bit about what it’s all about and why it’s so important. As part of the #WeCommunities fa ...
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About WeNursingAssociates
12 February, 2020 by @WeNursingAssocs
@WeNursingAssocs is a monthly Twitter chat predominately aimed at Nursing Associates. @WeNursingAssocs chats take place on the first Wednesdya of every month at 8.30pm on Twitter using #WeNursingAssociates.        About the chat co-ordinators     ...
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WeNurses followers - who and where they are !
04 February, 2020 by @AgencyNurse
People often ask us how many nurses tweet, or who they are, where they live and what they do ..... all questions we really don't know the answer to! It's hard to measure exactly and although WeNurses now has over 90 thousand followers we can't say for sure that they are all nurses and we don't know their roles, where they live or even how old they ...
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A new ‘We Community’ for positive experiences of care
04 February, 2020 by @WeNurses
Do you want to be part of a ‘We Community’ that supports and promotes positive experiences of care ? ‘WeCommunities’ are working in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement to create a Twitter community for people interested in experiences of care. The aim is to bring people to share good practice, to inform practice, to celebrate practice ...
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About @WeStudentNurse - How it all works Part 1
02 February, 2020 by @Rachel_A_
WeStudentNurses (WeStNs) is a free social media support and learning resource for Student Nurses. As part of the WeCommunities family, Twitter is the main platform used, supported by Instagram and podcasts. Since being founded by Leanne Patrick and co. in 2018, WeStNs have continuously evolved and developed new ways of connecting with their audienc ...
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About @WeStudentNurse - How it all works Part 2
02 February, 2020 by @Rachel_A_
@WeStudentNurses is an ever growing platform, supporting student nurses in their studies, both in learning and in wellbeing. The work put into the success of the community stretches far beyond a Tweet signed off with a hashtag- behind the scenes hours of dedication is voluntarily poured into the project. Having explored the main features of the acc ...
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About @WeHCManagers
03 January, 2020 by @wehcmanagers
@WeHCManagers is a monthly Twitter chat predominately aimed at Healthcare Managers. Keep an eye out for tweetchats using #WeHCMs.       About the chat coordinators: Adam Layland @agclayland: Adam's career commenced when he joined Staffordshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust in 2005, working as a volunteer in the community and as a GP out of hours cal ...
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#TANTTT or Teach A Nurse To Tweet Tuesday
01 January, 2020 by @WeNurses
Welcome to our simple resources guide to help you deliver an effective: Teach A Nurse To Tweet Tuesday (otherwise referred to as #TANTTT (This kind of replaces the much loved "twitterversity"). Many of you will know that the now enormous, well over 100,000+ tweeting nurses, that are supported by a variety of We Communities, see them all here, have ...
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Act Now – e-learning for all health & care professionals
16 December, 2019 by @WeNurses
This time last year NHS England, NHS Improvement and the QNI launched the “Act Now” guides - a series of practical resources to support health and social care staff to reduce delayed transfers of care (CLICK HERE to view and download)         The guides are designed to “help health and social care colleagues to take prompt practical actions and us ...
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#AllOurHealth - It's no secret!
13 December, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
by Professor Jamie Waterall, (Deputy Chief Nurse, Chief Nurse, Maternity & Early Years Directorate – Public Health England) & Teresa Chinn MBE (WeCommunities Founder)  Picture this – information and learning that is: Evidence based Has relevance to your role Easily accessible and engaging Counts towards your professional development hours (and for ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Best start in life
20 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Best start in life *Please note that this course has currently been postponed and will be reschedualed at some point during the last quarter of 2020 - please feel free to register and we will send you a direct message when we have a start date. Sign up & ready to get started Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the WeLearn ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth: CVD Prevention
20 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Cardiovascular disease prevention  Sign up & ready to get started Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the WeLearn #AllOurHealth on "Cardiovascular Disease Prevention"   Ahead of getting signed up and being ready to get started here is some key info: The WeLearn #AllOurHealth funded by Public Health England and is open acc ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Smoking & Tobacco
20 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Smoking & Tobacco  Sign up & ready to get started Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the WeLearn #AllOurHealth on "Somoking & Tobacco"   Ahead of getting signed up and being ready to get started here is some key info: The WeLearn #AllOurHealth funded by Public Health England and is open access and completely and utterly ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Mental health & wellbeing
20 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Mental health & wellbeing  Sign up & ready to get started Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the WeLearn #AllOurHealth on "Mental health & wellbeing."   Ahead of getting signed up and being ready to get started here is some key info: The WeLearn #AllOurHealth funded by Public Health England and is open access and complet ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Virtual Student Event
20 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Virtual Student Event Day 1 - Step 0 Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the WeLearn #AllOurHealth Virtual Student Event    To get us started here is some info about what you are signing up to:  The WeLearn #AllOurHealth funded by Public Health England and is open access and completely and utterly FREEEEE ! The course is ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Air Pollution
20 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Air pollution  Sign up & ready to get started Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the WeLearn #AllOurHealth on "Air Pollution"   Ahead of getting signed up and being ready to get started here is some key info: The WeLearn #AllOurHealth funded by Public Health England and is open access and completely and utterly FREEEEE ! ...
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Be part of something amazing …. WeLearn #AllOurHealth 2020
11 November, 2019 by @AgencyNurse
WeLearn #AllOurHealth participant registration is now open CLICK HERE to get started 2020 is not that far away and thoughts are turning to how we can continue to put preventing illness, protecting health and promoting wellbeing at the forefront of health and care professionals practice.  And what better way to encourage and support health and care ...
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We "Nursing Associates" ... a new community!
04 November, 2019 by @IanCostelloRN
Do you want to be part of a ‘We Community’ for Nursing Associates (NAs)? NAs are a new profession in healthcare and sit between the Register Nurse and Healthcare Assistant. NAs are educated to a level 5 foundation degree (FdSc) and receive generic experience, with training and placements that span the life of a person (birth to end of life) and all ...
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Be a Trailblazing University: WeLearn #AllOurHealth 2020
01 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth participant registration is now open CLICK HERE to get started Could you be one of the 12 universities we are looking for? WeCommunities and Public Health England are really pleased to announce a virtual event around preventing illness, protecting health and promoting wellbeing  … for students ! Anyone from any university can ...
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Be a Trailblazing Organisation: WeLearn #AllOurHealth 2020
01 November, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn #AllOurHealth participant registration is now open CLICK HERE to get started Could you be one of the 12 organisations we are looking for? WeCommunities and Public Health England are really pleased to announce that WeLearn #AllOurHealth is back for 2020. Anyone from any organisation can take part in WeLearn #AllOurHealth … but what about get ...
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Mental Health Inequalities
31 October, 2019 by @VanessaRNMH
Mental Health Inequalities: Through an intersectional lens. Reflections on the @WeMHNurses Twitter Chat On 1st October, 2019, @WeMHNurses held a Twitter chat in collaboration with Yorkshire and Humber NHS Leadership Academy as part of the Black History Month activities led by Beverley Powell,  @UKCoachLeader This twitter chat was organised and faci ...
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#WeStNsPod - Leadership
28 October, 2019 by @WeStudentNurse
Welcome to #WeStNsPod     A platform of peer support and learning resources for nursing / nursing associate students.     #WeStNsPod evolved from a desire to enable students to learn away from our laptops, freeing up valuable time to 'do' 'be active' or just simply 'be' while we learn.     Tweetchats on pod topics add depth to discussions and are a ...
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Breaking down barriers in accessing Palliative Care
25 October, 2019 by @ElizabethHayday
My very first host of a web chat proved to be very popular.  The topic of palliative care is very emotive.  I wanted to explore the recommendations from my literature review of barriers for people with learning disabilities with cancer accessing palliative care.  Discussion regarding the use of advance care plans to encourage partnership working fo ...
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Becoming an Allied Health Professional for Public Health
21 October, 2019 by @AHPs4PH
My story - becoming an Allied Health Professional for Public Health Who am I? My name is Paula Manning and I have been practicing as a physiotherapist for around 25 years across various settings, most recently mental health in the community and secure hospitals. This article will hopefully take you on my journey to becoming an AHP for public healt ...
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From Patient to Orthoptist to Ambassador…
30 September, 2019 by @VJayeBurchell
#HelloMyNameIs Vienna-Jaye and I am an Orthoptist in the Eye Department at Dorset County Hospital. I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2017, I had previous personal experience of Orthoptics when I was much younger, and now work with one of the Orthoptists that treated me! Orthoptics is a relatively small profession, as are many of the ...
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#WeStNsPod - Right To Health
23 September, 2019 by @WeStudentNurse
Welcome to #WeStNsPod     A platform of peer support and learning resources for nursing / nursing associate students.     #WeStNsPod evolved from a desire to enable students to learn away from our laptops, freeing up valuable time to 'do' 'be active' or just simply 'be' while we learn.     Tweetchats on pod topics add depth to discussions and are a ...
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#WeStNsPod - Wider Patient Engagement
16 September, 2019 by @WeStudentNurse
Welcome to #WeStNsPod     A platform of peer support and learning resources for nursing / nursing associate students.     #WeStNsPod evolved from a desire to enable students to learn away from our laptops, freeing up valuable time to 'do' 'be active' or just simply 'be' while we learn.     Tweetchats on pod topics add depth to discussions and are a ...
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#WeLearnToTweet for #FabChange19
11 September, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Those of us who tweet as healthcare professionals know that Twitter is "where it's at" ... The global healthcare community that exists on Twitter enables us all to share our practice, to celebrate our practice, it informs our practice, provides support, connections and encouragement and is increasingly becoming part of our practice.  Twitter is an ...
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#WeLearnToTweet: Day 1 - Step 1
11 September, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 1 of #WeLearnToTweet.   Hopefully someone has recommended that you do this short s-learning course on how to tweet as a healthcare professional and has directed you to this page to get started ... if so then you are in the right place!  To get us started here is some info about what you are signing up to:  You don ...
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#NursesActive 2019 WeActiveChallenge feedback - please
02 September, 2019 by @WeNurses
Thanks to everyone that took part in this year's WeActiveChallenge.You can see the results here needless to say, after all your efforts #NursesActive super smashed it this year!!! To help us here at @WeNurses HQ we would really value your feedback please, in these post challenge anonymous twitter polls (open for 7 days from September 1st). Many th ...
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About WeStudentNurses
28 August, 2019 by @WeStudentNurse
Sam Palmer-Nash (@scPALMERNASH) I’m Sam, and I am a second-year learning disability nursing student at the University of Hull. I have worked with people with learning disabilities for many years in various roles. I am passionate about patients receiving the best possible care where their unique health challenges are addressed holistically. I am r ...
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05 August, 2019 by @IanCostelloRN
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Wednesday 4th September Ian Costello will be taking charge of @WeNurses for t ...
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We "Healthcare Managers" ??
05 August, 2019 by @WeNurses
Do you want to be part of a ‘We Community’ for health and social care managers? ‘WeCommunities’ with the support of the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM), are working in partnership with a number of health and social care membership organisations (including: Proud2bOps, The Academy of Fabulous Stuff, Practice Managers Association and The Com ...
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05 August, 2019 by @shiv_smith
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On the 9th September Shievon Smith & Michelle Greenwood, both Uro-Oncology Clini ...
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05 August, 2019 by @ClaireLSutton
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Wednesday 25th September Claire Sutton will be taking charge of @WeNurses for ...
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02 August, 2019 by @tiredkiwinurse
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On the 9th August Erica Donovan will be taking charge of @WeNurses from New Zea ...
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Promoting physical activity in your professional pratice
25 July, 2019 by @LauraKoehli
#WeActiveChallenge and how to promote physical activity in your professional practice By @LauraKoehli   The #WeActiveChallenge this summer presents a fantastic opportunity for health and care professionals to try something new, form some new physical activity habits and most importantly, it’s a great motivator to have fun and get active. As a healt ...
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18 July, 2019 by @pauljebb1
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Wednesday 28th August Paul Jebb will be taking charge of @WeNurses #PaulInCh ...
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15 July, 2019 by @WeNurses
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Wednesday 18th September Alison Owen will be taking charge of @WeNurses #Pet ...
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12 July, 2019 by @G_Stephens80
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Monday 22nd July & Tuesday 23rd July George Stephens will be taking charge o ...
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09 July, 2019 by @aliswritespace
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Friday 19th July Alison Owen will be taking charge of @WeNurses #AlisonInCha ...
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09 July, 2019 by @Lodge4Betty
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Friday 23rd August Betty Lodge will be taking charge of @WeNurses #BettyInCh ...
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We Active Challenge 2019
09 July, 2019 by @NaomiMcVey
We Active Challenge 2019 Are you ready…? The sun is making an appearance, holidays are on the way, and we’re dusting off our trainers and warming up .... it can only mean one thing ..... the largest social media campaign and competition for healthcare professionals is back. WeActiveChallenge is running again for the FIFTH year, and with WeAHPs winn ...
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09 July, 2019 by @AmyLochtie
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Friday 12th July Amy Overend will be taking charge of @WeNurses #AmyInCharge ...
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09 July, 2019 by @donnaglossopNHS
Sometimes it's worth seeing things from a different angle .... which is why we love giving the @WeNurses Twitter handle to others for a while.  It's great to see what they tweet and share and engage with ... it's still Tweeting Nurses but from a whole new perspective.  On Tuesday 30th July Donna Glossop will be taking charge of @WeNurses #DonnaInC ...
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Monitoring the Mental Health of the Elderly
04 July, 2019 by @officialsilb
It is no secret that the United Kingdom is living with an ageing population. Thanks to better living standards and advances in medical science, the average UK woman can expect to live to 82, and the average man will likely reach at least 79. While it’s a good news story to hear that we are generally living longer, healthier lives, there are a lot o ...
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#10kfornurses: What's the weather forecast this October?
02 July, 2019 by @AgencyNurse
Cast your minds back to October 2018 .... for those of you who were involved in #10kForNurses October 2018 and Storm Callum will be forever etched on your memory ! As we all put our trainers on, our walking shoes on, raised our whisks and got our bicycles out of the shed Storm Callum flexed his muscles and as #10kForNurses got into full swing so di ...
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How to look after your wellbeing at work
20 June, 2019 by @officialsilb
We spend most of our lives at work, so it’s worth making sure it’s a healthy and happy place to be. Small changes can make a big difference, and happy people are more productive and pleasant to be around. So let’s get to work on improving wellbeing in the workplace with these handy tips. Move more They say sitting is the new smoking and our sedenta ...
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The Learning Disability Pledge
18 June, 2019 by @WeLDnurses
#LDPledge – Our Pledge to People with Learning Disabilities by Amanda Glennon Please help raise awareness of the needs and rights of people with a learning disability in accessing equitable health care. Take the pledge and be the change. My daughter Alice was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and a learning disability at 4 days. Now aged 13, and still ...
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Supporting nurses through social media
04 June, 2019 by @WeNurses
Supporting Nurses Through Social Media: An event exploring how to support the wellbeing of the nursing community using social media We can safely say that social media for nurses is now well and truly established, many nurses use social media to connect, learn, celebrate and share and we are increasingly seeing the use of social media by nurses to ...
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And the results are in .....
30 May, 2019 by @WeNurses
Last week we ran a series of Twitter polls that were all about you ..... here are the results: Link to original tweet What does this mean?  Well firstly we would like to apologise for not being able add "Middle" to this poll, as Twitter only allows for four options! Secondly this perhaps i ...
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We Learn Out Loud - from e-learning to s -learning
23 May, 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud
To view / download this page as a PDF please CLICK HERE ...
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Walsall Manor Hospital NHS Trust - Innovations on Ward 2
26 April, 2019 by @lmeako
“Innovation on Ward 2 (Medical Long Term Condition) – Walsall Manor Hospital Ward 2 at Walsall Manor Hospital have had some fantastic innovations to enhance the patients experience.   Staff on the ward are engaging and interacting with patients rather than reacting. What have we done? Regular dementia tea party – themed recreational area where pa ...
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Pin a tweet for #ExpOfCare 19 Week
26 April, 2019 by @WeNurses
As Expereiences Of Care Week 2019 draws to an end we want to challenge you to spread the message that experiences of care matter even further and wider and for longer ....... so here is the plan: We are asking you to pin a tweet to your profile page to show your lasting commitment to sharing and learning from eperiences of care.  Whether they be pa ...
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Working in Partnership and Sharing Excellence - #itsthelittlethings #ExpofCare 2019
25 April, 2019 by @nuhpatientgroup
As members of the Patient Partnership Group (PPG) of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) we partner staff in improving patients’ experience of care and in celebrating examples of excellence. At an in-house conference for multidisciplinary Magnet® Advocates* and members of Shared Governance Councils** we led a workshop about the modes an ...
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A personal reflection - #ExpOfCare 19
23 April, 2019 by @SusanShears3
Susan Shears, Experience of Care Programme Coordinator, shares her personal relationship with care and how you can access help if you're in a similar situation. Experience of Care Week makes me realise how care is delivered by so many in so many ways, from specialist clinical care to domiciliary care as well as care provided by a loved one.  My mum ...
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WeLDNurses Internship Opportunity 2019
22 April, 2019 by @dmarsden49
As the Easter passes, the trees blossom and we all start thinking about longer days and sunshine, it must also mean that Positive Choices & Positive Commitment are due. Being the biggest events in the Learning Disability Nursing calendar, they set the agenda for the profession for the year ahead. WeLDNurses have always been pleased to support these ...
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@WeLDNurses are having a Student Takeover
20 April, 2019 by @salsa442
While planning for the learning disability conference of the year, Positive Choices and Positive Commitment which will run under the hashtag #PCPC19 team @WeLDNurses had the pleasure of meeting two students at the host university of Birmingham. We were suitably impressed with their commitment to making the conference a resounding success so we deci ...
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New guide to help services improve - #ExpOfCare 19
04 April, 2019 by @skillsforcare
Skills for Care launches new guide to help services improve Skills for Care has launched a new online guide to help social care employers to identify, plan and implement improvements across their service The ‘Guide to improvement’ offers a comprehensive toolkit to help organisations deliver high quality care and support, and meet regulatory standar ...
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Great resources for new nurse social media users
20 March, 2019 by @AgencyNurse
Here are some fabulous resources for new nurse social media users:      Links to articles and guidance:  NMC Social Media Guidance  Professionalism online - Chinn et al  Twitter masterclass webinar recordings Perspectives: Managing professional boundaries and staying safe in digital spaces - Cooper and Inglenern Developing nursing leadership in so ...
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Let's start #ExpOfCare 19 off in style ...
20 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
Experience of Care Week (#ExpOfCare) 2019 starts on Monday 22nd April and this year we want to get celebrations off to a flying start.  On Monday we would like you to Tweet your #ExpOfCare selfie and help to spread the word that experiences of care matter.   Here's how to get involved: On the morning of Monday 22nd April take your selfie - by yours ...
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#ExpOfCare 19 - What's happening!
19 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
There is lots going on during #ExpOfCare Week 2019 ..... all collated in this handy calendar.  (Keep checking in because this page will be regularly updated with more events in the lead up to #ExpOfCare Week)              All day - Let's get #ExpOfCare Week 2019 started A Twitter event to get #ExpOfCare Week 2019 off to a flying start.  Send your ...
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#ExpOFCare 19
18 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
Blog post written by Susan Shears (Experience of Care Programme Coordinator NHS England)  We invite you and your teams to join us as we celebrate the work that’s happening across health and social care to keep improving experiences of care of patients, families, carers and staff. Experience of Care Week 2019 runs from Monday 22 April until Friday ...
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#ExpOfCare 19 - Resources
18 March, 2019 by @WeNurses
All of the #ExpOfCare Week 2019 resources can be downloaded HERE  Happy Downloading! An example press release can be found HERE  ...
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#100OutStandingNurses 2018
03 January, 2019 by @WeNurses
var f = document.getElementById('twitterWallFrame'); f.src = ''; f.width = 900; f.height = 900; = 0; ...
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#NHS1000Miles - what a year!
31 December, 2018 by @KathEvans2
Goodness it’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since a few of us came up with the idea of giving the NHS a gift in its 70th birthday year of being a bit more active, here’s the blog that started it all off >   There have certainly been a number of achievements in 2018, Nicola Jackson, @NicolaJackson13 ...
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20 Days Of #AllOurHealth
11 December, 2018 by @WeNurses
You may have noticed that we have been tweeting a little bit about WeLearn #AllOurHealth 2019 ... a way to learn through social media about Public Health England’s All Our Health framework (If all of our tweets have passed you by catch up here) Registration to take part is now open (click here to register) and we are very excited to be learning and ...
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Something new to wake up to in 2019
05 December, 2018 by @WeNurses
We all know that nursing is about lifelong learning; learning new things, being remined of things we once new and revising things we think we know.  With this in mind we wanted to do something new for 2019 with you – the Nurses of Twitter!   #WeNursesGoodMorningQuizQuestion (Snappy title we know!)   Every weekday morning we want to set a quiz quest ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth Registration
04 December, 2018 by @WeLearnOutLoud
Registration for Welearn #AllOurHealth 2019 is now open.  The registration process takes 2 minutes to complete, please click on the picture below to start - DON'T FORGET You will need to be logged into Twitter in the top right hand corner of the registration page in order to start the registration process: If you are part of a Trailblazer Organis ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth Resources
28 November, 2018 by @AgencyNurse
Below are some resources to help you to spread the word about WeLearn #AllOurHealth 2019: WeLearn #AllOurHealth PowerPoint Presentation:      This is an embedded <a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft Office</a> presentation, powered by <a target="_blank" href="">Office Online</a>. WeLearn #AllOurHealth W ...
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Speech and Language therapist, return to work
01 November, 2018 by @ClaireClarkSLT
  In 2018 I returned to work as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) in Scotland after 15 years raising my family. When I left to have my eldest child in 2003 I had no idea it would be so long. What made me decide to return? I trained as a breastfeeding counsellor in 2005 and did lots of voluntary work. As my children got older I wanted to get bac ...
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A is for appreciation, allied, awesome and action
30 October, 2018 by @carrie_biddle
“This has been the best year of my career” reads the first sentence in an end of year R.E.A.L Impact letter I wrote to myself in the back of my trusty flamingo notebook in September 2017. Hello my name is Carrie Biddle. I am a speech and language therapist and have transformed into an AHP taking action. This week in preparation for my annual apprai ...
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Promoting AHP careers -What do you want to be when you grow up?
12 October, 2018 by @GillRphysio
What do you want to be when you grow up? #AHPsDay When did you make your career choice? Maybe you decided a while ago, maybe you’re still deciding or maybe you’re thinking your first career choice wasn’t what you really wanted to do and you’re considering a new career (after all 50 is the new 30!)…. Whatever the situation, what we do know is that t ...
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#AHPsDay 2018 - University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust
09 October, 2018 by @BFGCNatMatchett
Here at the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust (UHDB) our wonderful AHPs are hosting a variety of events throughout the first ever National AHP day! In line with our AHP Strategy Launch lead by our AHP Director Penny Owens, invitations have been issued to all our Trust Board members, Trust Governors and Divisional Nurses ...
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My First 100 days #MyDigitalJourney
01 October, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
I have reached the 100 day milestone of my Digital Journey! It’s been an interesting one. This fellowship has given me amazing opportunities to explore the digital world and gain amazing knowledge about what happens behind the scenes inside a big NHS organisation like @NHSDigital. It’s also given me the ability to join the dots between front line p ...
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The why, when and who of #WeStudentAHPs
27 September, 2018 by @WeAHPs
So… You’ve heard about the Student Takeover (We hope!) but you aren’t quite sure what it’s all about and why it’s so important? Well let’s remedy that! We really wanted to try and address the ‘issues’ surrounding healthcare professionals and budding healthcare professionals (A.K.A students) using social media because for many of us we are told the ...
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WeLDNurses Audio Account of #RNLDSummit
24 September, 2018 by @WeLDnurses
Compiled by @IanUnitt and @dmarsden49 At the end of July, a summit was held at RCN HQ to acknowledge the challenges to the current and future learning disability nursing workforce in context with current evidence of significant health inequalities and perceived policy deficits. The event was arranged by the Learning / Intellectual Disability Nursin ...
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About WeDistrictNurses
19 September, 2018 by @WeCommNurses
@WeDistrictNurse is a monthly Twitter chat predominately aimed at District and Community Based Nurses. Keep an eye out for tweetchats using #WeDNs    About the chat coordinators: Heather Bain (@heatherbain9) is Head of  academic programmes  in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Robert Gordon University - responsible for both  undergraduate a ...
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#AHPsDay @NHSImprovement
31 August, 2018 by @jkfillingham
Your invitation to join us on 15th October for #AHPsDay : Watch and engage in our virtual presentation at 10am via @WeAHPs periscope. Launch of ‘AHP’s: improving practice and delivering solutions’ case study collection. The Allied Health Professions (AHP) team at NHS Improvement have been overwhelmed with the requests to join celebrations ac ...
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#AHPsDay Let's Celebrate Together
29 August, 2018 by @DeborahBActive
Monday 15th October marks the first national AHPs Day, a day to both celebrate and to shout out about the major contribution our collective professionals make to patient care and improving the quality of people’s lives. When it was announced, my physiotherapy colleagues and I were quick to team up with the other AHPs in our Trust to ensure the day ...
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Sharing is Caring #MyDigitalJourney
22 August, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
Part of monthly updates from nurse Joan on secondment at @NHSDigital, see all his updates here.One of my biggest frustrations as a Nurse is that often the NHS is not very good at sharing ideas. A few weeks ago, I went to a conference in Manchester and one statement stuck in my mind: The NHS have more pilots than British Airways. But the question is ...
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AHPsDay launch blog
08 August, 2018 by @RachBrandreth
15th October 2018 What is #AHPsDay? AHPs Day is a social movement to allow us to come together and focus on our brilliant professions. It is a chance to recognise the contribution of, a chance to get to know and celebrate our skills and achievements with your fellow Allied Health Professionals. You may already know that our 14 professions make up t ...
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Mama Mia!! Here we go again - Introducing #10kostumes
04 August, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
Do you know that Nurses are nearly twice as likely as the average person to be unable to afford basic necessities like beds, washing machines and keeping their homes warm? Two in five nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants have a long-term physical or mental illness that limits their day-to-day activity Nurses are 3 times more likely to have ex ...
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#WeActiveChallenge 2018
01 August, 2018 by @annalowephysio
#WeActiveChallenge 2018 is go! The annual #WeActiveChallenge kicks off today, this is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to recharge their own activity habits, helped along with a bit of gentle (…ahem!) competitiveness.  It pitches professional groups, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals (AHPs) against ea ...
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#10kfornurses with CavellTrust
30 July, 2018 by @WeNurses
Getting ready for #10kfornurses this October... In 2017 Paul Jebb, a long term @WeNurses community member, and Teresa Chinn MBE, WeCommuntiies Founder, were chatting and thinking out load on twitter, nothing unusual there! They were talking about the physical and mental health benefits of exercise, the funds that are raised through 5-10ks and mara ...
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We Active Challenge 2018
16 July, 2018 by @WeNurses
HERE WE GO AGAIN...... The sun is shining, holidays are being planned, we are spending more time outdoors, we are dusting off our trainers and limbering up .... it can only mean one thing ..... WeActiveChallenge is on the horizon!!  Yes WeActiveChallenge is back for the FOURTH year running and with WeAHPs winning gold for the last 3 (!!!!!) years, ...
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It's Coming Home #MyDigitalJourney
11 July, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
Nurse @RoaringNurse is sharing his 12 month journey with @NHSDigital, see his series of #MyDigitalJourney blog updates here. Times flies, and I have entered the third month of my secondment!! In the last two months I have had a carte blanche to explore and be curious - to turn NHS Digital inside out. I have attended numerous meetings and visited n ...
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#70nursebloggers: My Story… an honest story
05 July, 2018 by @pauljebb1
Written by Paul Jebb Well my first recollection in my interest in health care was when my father was involved in a road traffic accident on 08/08/88 – allegedly a lucky day – and as a family we had regular visits to Wigan and Royal Preston Hospitals to visit him. My one recollection was the thinking on the feet of the district nurse who met him at ...
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Do you want to join our team?
01 July, 2018 by @cdodd09
Wecypnurses became part of the ‘we family’ in February 2015.  Currently our volunteers are Becky Hepworth @hepworth_becky, a children’s community nurse from the Isle of Wight, Rob Bradley @robbradley01, charge nurse on a surgical ward in Derby Juliet Hopkins @bradley_juliet a research nurse at Birmingham Children’s Hospital Siobham Barnes @sn_barne ...
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Wanted : WeLDNurses Intern
20 June, 2018 by @dmarsden49
Some four years ago WeLDNurses decided as nurses we had a responsibility to the next generation. As such we created an internship role which we have recruited to, each year since. Our first applicant Ross Wyatt completely refreshed our team and how we work, he made himself indispensable and he has remained a mainstay of the team ever since. In our ...
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Time is precious #MyDigitalJourney
16 June, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
It has been a month since I started my fellowship at NHS Digital. It is my first role inside a national organisation. During this moth I have been able to do one of my favourite things: be curious. I have been given permission to explore, ask questions, visit teams and turn @NHSDigital upside down. The aim was to create connections and start buildi ...
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Help supporting 2018 We Active Challenge participants please
14 June, 2018 by @WeNurses
Delivering around 400 tweetchats a year is pretty good going for the WeVolunteers, who support tweeting communities of healthcare professionals totalling over 175,000 doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, AHPs, Health Visitor’s  and pharmacists (to name a few) ranging from students to those in national leadership and Trust Executives roles. As the ...
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NHS Safeguarding is everyone’s business
13 June, 2018 by @kennygibsonnhs
People ask me what they can do to ensure we all do our best for safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults. First we must meet and listen to various citizens and groups –• Victims & survivors of abuse and violence, including self-help groups• Nurses, midwives, medics & practitioners about their experiences and concerns of dealing w ...
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What Matters to You?
06 June, 2018 by @jbeecham85
5 questions and a mantra   Prompted by news of the ‘What Matters to you?’ day, I wanted to write a quick blog about my experience of these types of conversations. I first started using person-centred approaches, which is where the ‘what matters’ concept originated, 23yrs ago. As we implemented these approaches into the day-to-day work of the NHS Tr ...
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#10kForNurses is BACK !!!!
05 June, 2018 by @AgencyNurse
Last year #10kForNurses set out to raise £10,000 for Cavell Nurses’ Trust by inspiring you to walk, run, jump, hop, bake and knit 10ks. Lots of fun was had and a great deal of money was raised for nurses, midwives and care assistants facing hardship. A fabulous £15,241 was raised by YOU …. WELL DONE !!         THIS YEAR - #10kForNurses is back!!! ...
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#70nursebloggers - North, South, East & West !
04 June, 2018 by @AgencyNurse
Woo hoo !!!! You did it!!! An amazing 70 of you have blogged for #70nursebloggers .... and what brilliant blogs they are.  You can find them all HERE in this Twitter Moment and you can find all of the nurse bloggers in this Twitter List HERE.  (and if you haven't et heard about #70nursebloggers this BLOG explians all) We have loved reading all of t ...
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Introducing #MyDigitalJourney
08 May, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
The future is bright, the future is digital The NHS is going through a tough moment. We live in a time where we are constantly reminded to work more efficiently and effectively; to do more with less; and to go the extra mile on a daily basis  With increasing financial pressures and soaring demand, the NHS is changing. Questions over quality, servic ...
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#MyNursingDay is back for 2018!
30 April, 2018 by @AgencyNurse
International Nurses Day is a great excuse to really celebrate nursing and show the world how diverse and how wonderful nursing is ......soooooo this year for International Nurses Day - Saturday 12th May - we want you to help us to show the world what 24 hours in nursing look likes through tweets.   For the third year running we want you to share y ...
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When you find your place, you'll know: How I found my place in school nursing.
26 April, 2018 by @BowlenBrandy
Where it all began I remember it like it was yesterday.  I walked through the parking lot of an elementary school in Houston, Texas.  It was summer, and it was so hot.  I had chosen to dress in scrubs with my hair in a loose ponytail rather than dress professionally.  I had interviewed for several school nursing positions, and I hadn't been chosen. ...
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What do you need today? - ExpOfCare 18
26 April, 2018 by @BeckyPlatt3
In honour of #ExpOfCare week I want to share my experience as a patient.  “What do you need today?” my oncologist asked me. A clear signal that my goals would be his that day.  I had breast cancer a few years ago. My children were still small and settling into their first term at primary school. I was determined that my illness would not impa ...
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How well are Nurses represented in the Health Media?
25 April, 2018 by @EllzSummary
The Social Research Institute, Ipsos Mori Veracity Index in November 2017 yet again found that Nurses are the most trusted profession to tell the public the truth. 94% of the representative public trusted nurses above other professions; Doctors (91%), Teachers (87%) Professors (85%) and Scientists (83%). Oddly though for such a high level of public ...
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You care, we care - #ExpOfCare 18
25 April, 2018 by @WeNurses
You Care, We Care  Written by Musmirah Irfan, Chair of the NHS England Staff Carers Network.   When you consistently give work your all, keep going the extra mile, When you gulp down your anxieties, put on your best smile. When you meticulously do your job, proud to represent the NHS, When you help colleagues around you, always ready to say “yes”. ...
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Volunteers making a big difference in the NHS - ExpOfCare 18
24 April, 2018 by @help_force
NHS Experience of Care Week 2018 “The state should not stifle incentive, opportunity, responsibility; in establishing a national minimum, it should leave room and encouragement for voluntary action by each individual" - Beveridge report 1942 HelpForce is on a mission to bring volunteering to the heart of our NHS. The founder, Sir Tom Hughes-Hallet ...
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Pin a tweet for #ExpOfCare 18
23 April, 2018 by @AgencyNurse
As Expereiences Of Care Week 2018 draws to an end we want to spread the message that experiences of care matter even further and wider and for longer ... in fact throughout the NHS's 70th year.... so here is the plan: We are asking you to pin a tweet to your profile page to show your lasting commitment to sharing and learning from eperiences of car ...
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Welcome WeStudentNurses !
23 April, 2018 by @WeStudentNurse
On 23rd April 2018, a new addition to the We family officially launched - @WeStudentNurse! In this blog we tell you a bit about what our mission here on Twitter is, how the idea for a separate account got started, and introduce you to the team! WeStudentNurses provides a space on social media where student nurses of any branch can network, exchange ...
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23 April, 2018 by @WeNurses
This blog is a personal account from Sue of her journey through the criminal justice and care system. She shares her story with stark honesty, delivering it in a way, not to invoke sympathy but for her voice to be heard: stamping her personal mark on the world in the process .      WHAT MAKES ME WANT TO CARRY ON…… by Sue   I am new to blogging. Th ...
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Patient experience & the justice system - #ExpOfCare 18
22 April, 2018 by @WeNurses
Improving Patient Experience for People receiving healthcare in prison and vulnerable people in contact with the Justice system A blog by Fiona Bottrill, Patient and Public Engagement Lead, Health and Justice (West Midlands) Before I started working for the West Midlands Health and Justice Service in July last year I thought I was familiar with mos ...
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Bringing volunteering to the heart of the NHS
20 April, 2018 by @SalWil1311
“The state should not stifle incentive, opportunity, responsibility; in establishing a national minimum, it should leave room and encouragement for voluntary action by each individual" - Beveridge report 1942 HelpForce is on a mission to bring volunteering to the heart of our NHS. The founder, Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett, has set up HelpForce to bring ...
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Improving Experience Through a Patient-Led Twitter Account
20 April, 2018 by @nuhpatientgroup
Social media is an important part of everyday life at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH), a large acute Trust currently featuring in the popular BBC2 ‘Hospital’ documentary. The Communications Team set the account up for us to get us going, and we, the Patient Partnership Group, launched it prior to the first episode, which we rightly ...
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We are all the patient experience - #ExpOfCare 18
20 April, 2018 by @neilgchurchill
By Dr Neil Churchill  NHS England’s Director for Experience, Participation and Equalities marks the start of Experience of Care Week 2018:   The NHS sometimes feels like a world in itself and we are highly conscious of the pressures facing it. Yet these are not unique and are also faced by many healthcare systems around the world. For example, dem ...
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SARC Service - Patient & Staff Experience - #ExpOfCare 18
20 April, 2018 by @NHSEnglandNorth
Written by Mala Dhakk, Health Inequalities Manager, Health and Justice East Midlands Team, NHS England – North Midlands       All of us have accessed some form of patient care through a GP or hospital in our lifetimes and know what care and interventions are provided at these healthcare centres. This is not the case when patients access our special ...
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#futureNHS - Giving patients their life back - #ExpOfCare 18
19 April, 2018 by @chrishewitt63
Lesley Bainbridge, nursing lead for frailty and integration in Newcastle and Gateshead, talks about the work they have been doing to deliver more personalised care for care home residents. It’s the family stories that really move you.  They go right to the heart of the patient experience and why it is such an important thing to get right. I remembe ...
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From attitude to compassion - #ExpOfCare 18
19 April, 2018 by @LucyAlexandria
#Hellomynameis Lucy Watts MBE. I’m a 24 year old young adult with a progressive, life-limiting condition that has caused very complex medical needs. This means I spend a lot of time in the company of healthcare professionals and far too much time in hospitals, but I am proud to say I have the most incredible medical team to whom I owe both my survi ...
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Pass it forward - #ExpOfCare 18
19 April, 2018 by @LynneWigens
Dr Lynne Wigens , Regional Chief Nurse at NHS England, Midlands and East and visiting Professor of Nursing, University of Suffolk explores what is meant by the term ‘Experience of Care’ and what this means to her personally as a strategic leader within the NHS   ‘Pass it Forward’ - by Dr. Lynne Wigens   The National Quality Board placed a spotlight ...
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Healthwatch Essex Videos - #ExpOfCare 18
13 April, 2018 by @HWEssex
Healthwatch Essex have created some fabulous videos to celebrate Experience of Care Week - they are all collated and linked to below:      Dan Potts – Volunteer and Engagement Officer      Dan discusses the current engagement projects and events Healthwatch Essex are running and talks through the Healthwatch Essex Ambassador scheme in relation to ...
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Experience of Care Week Promotional Toolkit - #ExpOfCare 18
10 April, 2018 by @Rachel3White
EXPERIENCE OF CARE WEEK 2018 PROMOTIONAL TOOLKIT NHS England is partnering with NHS Improvement to kick-start preparations for Experience of Care Week 2018. It’s an international initiative – this year running from 23 to 27 April. We have developed this toolkit to help you and your organisations raise awareness of the week itself but help you to ce ...
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Blogging by Numbers for #ExpOfCare Week - #ExpOfCare 18
27 March, 2018 by @warnetony
by Professor Emeritus Tony Warne, who blogs each week and tweets using @warnetony  Unlike corporate blogs, some of the best blogs are those that are written by individuals, and groups wanting to communicate with others, spread information and perhaps provoke challenge and discussion. I have posted a blog every Sunday for the past 8 years. It can be ...
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An ABC of blogging for #ExpOfCare Week - #ExpOfCare 18
26 March, 2018 by @richardlittleda
So many people are working hard to improve experiences of care for and with people. We’d really value some blogs it’s a fairly painfree way of spreading your great work. Our friend and keen NHS supporter and fabulous blogger the Rev Richard Littledale who tweets as @RichardLittleda offers us some tips! An ABC of blogging Blogs (literally Web logs) ...
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Experience of care: A reflection - #ExpOfCare 18
20 March, 2018 by @MichaelaTait8
Welcome to the second blog in my series of 2 blogs (To read the first blog post please click HERE) around Experience of Care Week – and WELCOME TO EXPERIENCE OF CARE WEEK 2018 ! #hellomynameisMichaela. I am the Patient Experience & Engagement Manager at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust ( MKUH). Since Experience of care Week 2017 we have ...
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Experience of care: A challenge - #ExpOfCare 18
20 March, 2018 by @MichaelaTait8
#hellomynameisMichaela. I am the Patient Experience & Engagement Manager at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust ( MKUH) Have you noticed that nearly every day is a ‘thing’? If you are a Twitter and Facebook user you will notice that every day there is something to be "aware" of. For example, it is Tinnitus Awareness Week from 5th February, ...
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#70nursebloggers & #70midwifebloggers
20 March, 2018 by @AgencyNurse
By Teresa Chinn & Sam Sherrington A few weeks back we held a #WeNurses tweetchat that explored blogging as a nurse (you can read it HERE) During the discussion it was suggested that the NHS's 70th Brithday (#NHS70) was a brilliant opportunity to get nurses, from all areas of nursing, blogging:           Encourage each other? #wenurses Let's get 7 ...
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Breaking news from @WeMHNurses
09 March, 2018 by @VanessaRNMH
Introducing our new @WEMHNurses Team Member! Team @WeMHNurses are delighted to introduce our new team member, Scott Bell, who we know is going to be a huge asset to the community, in terms of his insights and experiences around substance use; offender health and behaviour; homelessness and social justice, as well as his broader perspectives on asse ...
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Experience of Care Week Activities - #ExpOfCare 18
08 March, 2018 by @KathEvans2
Activity brief Below you will find more information about the webinars, blogs, tweet hours and activities that will be taking place during the week Monday 23rd April Launch day activity at Birmingham Women & Children’s Hospital ‘spotlight day' & Magnolia House, one year on - KATH EVANS, NEIL CHURCHILL Lunch session with Neil ChurchillPlease note ...
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Experience of Care Week Resources - #ExpOfCare 18
08 February, 2018 by @KathEvans2
Experince of Care Week 2018 is fast approaching, preparations are being made, webinars are being organised, tweetchats are being schedualed, celebrations are being planned, blogs are being written and the bunting is being hung out! So to help you with your plotting and planning those fab Experience of Care folk have developed some wonderful resourc ...
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1 Day Without Us
11 January, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
On June 22 1948, the MV Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks carrying 492 Caribbean passengers. More follow afterwards. These migrants and descendants of migrants have played a vital role in the construction of the NHS since its creation. Without them the NHS would not had been possible. More recently Indian, Pilipino and European Doctors and N ...
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Experience of Care Week 2018 - #ExpOfCare 18
04 January, 2018 by @KathEvans2
    Experience of Care Week 2018 #ExpofCare 23rd – 27th April 2018 This year we’re going global! Will you join us?                 Not a day goes by when I don’t look on twitter and find examples of brilliant staff working to improve experiences of health and wellbeing for and with the patients and families we serve. It really is inspiring to look ...
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#NHS1000miles for 2018
27 December, 2017 by @KathEvans2
As we head into 2018 you may be planning to be a bit more active, but I don’t know about you I often need a bit of encouragement from likeminded colleagues to turn plans into reality, to keep me going beyond the first few days in January! 2018 is of course the NHS’s 70th Birthday year, it’s pretty amazing to think it’s been going since 1948. Establ ...
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Call for research participation: 'Pharmacists – personal values & professional obligations'
06 December, 2017 by @aptaim
Dr Mary Neal, Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Strathclyde, and Dr Sara Fovargue, Co-Investigator and Reader in Law at Lancaster University, are seeking participants for their research into how pharmacists understand, experience and view conscientious objection in their field of expertise. Here they outline the ...
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Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Health Leadership
30 November, 2017 by @WeNurses
You are already embracing digital, using Twitter to connect with your peers, support each other, share learning and staying informed with news, best practice and all this because you are passionate about delivering great quality care. We know this about you as we see it from around 7am till we can’t keep our eyes open any more, 7 days a week, every ...
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#WeGetSocial - Workshops to help you get social
13 November, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
For over 5 years now “We” have been connecting, driving and supporting healthcare professionals in social media and we firmly believe that social media is about people and bringing people together in virtual spaces to do great things  but sometimes getting together in real spaces is also needed.  Doing social media well in healthcare has been on ou ...
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WeLearn #AllOurHealth - share it far and wide!
06 November, 2017 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn - #AllOurHealth is a WeCommunities and Public Health England social learning collaboration that will be running throughout January. Find out more about it HERE We would love you to encourage all your collegues and all the people in your professional networks to sign up too: Therefore we have produced some resources to help you to share WeLe ...
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Sign up to WeLearn - #AllOurHealth
06 November, 2017 by @WeLearnOutLoud
WeLearn - #AllOurHealth is a WeCommunities and Public Health England social learning collaboration that will be running throughout January. Find out more about it HERE     Signing up WeLearn – All Our Health will start in January in two waves.  Wave 1: WeLearn - Social Media (Start with Twitter option) The first wave is for people who have never u ...
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It started with a tweet ... #10kForNurses
01 November, 2017 by @pauljebb1
Waaaaayyy back in the summer, we ( @AgencyNurse and @pauljebb1) in a post #WeActiveChallenge haze tweeted jokingly about running a marathon … this was quite quickly commuted to a £10k run (thank goodness) We had a brief DM exchange and a phone call, chatted to the lovely Cavell Nurses’ Trust and …… #10kforNurses was born. We have now reached  the e ...
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What Every Parent Should Know About IVs
13 October, 2017 by @myIVcom
Caitlin King only got to hold her newborn twin girls for a few precious moments before they were whisked off to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). That’s where their journey began. Born at 32 weeks and six days, Abbie May and Gardner Grace weighed just four pounds each. Caitlin describes the NICU as a whirlwind, filled with fragile lit ...
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#FabChangeWeek - let's get tweeting!
06 October, 2017 by @WeNurses
How are the WeCommunities taking part in all that is #FabChangeWeek in November from the 13-17th?Well of course we are going to use Twitter to share, rasie awarness and support echother to keep ideas flowing to get best practice in to how we all care, how else! During the lead up to #FabChangeWeek you can of course download your #FabChangeWeek temp ...
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WeActiveChallenge and the impact on All Our Health
28 September, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
For the 3rd year running WeCommunitiues have set a challenge to help health care professionals get active.. This year the WeActiveChallenge saw 996 people share 3,758 tweets and pictures of themselves getting a little more active throughout August. Although, as a nurse I was ultimately cheering for team #NursesActive I found myself reflecting on th ...
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10k - 1 horse - 1 name ! #10kForNurses
13 September, 2017 by @RoaringNurse
Join in the #10kForNurses campaign and choose a name for Joan’s (@RoaringNurse) hopping horse!  The Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s new hopping horse will be the UK's largest and most advanced hopping horse yet. She will allow her rider Joan to carry out The BIG Hop safely and efficiently on 22nd October, even though the harshest of weather conditions, in b ...
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Walk your 10k for nurses - and eat some cake too!
08 September, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
Walk your #10kForNurses – and eat some cake too! Some great news for those walkers out there – a #10kForNurses Walk! The walk is being organised by Jo Williamson (@jomwlever) and will take place in Birmingham on 29th October raising money for Cavell Nurses’ Trust (@CavellTrust).  There will be lots of walking, lots of chatting and even some cake al ...
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Your views on education & training in the NHS
29 August, 2017 by @NHSE_TEL
Your views on education and training in the NHS – short survey   In a recent survey by Towards Maturity, 88% of UK learners who were surveyed, said they want to learn at their own pace, with 65% saying they prefer formal learning and 44% happy to use their own smartphone to access learning at weekends and evenings. But, how does the NHS, health and ...
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Developing the WeLDNurses Community on it's Fifth Birthday!
24 August, 2017 by @dmarsden49
In September the WeLDNurses community will be five years old, between us over that time we have aspired to be a social media meeting place for all Nurses, and those wishing to talk about disability and society at large – a chirp shaped virtual landmark! This community was conceived by four volunteers from across the UK and inspired by other tweetin ...
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Keeping up the great work after #WeActiveChallenge
24 August, 2017 by @HindleLinda
We’re moving into the last week of the #WeActiveChallenge which has encouraged so many of us to have fun and get active – and then share the results on social media. I think that what makes this campaign so effective is that we all support each other, with a little bit of healthy competition to inspire people to do more than they otherwise would. I ...
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North and South #10kForNurses Team Events
16 August, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
The #10kfornurses is an event that is running throughout October that aims to get 10 x 10 people (that’s 100 people) raising £10 thousand pounds (that’s £100 each) by doing 10k their way in order to raise money for the Cavell Nurses’ Trust. Find out more HERE The results are in, the results have been counted and verified …. The #10kfornurses team r ...
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My greatest learning was taking part in the School for Change Agents (S4CA)
03 August, 2017 by @lockley_leeanne “Anyone who wants to bring about change has to be ready to break the rules. But in sectors such as health and social care, that can be really difficult. The art of rocking the boat while staying in it is something it seems no-one is ready to help you learn.” What a first statement! “That’s where the School for Ch ...
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WeStudents Twitter Takeover
02 August, 2017 by @DannGoodingRN
WeStudents Twitter Takeover of @WeNurses - by @DannGooding & @MissLucyMay  From 29th September to 1st October Student Nurses Lucy Mason from the University of Birmingham & Dann Gooding from London South Bank University will be taking over the @WeNurses Twitter account, find out all about them below: Dann is a Student Children’s Nurse who is in his ...
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What #WeActiveChallenge and YOU did for me in 2016
01 August, 2017 by @NRCUK
#WeActiveChallenge 2017 marks the 1 year anniversary of me facing my biggest personal challenge, I hope by sharing it with you it will help those in a similar position, here goes.I’m not a healthcare professional, but I think that’s OK :)Quietly, mostly in the background, I cofounded the WeCommunities with @AgencyNurse and have added as much value ...
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10k your way!
28 July, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
10K YOUR WAY – Join the #10kForNurses   The #10KForNurses registration is open and we want you to do your 10k your way! The #10KForNurses is a Cavell Nurses’ Trust and @WeNurses collaboration to get people inspired and moving in October, to raise vital funds for nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants in need, to raise awareness of the fab work ...
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#150Leaders Leadership programme reflection
26 July, 2017 by @AmyReidNQM
Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in the leadership programme run by The Council of Deans. The programme was set out to provide 150 healthcare students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills through a 3-4 month long learning programme providing training in the essential knowledge and skills re ...
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#WeStudents Twitter Takeover by @katherineabower
23 July, 2017 by @katherineabower
From the 28th to the 30th July Student Nurse Katherine Bower will be curating the WeNurses Twitter account ... find out all about Katherine below:  My name is Katherine Bower and I am a current Second Year Child Nursing Student at Bucks New University. I am currently out in practice in the community with the Health Visitors, and I’m soon off on my ...
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21 July, 2017 by @charlMidwife
It’s a bit of a lottery which type of mentor you get. Speaking to fellow students, their mentor has had a massive impact on their own practice, their confidence and their overall enjoyment of the degree. Most of the mentors I have had over the past two years have been wonderful, they have enriched my learning experience, given me unlimited support ...
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Who am I? (What's my name?) Midwifery beginnings...
21 July, 2017 by @charlMidwife
As Snoop Dogg blasted these words out on the golden oldies radio station I was listening to, I thought, I can answer the name question, but more challenging was “Who am I?” I used to be a research chemist and studied a law conversion part time in the evenings during my PhD: I was going places. I had a clearly mapped route  for my career, with grand ...
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#HelloMyNameIs day
21 July, 2017 by @WeDocs
What can the WeCommunities do for #HelloMyNameIs day?  Well, we aren't going to get over emotional (or try not to) as that isn’t what Dr Kate Ganger or Chris Pointon would want! If you don't know about #HelloMyNameIs you can find out here: Our plan for the day is to help you keep the message alive and make it visible o ...
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Getting away from distractions can lead to innovation in patient care
06 July, 2017 by @lockley_leeanne
Our sepsis team are changing how we recognise our patient with suspected sepsis with the introduction of new early warning score parameters (mNEWS) and a new sepsis pathway. As part of the Sepsis Improvement Team, I was asked by Emergency Surgical Assessment Unit (ESAU) and Ambulatory Care Unit (ACU) sisters to update their front line staff mainly ...
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Limber up for #WeActiveChallenge 2017 !!!!!
05 July, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
The sun is shining, holidays are being planned, we are spending more time outdoors, we are dusting off our trainers and limbering up .... it can only mean one thing ..... WeActiveChallenge is on the horizon!!  Yes WeActiveChallenge is back for the third year running and with WeAHPs winning gold for the last 2 years professional pride is definitely ...
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#10kForNurses - Be #HereForNurses
05 July, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
By @AgencyNurse @PaulJebb1 @CavellTrust  All the best ideas come from passing conversations, moments in time when a few people are engaging in discourse and suddenly stumble upon an idea about how they can change the world together.  One such conversation took place on Twitter recently ....  There are a few "reluctant runners" on Twitter amongst th ...
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What will you do? - #LossExp
03 July, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
The "Gathering feedback from families following the death of their baby" resource was released on June 22nd and since then lots of blogs (collated HERE) have been shared and lots Twitter discussion via #LossExp has taken place.  A twitter discussion has also taken place, discussing the need for and the challenges of implementing the resource and ...
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Improving care following baby bereavement - #LossExp
26 June, 2017 by @IrreverentlyRev
Revd Jane Hatton, Chaplain at the Lister Hospital, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust who tweets as @IrreverentlyRev blogs… ‘The best ideas are shared… I got this idea from Rev Paul Nash of Birmingham children’s Hospital.  In a talk, he mentioned how they gave gold hearts when parents lose a child….   I listened to him and thought “we could do ...
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Blogs & Storify links By Leigh Kendall - #LossExp
26 June, 2017 by @LeighAKendall
Following the release of the "Gathering feedback from families following the death of their baby" resource (Click HERE to view) Leigh Kendall has written an excellent blog refelcting listening to bereaved parents:        CLICK HERE to read Leighs blog          Leigh has also created a great storify of the #LossExp event:       To read the Storif ...
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Using social media wisely
23 June, 2017 by @KathEvans2
Using Social Media Wisely - Reflections for explorers, interested lurkers and complete novices (Warning: This is a long blog! :D)          This blog reflects on a social media session that was run at #RCPCH17. As is always the case there were brilliant other sessions running at the same time and many other colleagues weren’t able to make it to the ...
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#WeStudents Twitter Takeover by @flamingcopper
21 June, 2017 by @RN_Abigail
I'm Toni, a first year March cohort student nurse at the Chesterfield campus of the University of Derby. My first placement is on an elderly rehab ward and I started this on the 19th June. I am passionate about end of life care and cardio. My future career plans are to work in cancer palliative care. I am very active on social media and am eager t ...
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2 stories & the need to listen - #LossExp
21 June, 2017 by @DOckendenLtd
Hello my name is Donna Ockenden; I am a midwife and nurse and for the last four years I have been Co Clinical Director of the London Maternity Clinical Network. Over the last six months it has been a tremendous privilege to have worked with Sands and NHS England on the creation of this Maternity Bereavement Experience Measure or MBEM. It is at time ...
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A maternity bereavement journey - #LossExp
21 June, 2017 by @JbereavementUK
Hello my name is Jane; I’m the Senior Bereavement Midwife at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust. I coordinate the maternity bereavement services at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington and Queen Charlotte's Hospital in Hammersmith. We have approximately 9,000 deliveries per year with an average of 160 being a combination of stillbirths, neonatal de ...
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#AHPsIntoAction #CAHPO17
20 June, 2017 by @HelenFosterPhys
@WeAHPs are off the London, and you're invited too! Tomorrow, team @WeAHPs - alongside a host of other allied health professionals and influencers in healthcare - will be heading to the Business Design Centre, Islington for the 3rd Chief Allied Health Professions Officer's Conference. The last two conferences have explored the role innovation for A ...
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Improving bereavement care - #LossExp
20 June, 2017 by @CherylT261
Hello, my name is Cheryl. I am the Improving Bereavement Care Manager at Sands, the Stillbirth & neonatal death charity. My focus is to support health and social care professionals to feel able and confident in providing best quality bereavement care for families when a baby dies. I am delighted that Sands has been involved in creating this Materni ...
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Breaking the silence: hearing from bereaved parents #LossExp
19 June, 2017 by @Atherton_HC
Hello my name is Hannah Atherton and I work at NHS England in the Insight & Feedback Team. I focus on collecting and understanding patients’ experiences of their care and advising on how the information collected can then be used to deliver services that are safe, effective and continuously improving.   The collection of insight and feedback in hea ...
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Maternity Bereavement: How do we listen? - #LossExp
16 June, 2017 by @KathEvans2
Hello my name is Kath Evans; I work at NHS England and lead on improving experiences of maternity care with women, families and practitioners. Having stood in a churchyard with friends and watched 39 balloons drift into the sky recognising 39 weeks of pregnancy prior to a beautiful sleeping baby boy entering the world, sat with a friend hearing how ...
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Post Chat Info - How & Why!
15 June, 2017 by @NRCUK
Our Post Chat Info is on the whole created automaticlly, as soon as the chats are finished; Chats then move from the chat calendar to the chat archive. The archive contains over 1,000 that can be searched here. Archiving tweetchats creates a long-term resource for those both on the chat as well as those looking to expand their knowledge from them a ...
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A WeMidwives #LossExp Twitter Takeover
13 June, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
On 22nd June NHS London Clinical networks will release a resource that will support professionals to gather feedback from families when a baby dies.  The resource will be released at an event in London "Learning from people who experience maternity bereavment" and we will be there to share information and thoughts around the resource.  In addition ...
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How Do You Manage It? Organising care for older adults
12 June, 2017 by @JJackson_RN
How Do You Manage It? As the population ages, more and more older people are living at home. There is an increasing emphasis on providing care in the community and on self-management. 40% of older people have at least one long term health condition [1]. This means that many older adults have to juggle complex health needs, their daily activities, a ...
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Secret of My Success - Presenting to Others Anyway
11 June, 2017 by @lockley_leeanne
It’s been a year since I shared my first blog ‘Presenting for the First Time’. I wanted to let others know that the journey of presenting is an emotional rollercoaster. Last year I was terrified of presenting…reading what I wrote brings back lots of emotions at the time: fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, in fact all the negatives you can think of. ...
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Why nurses in the UK need to become more politically engaged- A nurse’s opinion
07 June, 2017 by @EllzSummary
The United Kingdom stands on the cusp of another general election vote. Perhaps there will be a change in the political direction of the Country, perhaps not – only time will tell. Regardless of any change of government on 9th June, over the past few years there have been a number of decisions at governmental level decisions have affected the nursi ...
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Self-Care... an evolving concept?
01 June, 2017 by @RN_Abigail
On Wednesday night, student night, we discussed the concept of self-care within the nursing community, primarily aimed at the self-care of student nursing. While natural themes of stress relief methods arose (with regular mention of the healing benefits of tea!), another theme emerged: That perhaps there was a culture in nursing of keeping your he ...
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#WeStudents Twitter Takeover by @fikawithkitty
19 May, 2017 by @RN_Abigail
Hi there! My name is Kate (also known as fikawithkitty), and I will be curating the WeNurses account for 48 hours from Friday to Sunday! I’m currently in my second year of adult nursing at the University of Manchester. As an avid social media user, I’m keen to show fellow student nurses that social media and nursing can work together in beautiful ...
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It's #MyNursingDay !
09 May, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
This International Nurses Day (Friday 12th May) we want to flood the Twitterverse with Nursing Tweets ... there is lots of celebration going on via #IND2017 and also you can join in with Tweeting YOUR day and help to show the world what nursing in 2017 looks like with #MyNursingDay (find out more HERE) Soooooo we thought that these may help ... two ...
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A gift for International Nurses Day
08 May, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
It's not long now until International Nurses Day - Friday sees nurses all over the world being celebrated ! Over the last week or so we have been collecting quotes from YOU via #MyNursingQuote.  So as our International Nurses Day gift to you we wanted to put some of them into wonderful internet quote picture format for you to use and share .... the ...
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02 May, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
Has it ever struck you that the internet is full of quotes and love them or hate them they serve a purpose - to provide a snapshot of thought, insight or emotion in a moment in time. However there is a huge lack of nursing quotes out there ... We have the old: The profound but over used: The slightly soppy: And .... well... errr.... less s ...
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#WeStudents Twitter Takeover by @laurenbradbur16
24 April, 2017 by @RN_Abigail
My name is Lauren, for 48 hours from Friday to Sunday I will be curating the WeNurses Twitter account. I am a second year student Children’s Nurse from Birmingham City University. Across the three days I am going to talk about life as a student nurse, specific topics I really care about and my past experiences throughout the course. On Friday I wil ...
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#MyNursingDay - sharing 24 hours in nursing
10 April, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
International Nurses Day is a great excuse to really celebrate nursing and show the world how diverse and how wonderful nursing is ......soooooo this year for International Nurses Day - Friday 12th May - we want you to help us to show the world what 24 hours in nursing look likes through tweets.  The idea is a simple one - Tweet what you are up to ...
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Welcome Back to #WeLearnSoMe
10 April, 2017 by @WeSchoolNurses
How are you? It’s lovely to see you! How have you been getting on since WeLearn ended? Did you achieve your goals? Has your practice changed in any way? Have you learnt anything via social media that you have used in your practice? Please take some time to log back on to WeLearn and revisit your goals. Most importantly don’t forget to download your ...
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WeLDNurses Internship 2017
06 April, 2017 by @Aimee_MarieW
Hi, My name is Aimee Wakenshaw, I was successfully appointed as the Student Intern to the WeLDNurses team in May 2016 and my year is now coming to an end. Some of you will be reading this will be considering the pros and cons of applying for this year’s internship wondering how it can benefit you, and what you might to have to offer the team. Over ...
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#ExpOfCare blog: An opportunity that was a gift!
30 March, 2017 by @MichaelaTait8
I heard about ‘Experiences of Care’ (#ExpofCare) week, which took place from 20th - 24th March, through my NHS networks and Twitter. It was described as ‘a week of activity to celebrate all the fabulous things we do to improve patient/family/carers and staff experiences’. I have the privilege of being the Patient Experience Manager at Milton Keyne ...
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The Next Steps...
29 March, 2017 by @ross_6479_RNLD
It’s been around six months since out last blog, and boy want a six months it has been. When you are at uni you can’t quite believe how quickly it flies by, well we are learning that the same can be said for being in practice!! When we last blogged, we were talking about our experiences of entering the work place and starting the next stage of our ...
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#ExpOfCare Blog: Reflections on venturing into adulthood
24 March, 2017 by @AmyFrounks
       The venture into adulthood is full of opportunities, surprises, and change; all of these a learning curve and mixture of positive and negative experiences. Being a young adult has been amazing I believe these are going to be the best years of my life, in fact am already enjoying them more than my childhood. Having said that, I need to survi ...
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#ExpOfCare Blog: Why you are important to #ExpOfCare
20 March, 2017 by @ckentone
Why you are important to #ExpofCareExpereince  By Claire Kent, Patient Expereince Lead, Nursing Directorate (Midlands & East) NHS England Experience of care week coincides with my last few days in a secondment to NHSE (Midlands & East) as Patient Experience Lead. Changing roles, even when it’s going back to one I know, prompts reflection and I’ve ...
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#ExpOfCare Blog: An #EndPJParalysis Chorus!
20 March, 2017 by @AnnMarieRiley10
From a tweet to an #EndPJparalysis chorus by Prof Brian Dolan & Ann-Marie Riley       Prof Brian Dolan is Director, Health Service 360, Honorary Professor of Leadership in Healthcare, University of Salford, Manchester and Visiting Professor of Nursing, Oxford Institute of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Research. @brianwdolan Ann-Marie Riley ...
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#ExpOfCare Blog: Johns Campaign
20 March, 2017 by @JohnCampaign
By Julia Jones @JohnCampaign  Please support John's Campaign: for the right to stay with people with dementia “It enabled him to remain the person he was for as long as he could.” Sunday evening’s emails brought me two gifts. The first was a brief account, from a granddaughter, explaining how and why John’s Campaign had ...
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WeStudents: Twitter Takeover
20 March, 2017 by @RN_Abigail
Hello! My name is Abi, I’m a WeNurses student leader and for 48 hours from Friday to Sunday I will be curating the WeNurses Twitter account. I’m a second year student nurse at the University of Derby and this is part of my project of a monthly 48 hour period of curation for students in the healthcare profession to talk about who we are, what we do ...
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#ExpOfCare Blog: A Magical Midwife
09 March, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
      It’s not very often that I come into contact with health care professionals on a personal basis, yes its true I work and tweet with them everyday, but I am fortunate enough to be happy and healthy. The same goes for my family – in fact it wasn’t so long ago that a family dinner conversation turned to “didn’t our family GP die?” … none of us ...
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#ExpOfCare Blog: Always Events
06 March, 2017 by @lorrainewolfen1
     Always Events® - support to help you co-design an Always Event® in your organisation and improve your patient’s experience of care by Lorraine Wolfenden            2017 is an exciting time for Always Events® and I am privileged to be a part of it. Since the publication of the toolkit in December, many trusts have expressed an interest in beco ...
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#WeStudents - Student Nurse Curation of @WeNurses
03 March, 2017 by @RN_Abigail
STUDENT NURSES - We want you to Tweet from @WeNurses!  Every month for 48 hours - from 07:00 hrs on Friday to 07:00 hours on Monday we will be giving the @WeNurses Twitter account to a Student Nurse.  The infographic below explains all:               To apply all you have to do is to complete this downloadable FORM and email it too westudents@wenu ...
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#WeStudents - using social media to engage Student Nurses
03 March, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
January saw the changeover of student nurse leaders for WeNurses and we welcommed the amamzing Luke Woodhouse and Abigail Elliot to the WeNurses team.  Since then we have been plotting and planning and Luke and Abigail have come up with two amazing ways in which to get student nurses engaged over the next year.   #WeStudents Student Nurse Curation ...
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#WeStudents - 2 Minute Videos
03 March, 2017 by @LukiKnowsBest
Lights, camera .... ACTION!!!  Student nurses .... We want you to take two minutes to create a video that asks a question, raises an issue, makes a point or tells the world what its like to be a student nurse.  It's really easy to get involved, all you have to do is use your phone to make a video and so long as it's two minutes or under you can upl ...
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#ExpOfCare - Pin a tweet!
02 March, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
As Expereiences Of Care week draws to an end we want to spread the message that experiences of care matter even further and wider and for longer .... so here is the plan: We are asking you to pin a tweet to your profile page to show your lasting commitment to sharing and learning from eperiences of care.  Whether they be patient experiences, carer ...
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#ExpOfCare Blog: RITA
02 March, 2017 by @NorthumbriaNHS
      Written by Michael Porter Activities Wellbeing Co-ordinator Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust       At Northumbria Healthcare, we have always endeavoured to incorporate meaningful activities within our elderly care wards. We understand that providing the right environment alongside meaningful activities really makes a difference in enhancing ...
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#ExpOfCare Week Webinars !
28 February, 2017 by @KathEvans2
There are lots of webinars to join througout Expereinces Of Care (#ExpOfCare) week - all the details are below.  Feel free to sign up to one or sign up to all!         Charting the landscape of online patient feedback: Key findings from a scoping study - University of Oxford Monday 20th March 11.30-12.30 to register CLICK HERE         Sharing stor ...
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Stress .... Agrrrrggghh !
27 February, 2017 by @derekfisher2907
It is a modern day way of life that we are all under some form of stress. From school days through to working life and even in retirement. Stress, horrid word, will always be there. But do we have to live with it or can we fight and beat it? Good question I think. We are all individuals and take different scenarios in a different way. That’s what m ...
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Why is it vital to change?
13 February, 2017 by @derekfisher2907
The world would still be flat if someone didn’t decide to CHANGE the way of navigation. Our way of healthcare would be in the 19th century if certain brave and innovative people didn’t bring about CHANGE. CHANGE can only be for the better and has to tried to be proven wrong. We become stuck in mundane routines and CHANGE can be very uplifting and ...
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Resilience Challenge: A New Video Game about Safety in Healthcare
06 February, 2017 by @JJackson_RN
There are many pressures in healthcare systems, all of which have an impact on nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. Resilience Challenge, a new interactive videogame, aims to raise awareness about the risks associated with these pressures, and how clinicians can promote patient safety. In the early 2000’s, Safer Healthcare Now and ...
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Experience Of Care Week #ExpOfCare
03 February, 2017 by @KathEvans2
‘I’m working to improve experiences of care….will you join me?’ 20th- 24th March 2017  supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement      We would love you to join our week of activity celebrating the amazing things that are happening across to the country to improve patient/family/carers and staff experiences. This week gives you a great reason to ...
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A different voice
03 February, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
Over the years we have had many different people taking over the @WeNurses Twitter account for a day or maybe two, each bringing a unique perspective to the account - our ultimate thinking being that the best things happen when differing perspectives meet. Each person who has tweeted from the account has enabled us to see nursing and healthcare dif ...
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Free #WeLearn Spaces For School Nursing Teams
01 February, 2017 by @WeSchoolNurses
An opportunity for school nursing teams …. We are looking for 50 people who are part of a School Nursing Team as part of a pilot project with Public Health England …. Are you interested? Or could you help spread the word? The WeLearn project is part of work being undertaken by Wendy Nicholson (National Lead Nurse CYP & Families, PHE Chief Nurse Dir ...
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Uniform or no uniform? - that is the question!
01 February, 2017 by @derekfisher2907
 Going into hospital can be a very daunting experience for anyone but more so for someone living with dementia. They are disorientated and scared despite all the pleasant talk said to them. A ward or even A&E is very noisy and busy at all times. People rushing around here and there doing their jobs. Very off putting and disturbing for the person wi ...
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Using archived We Tweetchats
27 January, 2017 by @WeNurses
You'll find the WeArchives here and the WeSearch page here. The following guide we hope will help you use chats that you've missed to your full advantage.Connecting with and continuing to discuss topics with those that were on the chats adds real value and learning potential for you and the chat contributors.You'll find our FREE CPD / Revaildation ...
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Knowing the person as an individual
27 January, 2017 by @derekfisher2907
We are all individuals, are we not? I love soccer and cricket but you may hate them both. I hate soap operas on TV but you may love them. I love my cup of tea but some people only drink coffee. I hate being cold but you may like the temperature cooler than me. I love my garden and I am in heaven if left alone to work out there on a warm summers day ...
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WeNurses Student Leaders for 2017
24 January, 2017 by @AgencyNurse
The student nurse voice on Twitter is a very important aspect of the nurse community, student nurses bring a vibrancy, a differeing perspective and often a questioning approach that is needed to balance and drive this space forward.  For the last year we have had two wonderful student nurses leading WeNurses - Julie Woollman and Hannah Smith - howe ...
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#AHPsintoAction: taking forward the AHP mandate for change
12 January, 2017 by @jkfillingham
WeAHPs are delighted to be supporting the #AHPsintoAction launch event in London on the 17th January by live streaming via Periscope and tweeting, and you are all invited to join the launch online. Over the past 9 months Allied Health Professions (AHPs) in England and internationally, as well as other professionals, service users and carers, have b ...
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Investigated to within an inch of my sanity.
02 January, 2017 by @sandyra1961
I need to ask a question .... That is when to refer to the NMC?.... Does leaving the medicine trolley unattended warrant referral ?? Does giving an injection 3 weeks to soon due to a poorly written medication chart warrant referral ? I have been a care home manager I would not have referred the nurse for either of those, I would have collected info ...
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'We' are looking for YOU !
12 December, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
It was this time last year when we posted a blog asking student nurses to step forward and help us out at WeNurses and we were very fortunate to find two amazing Student Nurses Hannah Smith for Salford University and Julie Woolman from Plymouth University! Both Julie and Hannah have been beyond awesome, not only have they been huge advocates at the ...
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How did your #FabRCT go?
21 November, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Its been over a month since #FabChangeDay! Yes I agree - time flies! How is your change coming along ? What have you done ? What impact did it have? Do you need any support? Have you managed to start your change ? Are you managing to sustain your change ? All of these questions and more popped into my head this morning as I opened my emails to find ...
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Student Nurses leading the way
03 November, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
WeNurses Student Blog - November 2016  Topic - Student Nurses leading the way Welcome back to our monthly @WeNurses Student Nurse Blogs!  This months topic is a little different ... in stead of relfecting on events we want you to celebrate them.  We would like you to share you experiences of where you as a student nurse has lead on something or a s ...
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All change at @WeMHNurses!
03 November, 2016 by @VanessaRNMH
@WeMHNurses has had a busy few months, especially with some key changes happening within the team. We’ve been busy taking stock and thinking about the future direction of @WeMHNurses and we wanted to share these changes and our thinking with the community, whilst saying hello and goodbye to old and new team members.   Firstly, then, we would like t ...
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Third bed on the right
31 October, 2016 by @Luvphotosme
I have been reading the latest posts regarding how we identify patients and it reminds me of an event I was witness to.    Many, many, many years ago when I worked on all male acute medical admissions ward there was a very strong willed staff nurse in charge for the evening. I had been sent to one end of the ward to sort the patients whilst my coll ...
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Sharing nursing stories
30 October, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Welcome to the "Sharing Nursing Stories" project. It is nearly 3 years since Sue Spencer first tweeted the idea to collect and share nursing stories using social media and although it has been a while Sue, having found a new sense of purpose contacted Teresa Chinn (from WeNurses) to discuss the project.    Given the issues in nursing at the moment ...
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#InCharge is back ! #JamieInCharge
26 October, 2016 by @JamieWaterall
#InCharge is back! On the Friday 4th November @JamieWaterall Associate Deputy Chief Nurse and National Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at Public Health England will be taking over the @WeNurses twitter account - #JamieInCharge Jamie says:  I will be providing WeNurses followers with live commentary and discussion from the Issues and Answ ...
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Why #HelloMyNameIs is more than an introduction...
26 October, 2016 by @NRCUK
Hello, my name is Nick.Following last night’s #WeMDT chat on introductions hosted by @Salsa442 there was of course much focus on the amazing work and legacy that Dr Kate Granger has left us all via #HelloMyNameIs, simply amazing work showing what can be done selflessly for others. @Salsa442 walked us through the journey of introductions as value to ...
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I'm #HereForNurses
26 October, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
This week saw the release of a report from the Cavell Nurses' Trust "Skint, shaken yet still caring" and to say that the contents of the report shocked me is a bit of an understatement.  I find myself sat here some days later still feeling upset when i think of some of the statistics that the report shared, the four picture below provide some of th ...
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25 October, 2016 by @derekfisher2907
Do you recall your first day at school? Did your mum and dad take a photo of you proudly but nervously standing there in your school uniform? We did to both of our children. School bag in one hand and lunch box in the other. And of course they both had on their uniforms. We still have those precious photos today and they are priceless. How proud ar ...
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Tweetchat tips & tricks
17 October, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
We often share our inforgraphics around Tweetchats on Twitter but the have never really had a home .... until now ... tadahhhhhh !! Here are our infographics that explain the mystery that is tweetchats ... enjoy ! ...
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A change from the heart
17 October, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
I am the wrong side of forty, I am a little overweight, I have never been great at sports, and I have a rather impressive family history of heart disease! All of this is not news to me …. In fact its something that’s been creeping up behind me and I have been doing my best to ignore it. But the fact of the matter is that I needed to change!! A few ...
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Developing social learning - #health5to19
01 October, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
I firmly believe that Dr Seuss was right when he said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” and I one hundred percent belive that social media gives nurses a huge opportunity to read (or watch or listen), know, and learn in order to help us grow and develop. Social media is a wor ...
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Share Where You Care
30 September, 2016 by @WeNurses
Sometimes you get a feeling the response to a question is more important than the answer, this could be one of those times... @WeNurses has been running tweetchats and supporting nurses for a little over four years now, since then several WeCommunities have created really vibrant, hierarchy and boundary defying communities, even the Police got inv ...
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Getting serious about cardiovascular disease
29 September, 2016 by @HindleLinda
This week sees a focus on cardiovascular disease prevention as Public Health England launches a new report called ‘Getting Serious about Prevention.  The report calls on professionals in regular contact with the public such as fire fighters, police and healthcare professionals to help raise awareness of the risks of cardiovascular disease and suppo ...
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#FutureMHN Conference 2016
28 September, 2016 by @WeMHNurses
@WeMHNurses are delighted to be involved in the second #FutureMHN conference, which is a student led event, supported by the Department of Health and Public Health England.Rachel, who is a mental health nursing student and one of the conference organisers explains all below:In spring 2015 the inaugural Mental Health Nursing Student conference – #Fu ...
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Keeping Children and Young People safe online
27 September, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Back in July the wonderful @WeSchoolNurses held a Twitter discussion around Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online - following on from that discussion they have produced two resources for healthcare professionals to share.   The first is a Steller Story of resources shared during the discussion: The second resource is a infographic of so ...
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One small step for nursekind.....
23 September, 2016 by @ross_6479_RNLD
That nerve wracking moment when you suddenly realise you actually have to get a job, yes that is right you are not going to be student for the rest of your life! The realisation of this moment comes to many at different stages. Students start being offered jobs at very different stages, don’t panic if you haven’t got a job before you begin your thi ...
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A #FabChangeDay collection of fab stuff
16 September, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
There is so much fab stuff going on for #FabChangeDay that we thought it would be a good idea to curate it all - so check out this #FabChangeDay Pinterest Board!  If you see something you like the look of then:  1. Click on the picture to open the image in Pinterest 2. Click on the image again to read / view the original webpage      ...
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Agency Nurses are people too !!
15 September, 2016 by @sandyra1961
Agency Nurses are people too !! I am loving working on the wards again, meeting people, interacting and engaging with people, enjoying conversations ?? who am I kidding, I am working for an agency, I am RGN I know my job in my heart it is to care, something in my being makes me care and I always do my best to make my patients feel special be that i ...
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An exciting @WeCYPnurses opportunity
15 September, 2016 by @cdodd09
Exciting Opportunity Are you an enthusiastic CYP Year 1 or 2 nursing student? Are you addicted to Twitter? Are you interested in developing the CYP nursing knowledge base? Do you enjoy communicating online with a variety of HCP and families? Would you like to join the wecypnurses team?   Who are we? We are a group of volunteers who run wecypurses ...
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Random Coffee ?? #FabRCT
14 September, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
There really is no doubt in my mind that many good and great things start by just taking time to talk - nearly 6 years of talking and chatting with all sorts of healthcare folk on Twitter has definitely taught me that.  But nothing really beats a proper conversation, plain old fashioned talking .... i mean really talking! Taking time to have a coff ...
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How can We improve #WeActiveChallenge 2017?
11 September, 2016 by @WeAHPs
Did #WeActiveChallenge pass you by? If so here's the challenge and here are the results.For those that saw and took part in the challenge could we please ask for a little feedback to plan for 2017 with the following message/request please: Thank you… It’s been just over a week since the end of the #WeActiveChallenge and here at #WeHQ we’re still re ...
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Tsk Tsk Tsk Patients or Tasks
07 September, 2016 by @sandyra1961
Tsk Tsk Tsk …. Patients or Tasks Deep joy, I go to a ward for a second shift, how can two days be so different! I had a lovely but busy day there my first time, this was going to be different – hand over consisted of staff nurse, HCSW x 2 and me listening to the night staff moaning and whining about busy shift, bells ringing, short staff, oh my lor ...
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The BIG RED #FabChangeDay BUTTON
07 September, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
It's here !!! The #FabChangeDay Application .... and what better way to start a year of ideas into action by pushing a BIG RED #FabChangeday Button.  Your #FabChangeDay Journey starts HERE  'We' have made our pledge ... will you?        ...
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WeNurses Student Blog - September
06 September, 2016 by @HannahS_RN
WeNurses Student Blog - September 2016 by Hannah Smith & Julie Woolman Topic - Experiences of mentors & mentoring Welcome back to our monthly @WeNurses Student Nurse Blogs!  We took a little break during August but it is good to be back and thinking about Septembers blog.  If you want to post a blog this month the subject is "Experiences of mentors ...
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#Expo16NHS - We are having a Fab Tweet Meet
05 September, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Are you off to NHS Expo this week ? So are we .. and we would love to see you there.  A conference without a tweet meet is like a ham sandwich without the ham ... it's just not right! but its ok, we have it all in hand ... WeCommunities and the Academy Of Fabulous Stuff have put our heads together and arranged a Tweet Meet: WHAT? A Tweet Meet - a ...
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Let's talk about Meds baby !!
05 September, 2016 by @sandyra1961
Let’s talk about Meds Baby ….. Where oh where do I begin ?! At the start I suppose, so back in the day when I was training and first qualified there were two nurses or a nurse and student to ‘do’ the medication round, fast forward 33 years and the medication is kept in a flashing beeping cupboard not dissimilar to the star ship enterprise or the Ni ...
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Co-ordinating and Facilitating a Quality Improvement Event
03 September, 2016 by @lockley_leeanne
My journey begins after attending the North West Advancing Quality Pneumonia Collaborative. I came away from the event energised, positive and a belief about quality improvement and change. I wanted my pneumonia team to feel the same. Perhaps I should explain what Advancing Quality (AQ) is before I progress. AQ is North West program set out to qual ...
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Did you know?
02 September, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Did you know that there are campaigns that you can join for #FabChangeDay? There are! You can read about all 12 of them HERE and each one has its own hashtag too.  Which means that not only can you join a campaign but you can also Tweet about it and see what others are doing .. pretty cool hey? Of course, if there is "something else" that you are i ...
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#WeActiveChallenge - The Results
02 September, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Sadly August has ended and so has #WeActiveChallenge! But what an amazing and inspiring month it was .... here are some of the best bits ...
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The return to the wards....
01 September, 2016 by @sandyra1961
At the ripe old age of 55 I find myself working as an agency nurse, not a problem you may think, I have an NMC Pin, I am free from infection ?? so off I go – my first shift on an NHS or Non NHS ward for 21 years. I was petrified I have worked as a community nurse, practice nurse, telephone consultation nurse OOH, managed a care home amongst other t ...
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Do you see yourself being part of this?
26 August, 2016 by @aptaim
We’ve always been of the opinion that patient care with medicines can be improved through shared learning and a well-connected pharmacy team – and we’ve had some great examples over the years where we’ve seen this in action, from shared audits to discussions on clinical or ethical scenarios. As we return from our Summer shenanigans we thought now i ...
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Its as easy as ABC
26 August, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Waaaayyyyy back when I first started blogging and tweeting I read a book called Socialnomics by Eric Qualman, who is not a nurse or in healthcare – I know I am asking you to trust me here when I say the book is a fab read with many pearls of social media wisdom that are entirely transferable to healthcare and nursing….. anyway I am diversifying sli ...
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The Quaking Quietness Of Dawn
22 August, 2016 by @Luvphotosme
Peeping head over the nest for the first time. Here I come Twitter! — Jacqueline Armstrong (@Luvphotosme) July 21, 2016 The first tweet I put out onto Twitter less than a month ago stated,   ‘Peeping head over the nest for the first time. Here I come Twitter’.   Since then I have grown new wings. I work in a large and very busy critical care un ...
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WeCommunities is changing!
16 August, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
A few weeks ago in a coffee shop just past Reading station WeCommunities and The Academy Of Fabulous Stuff (Fab Stuff) met to discuss change! Its always good to meet people who are as enthusiastic as We are for connecting and supporting people and improving the lives of the people we care for and Fab Stuff are some of our most favourite Tweeters. Y ...
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Motivation - #WeActiveChallenge
14 August, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
I am not the most athletic person in the world, in fact I could be (at best) be described as ‘enthusiastic” and that enthusiasm comes in waves. I am the wrong side of forty, a little overweight (cake is my biggest foe!) and acutely aware of a strong family predisposition to heart disease. I walk – our spaniel Muppet see’s to that (great excuse to s ...
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From Choices to Commitment - Our Positive Journey
12 August, 2016 by @ross_6479_RNLD
At this time every year social media fills with students reaching the end of their degree. Everyone spills with excitement, nerves and anticipation about their new path to go from student to Newly Qualified Nurse. We have watched on and provided support, well wished and (in the background) counted down to when we will get to write messages and shar ...
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Nursing’s voice needs to be heard
11 August, 2016 by @EllzSummary
I like many others have been watching the highs and the lows of the 2016 RIO Olympic Games, cheering the participants, celebrating the success that the athletes training and perseverance have bought to individual competitors and to their countries. Whilst commiserating with the defeats, losses and inevitable accidents that occur.   It takes me back ...
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A day in tweets by the Deputy Chief Nurse @BurtonHospitals
11 August, 2016 by @Steve__Forsyth
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Deputy Chief Nurse looks like? Well, on Tuesday 23rd of August Steven Forsyth (@MrAliG) Acting Deputy Chief Nurse Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will be taking over the @WeNurses Twitter account for the day and Tweeting about all sorts of things ... givining us a real insight into his day.  Steve says ...
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#HereForNurses - WeCommunities & Cavell Nurses' Trust
02 August, 2016 by @wenurse
WeNurses was born on 4th July 2012 and as we’ve just passed our 4th birthday we want to reflect a little on why We do what We do – We started our social media journey wanting to connect nurses (which then later led to broader health care professionals under the umbrella of WeCommunities) in order to share ideas, experiences, expertise, information, ...
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01 August, 2016 by @WeNurses
We all know the benefits of being active, we tell our patients all the time! August slows down a little on Twitter as many of you are on leave or enjoying better weather (hopefully) in the evenings and the weekends so it's time to repeat our #WeActiveChallenge. Follow the guide below but in essence the idea is to fill Twitter with pictures us bein ...
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@CavellTrust supporting HCPs via WeCommunities
31 July, 2016 by @WeNurses
What seems like yonks ago, when we were planning #WeGetTogether, we came across the sticky matter of funding it, as part of the early planning stages in the tweetchats with you. Those conversations  raised the question too around funding how WeCommunities operates in general. For those that aren't aware there isn’t any funding and We relies on the ...
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Physical activity for early years
27 July, 2016 by @exerciseworks
The latest fabulous infographic on physical activity for early years from the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMO's) has just been published.     The key message for all health care professionals and community outreach workers is to encourage the family/carers of all children to help babies and toddlers: to move more, sit less and play together. This ...
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#WeActiveChallenge: the action starts in 2 weeks!
17 July, 2016 by @NaomiMcVey
    When?            1st – 31st August 2016 What?             A social media campaign & competition to help us all get active this summer Who?              ALL the WeCommunities Where?           On twitter!      Get active this summer with the #WeActiveChallenge Throughout August we’re asking all our communities, your families and friends to dust ...
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#ReValidation - my journey
13 July, 2016 by @JennytheM
My journey to Revalidation I recently completed my revalidation process for the first time . I have to say that looking back I enjoyed it and I'd like to share some tips that might help others to see it as a positive process . I may appear organised but I have to admit that when I receive a certificate of attendance or get feedback I usually leave ...
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Over Collaboration
12 July, 2016 by @NRCUK
Collaboration, that’s good right? Learning from each other, exploring best practices, crowd sourcing knowledge, avoiding reinventing the wheel, getting things right first time, taking everybodies needs in to account so your change is well adopted and valued… yes it is brilliant, I agree, let’s collaborate. This can be particularly important in an e ...
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We need your voice to be heard in our crowd.
06 July, 2016 by @jkfillingham
On Monday 4 July the online workshop to gain wider views on the Allied Health Professions (AHPs) emerging mandate for change opened. The emerging mandate describes: 4 ways AHPs will impact health & wider care system. 4 areas of commitment to achieve this change. 4 themes which AHPs need to focus on to deliver this. We would really like to ensure ...
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WeNurses Student Blog - July
06 July, 2016 by @PUNC14Julie
WeNurses Student Blog - July 2016 by Hannah Smith & Julie Woolman Topic - Future aspirations  Welcome to our monthly @WeNurses Student Nurse Blogs!   If you want to post a blog this month the subject is "Future Aspirations" this is to tie in with our Preceptorship discussion - Where do you see yourself when you qualify? What are your hopes? What ar ...
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#NursesTakeTen - Take two?
04 July, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
It's been over 6 months since I wrote the blog post "#NursesTakeTen" and I have a confession to make ... it wasnt until Gill Boast from @WeGPNs Direct Messaged me on Twitter that I realised how terrible I have been at taking ten minutes out a week to just do somthing relaxing.  I know that taking care of our own wellbeing is so important as nurses ...
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#WeScNs - July Share
04 July, 2016 by @MichelleSobande
#WeSCNs - Sharing learning throughout July   As we celebrate our 2 year anniversary here at WeScNs we have been reflecting on our journey together and discussing some exciting next steps for our community. In the last two years we have connected nearly 6,500 followers from around the globe and facilitated an incredible 33 chats. Feedback from our ...
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Comparing placements as a student nurse
29 June, 2016 by @bethhl8
Surviving my first year on placement: from the community to the wards For some of my fellow student nurses the thought of a community placement longer than two weeks strikes them stronger than a lightning bolt to the heart; limiting practice and lack of opportunity are a few factors that put some students off. I don’t believe I speak for myself whe ...
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A Healthy Conversation with AHPs
28 June, 2016 by @HindleLinda
In May we surveyed allied health professionals (AHPs) on what they think about public health as part of their professional practice. We did this to better understand to what extent public health is considered a core part of an AHP’s professional role in terms of prevention, health improvement and early intervention. We also wanted to find out what ...
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Can nurses remain apolitical and still advocate for patients?
24 June, 2016 by @TildaMc
I grew up in a family where politics was the normal dinner table chat. Coming from a working class Scottish/Irish family it was very much the politics of the left. I went with my Mum to CND rallies and Stop the War rallies. As a young nurse, as with emotional attachments to patients , I felt it unprofessional to be open about my political  views.As ...
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A chilling reflection - the hidden picture. Inaugural blog June 2016
23 June, 2016 by @EllzSummary
A chilling reflection – the hidden picture 23rd June 2016 Ellen Nicholson I need to say at the outset, I have never blogged before. I took part in a @WeCommunities chat on blogging prior to the June 2016 Royal College of Nursing Congress in Glasgow, and set myself the challenge to try and write a blog following congress. What I thought I’d try wr ...
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Thoughts about Work-place Stress
22 June, 2016 by @jomwlever
Thoughts about workplace stress based on empirical evidence June 2016-06-21 I am a Registered Nurse (Adult) with almost 20yrs experience as a staff nurse in an NHS Trust Hospital in the North West. I worked on an Orthopaedic Trauma ward when I first qualified. It was hard. Usually there were only 3 trained nurses for 28 patients and 3 or 4 Health ...
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Twitter for Revalidation & CPD
22 June, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Following on from our Twitterversity posters we thought it may be a good idea to have a handy, printable, shareable poster explaining how Twitter can be used for Revalidation too .... so tadahhhh.... here it is (just right click to save to your device)  Do also check out the "How to get the best of #MyWe" guide for tweetchats & CPD! ...
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Student placements in PrimaryA Care
21 June, 2016 by @Kanead
On a day that the RCN Congress debate the future of nurse education and the change from bursaries to tuition fees, many of us are wondering how can the almost mythical predicted increase in student numbers can be accommodated. Many feel that mentors are already stretched between delivering patient care within the current pressurised healthcare aren ...
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Is It Me?
21 June, 2016 by @NRCUK
I’d say I’m passionate about the NHS, who wouldn’t be “free healthcare at the point of need”, it is a civilisation’s utopia is it not, part of it at least. For those that don’t know I’m in my mid 40s (the comfortable side for now) which means two things: I’ve grown up with tech (Nintendo Game & Watch) I’m not, fingers crossed, too far from needing ...
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Presenting for the first time
20 June, 2016 by @lockley_leeanne
Where do I begin? When my colleague got promoted from Band 6 to a Band 8a post? No. This happened because said friend was left in the lurch and I was her 'Get Out of Jail Free Card'!  Every six months Advancing Quality hosts a collaborative event where all delegates from the North West can attend. When said colleague had no one to present at her fi ...
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eRedbook for every parent
19 June, 2016 by @kennygibsonnhs
Every parent of each new born child in the UK receives a parent held record (Redbook by Harlow Printing) to help them understand the importance of their child’s development milestones and record key interventions, such as the child’s immunisations and visits to GP and HVs. These Redbooks are often part of every parents memory box, that shows us how ...
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Get Blogging with the WeBlog
16 June, 2016 by @WeNurses
The WeBlog is a way for you to blog about any healthcare subject and reflect and share beyond Twitters 140 characters.  It's really easy to post a blog on the WeBlog just click HERE to get started and follow the instructions below: ...
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Be there or be virtual - are you ready for #CAHPO16?
15 June, 2016 by @WeAHPs
@WeAHPs are busy preparing for next week which will see fellow tweeters meet on the evening of Wednesday 22 June, in readiness for the Chief Allied Health Professions Officers Conference the following day, Thursday 23 June. The Chief Allied Health Professions Conference builds on the 2015 theme of ‘AHPs as Innovators and Entrepreneurs’ to move to ‘ ...
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Twitterversity in a Poster !!!
12 June, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
A few people have asked recently if we could put together some info to help get colleagues tweeting ... well alothough we have had that info for a long time in the form of the Twitterversity we totally understand that sometimes people just need something they can print out, pin up, give out or even email around, so we have put the Twitterversity St ...
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WeAHPs and the politics of health
12 June, 2016 by @NaomiMcVey
There's no getting away from the fact that health and healthcare in the UK is political. The recent Junior Doctors’ strike, NHS bursaries, DH nursing, midwifery and allied health professions policy unit and the EU referendum demonstrate this. Increasingly social media can influence much of the debate, independent of mainstream press. We live in a d ...
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Letting go
06 June, 2016 by @johnwalsh88
By Karen Storey & John Walsh     “So while I still hate to readjust my thinking, still hate to give up old ways of perceiving and conceptualizing, yet at some deeper level I have, to a considerable degree, come to realize that these painful reorganizations are what is known as learning,”  - Carl Rogers.   Lauren can't sleep. Lauren keeps think ...
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WeNurses Student Blog - June
01 June, 2016 by @HannahS_RN
WeNurses Student Blog - June 2016 by Hannah Smith & Julie Woolman Topic - Thoughts on your first crash call Welcome to the third of our monthly @WeNurses Student Nurse Blogs! Well done to everyone who wrote a blog last month your certificates will be on there way to you shortly.   If you want to post a blog this month the subject is "Your thoughts ...
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#MyWe a 3 of 3 How to get Best Value blog series - CPD
25 May, 2016 by @NRCUK
Completing the "How to get Best Value blog series" for #MyWe we finish on using it for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You can see the complete series here covering badges and follows too. With a wide range of health focused roles represented across all the WeCommunities how we evidence our professional development varies, but continue t ...
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Happy Birthday #WeGPNs
23 May, 2016 by @louisebrady17
As a practice nurse   building trusting & therapeutic relationships with people in our local community is the cornerstone of our care. Finding out what people ‘know, feel & believe’ helps us to develop supportive, connective relationships. All of our staff in primary care work extremely hard to support our NHS each & every day!  The general practic ...
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#MyWe a 2 of 3 How to get Best Value blog series - Follows
23 May, 2016 by @NRCUK
"Here are some people we think you might like to follow..." says TwitterThat's great thanks Twitter, but if I want to use Twitter to connect professionally I may need a slightly more intelligent list of people to follow! (Don't tell anyone but I don't even know who Michelle Keegan is.)In this 2nd MyWe How To Blog (see the 1st one here on badges) we ...
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Allied Health Professionals & Public Health: 2016 Survey
07 May, 2016 by @annalowephysio
AHPs have such a huge role to play in preventative care. To further our understanding of this on Thursday 5 May a national public health survey was launched for AHPs and their teams.  The aim of the survey is to improve our understanding of; the preventative healthcare work that AHPs are incorporating into their roleshow AHPs feel about their evolv ...
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07 May, 2016 by @annalowephysio
AHPs4PH is a new Facebook group for allied health professionals with an interest in public health.  The site is being facilitated by a multi-professional team of AHPs to support the implementation of the AHP public health strategy produced by PHE and the 12 professional bodies.The key aim is to create a community of interest around public health by ...
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#MyWe a 1 of 3 How to get Best Value blog series - Badges
06 May, 2016 by @NRCUK
This series of 3 blogs is designed to help you get the best from the marvelous #MyWe tool embedded into your WeCommunities tweets.#MyWe has been purposefully designed to add value to being part of a tweeting WeCommunity, you can read more about how we made #MyWe happen here with continued thanks go to @danielsHCltd for funding the solution.Things y ...
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WeNurses Student Blog - May
04 May, 2016 by @PUNC14Julie
WeNurses Student Blog - April 2016 by Hannah Smith & Julie Woolman Topic - Coping with death & dying as a student nurse Welcome to the third of our monthly @WeNurses Student Nurse Blogs! Well done to everyone who wrote a blog last month your certificates will be on there way to you shortly.   If you want to post a blog this month the subject is "Co ...
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#WeActiveChallenge - There’s a chirp medal at stake!
02 May, 2016 by @jkfillingham
You are invited to the #WeActiveChallenge in August Last summer @WeAHPs challenged their professions to be role models and do a little more than they did before to promote healthy lifestyles.The #AHPsactive campaign commenced at the end of July 2015. Those taking part were asked to post a picture of themselves ‘getting active’ using the campaigns h ...
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Some Tweetchat Do's & Don'ts
22 April, 2016 by @wenurse
Some tweeters have been tweetchatting for ages now (a few years maybe) and many more are new to tweetchatting every day.Here in the WeCommunities we've run quite a few tweetchats, would you believe over 650 of them so far and you can find them all here too.These Do's & Don'ts are not rules, they aren't exhaustive and we hope they help those new to ...
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#AHPs co creating a mandate for change in England
18 April, 2016 by @jkfillingham
Last week we posted this blog which reported on plans for an online workshop to co-create a mandate for change for AHPs in England.This morning Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer launched the online workshop, take a look at her blog here.https://ahp.clevertogether.comSince launching at 8am this morning the site is already a h ...
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It Could Be YOU.... come join us
14 April, 2016 by @WeLDnurses
We are looking for a new student placement to join the @WeLDnurses team!We wanted to start being sharing @ross_6479's experiencewho has been amazing to work alongside as the recent @WeLDnurses student; we are super delighted too that he is remaining with us! We hope Ross's journey and feedback encourages you to apply, for which details are at the e ...
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#IND16 - a secret mission
11 April, 2016 by @WeNurses
May 12th is International Nurses Day (IND) and is a global day marking the birthday of Florence Nightingale, a lady who needs no introduction to nurses, the day is given its focus by The International Council of Nurses.This year’s focus is “A FORCE FOR CHANGE: IMPROVING HEALTH SYSTEMS' RESILIENCE” full details and downloads here.How can we, as a tw ...
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BREAKING NEWS for #AHPs in England
11 April, 2016 by @jkfillingham
Is there collective action that AHPs could take to support the delivery of what will be required in the future care landscape of England?Today, Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England announced plans for an online workshop to co-create a mandate for change. Take a look at her blog here.On 18 April, all AHPs in England ...
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#EHWK16 tweetmeet Olympia 20th April
07 April, 2016 by @WeNurses
There is much talk of technology in care these days; many of us see the gaps in the technology we use in our private lives and that that we as clinicians have access to. There are more than hundreds of companies out there trying to drive healthcare technology forward from diagnostics, clinical systems, smart rotas, mobile and shared information acc ...
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WeNurses Student Blog April 2016
06 April, 2016 by @PUNC14Julie
WeNurses Student Blog - April 2016 by Hannah Smith & Julie WoolmanTopic - Why did you choose nursing as a career? Welcome to the second of our monthly @WeNurses Student Nurse Blogs! Well done to everyone who wrote a blog last month your certificates will be on there way to you shortly.  If you want to read all of March's blog posts on Your first da ...
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Members of the NHS Healthy Workplace team #GetActive
06 April, 2016 by @jkfillingham
Last summer @WeAHPs challenged their professions to be role models and do a little more than they did before to promote healthy lifestyles. Plans are underway for the 2016 challenge. This year we will invite all WeCommunities to #GetActive in August. And, we’ve also got a surprise opportunity to earn bling! So watch this space for further details l ...
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05 April, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Last year for International Nurses Day we asked people to tweet about their nursing day via #MyNursingDay – some wonderful tweets were shared from all over the world creating a snapshot of nursing on #IND15 (International Nurses Day 2015) .  The tweets were captured HERE  and in total 366 nurses shared 844 photos that reached 2532411 twitter users ...
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Community Children’s Nurses unite!
04 April, 2016 by @hepworth_becky
When I first discovered twitter as a professional space to share information, network and connect with others, rather than following Gary Barlow, I started searching for other Children’s Community Nurses (CCNs).  We are a rather rare breed and usually work in small teams that are sometimes isolated from other CCN teams.  This was definitely the cas ...
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#WeAHPs tweetmeet!
28 March, 2016 by @WeAHPs
#WeAHPs Tweet MeetTweeters and non-tweeters welcome!The Dead Dolls House - 181 Upper Street, London, N1 June 2016from 6.30pm onwardsYou all know that we love networking virtually, but we also love an opportunity to meet face to face, important to shape successful communities; building relationships, sharing ideas, to ...
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WeNurses Student Blog
02 March, 2016 by @HannahS_RN
WeNurses Student Blog - By Hannah Smith & Julie Woolman WeNurses are launching a new monthly blog for all of our lovely student nurse followers, and we want you to be part of it! One of our aims this year is to increase student participation and engagement within the @WeNurses community and after some brainstorming we have decided to launch @WeNurs ...
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WeNurses Student Blog - March 2016
02 March, 2016 by @HannahS_RN
WeNurses Student Blog - March 2016 by Hannah SmithTopic - Your First Day Of PlacementWelcome to the first of our monthly @WeNurses Student Nurse Blogs! To start us off with something that we are sure everyone can relate to,we would like you to write about........Your First Day Of PlacementRefer to the infographic for instructions below or click HER ...
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Reflecting on #WGT16 plus some shareable
01 March, 2016 by @wenurse
We wanted to quite quickly give you all a few things back from #WGT16, primarily these are in support of spreading the value that you have all created, moving social media into the mainstream world of connecting, supporting and sharing best practice in healthcare, these being the overwhelming next steps from the day. These “things” were created by ...
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28 February, 2016 by @Anniecoops
I will be getting into my car later today and driving to Salford to join friends and colleagues – and I hope some new people – at We Get Together; it really feels celebratory.It got me thinking about‘journeys’ and why this one was important.I joined Twitter in February 2009, a whole 7 years ago.  It took me a while to get going but there are two nu ...
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#WeMDT - what's that all about?
24 February, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
For seasoned WeTweeters you’ll be aware that the world of We is purposefully designed around your roles, you can find them all here, helping you connect and learn together with relevant peers to the care and practice you deliver, chatting via their dedicated We hashtag.This has created vibrant and valued communities, all run by volunteers, across w ...
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21 February, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
This blog is a Live Blog documenting #WGT16.  The aim is that the many people travelling to Salford University on the 29th February 2016 and those who are also participating in the event via social media channels will write a commentary of the event.  Starting from the week before #WGT16 - On Monday 22nd Feb we would love people to record their pre ...
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Why We like #NHScollabor8
19 February, 2016 by @WeNurses
Today see's the launch of NHS Future Focused Finance @nhsFFF "Crossing professional boundaries - a toolkit for collaborative teamwork" you can learn more here.So why are We blogging about it?Well, pretty much every time we ask you what you get from tweeting the same few things crop up:Support from peersAccess to knowledgeAbility to learn across dis ...
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The Faraway Tree
12 February, 2016 by @VanessaRNMH
THE FARAWAY TREE - By Vanessa Garrity (@VanessaLGarrity) and John Walsh (@JohnWalsh88) “I don't believe in things like that - fairies or brownies or magic or anything. It's old-fashioned.''Well, we must be jolly old-fashioned then,' said Bessie. 'Because we not only believe in the Faraway Tree and love our friends there, but we go to see them too - ...
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02 February, 2016 by @NRCUK
The what, when, how, why and is it important guide to "trending on Twitter"Your first encounter with trending  is or was probably somebody talking about something"trending" on Twitter.  This may have intrigued you to understand more about tweeting, or it may have confirmed that you totally don't "get" twitter as is just sounds more complicated than ...
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Getting to #WGT16
01 February, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Can you believe that its only 4 weeks until #WGT16 ? It's fast approaching and whilst our thoughts are turning to all those little things that will make the day go smoothly we know that your thoughts are turning to travel plans.  So we thought that we would just make sure that you all know where you are going and how to get there:#WGT16 is being he ...
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WeCYPnurses present the WeGetTogether Bake Off #WGTBO
25 January, 2016 by @WeCYPnurses
Cake featured very highly in the early discussions about WeGetTogether and is obviously very important to many of you (including the @WeCYPnurses team).In case you've missed it here's info on WeGetTogether aka #WGT16 29th Feb 2016Are you a master baker? Do you make a mean lemon drizzle? Or are you a kitchen disaster area?      It doesn’t matter – h ...
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A HUGE hello to @WePharmerOZ
17 January, 2016 by @WePharmerOZ
The objective of @WePharmerOz - The Australian Pharmacist WeCommunity - is to get Aussie pharmacists talking with each other about topics that are relevant to us, at a time that is convenient to us, on a platform that is quick, concise, and flexible. Chat Sessions will run once a month based on popular topics, and will then occur more often based o ...
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Agenda for #WGT16
12 January, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Drumroll please ........... Here is the agenda for WeGetTogether #WGT16  (With a who's who below too!)WeGetTogether will be held at Salford University's Maxwell Hall on 29th February 2016 - if you haven't yet booked your ticket then please follow this link to our Eventbrite booking page HEREMore details surrounding the networking and marketplace ti ...
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A student nurse perspective to @WeNurses
05 January, 2016 by @AgencyNurse
Before Christmas we put out a call for some Student Nurse help with WeNurses.  We wanted to be able to bring the student perspective to the account and to also give student nurses the opportunity to Tweet and network via WeNurses.After a bit of a selection process we are really excited to announce that we have two Student Nurses who will be helping ...
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Congratulations to Honoured Nurses
31 December, 2015 by @WeNurses
A huge well done for your hard work and recognition nurses in the New Year's Honours list 2016Below you'll see those honured for services to nursing: The full honours list is available here. ...
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31 December, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Over the Christmas break I took some time out to just sit and read - I didn't read anything groundbreaking, or work related, or anything that would change my life ... I just read for the sheer pleasure of it.  As I unwound I was reminded of a picture that is frequently shared via Twitter and thought it was a good idea to give it another share: Have ...
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#WeFinance: Power in Numbers
15 December, 2015 by @WeFinance_
On a grey day in November a group of not so grey accountants drank a lot of coffee and determined to encourage their colleagues to collaborate, add value and to share best practice by joining the multitude of different nursing and clinical WeCommunities and so @WeFinance_ was born. Have you ever wished there was somewhere to share your views, chew ...
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#AHPsActive gets #WinterActive
11 December, 2015 by @WeAHPs
It’s winter here in the UK. The days are shorter, darker,wetter and colder. There’s been a lot of rain too.  With most weekday daylight hours spent workingindoors it’s harder to take part in physical activity, but daylight andexercise are important for our physical and mental health during the winter.Here at #WeAHPs we’ve been reflecting on our own ...
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09 December, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Support for NHS tops 200K in the battle for Christmas No.1You may have seen the tweets around the hashtag #NHS4XmasNo1 cropping up more and more in your twitter stream of late - if you have wondered what it is all about the please read on: #NHS4XmasNo1 is "A charity single by NHS staff including doctors, nurses and physios is going head to head wit ...
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#WGT16 tickets
30 November, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
We wanted to share with you some fantastic news:****** Tickets for WeGetTogether #WGT16 are now available******Following some amazing crowdfunding and event sponsorship the costs of putting on #WGT16 have been covered, you said you would fund #WGT16  you did! Many, many thanks again to those crowdfunding and sponsoring the event in the many ways yo ...
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Do you want to be a @WeNurses student volunteer?
27 November, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Would you like to be @WeNurses Student Volunteer?We are really pleased to announce an amazing opportunity for a First or Second Year Student Nurse to be part of the WeNurses Team.  We are looking for a passionate, social media savvy, innovative student nurse to help out during 2016 and be instrumental in driving nursing and social media forward. We ...
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STOP !!! - Its a #StopThePressure Twitter Takeover
18 November, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
November 19th is world #StopThePressure day and to raise awareness we will be holding a #WeNurses Twitter discussion around pressure ulcer prevention.  However, in a slightly different twist to our usual format where we have a guest in the room  Louise McKeeney (Lead responsibility for the TissueViability Service including the wound clinics in Cove ...
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12 November, 2015 by @WeNurses
YOU DID IT!And it was amazing… do you remember the start of the #WeGetTogther journey? For us it started quite some time ago but it became a real possibility back in August when We finally caved in to the groundswell of requests to take theWeCommunities beyond twitter and meet up!Putting the ball firmly in your court We then looked to you to tell u ...
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08 November, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
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We Take Social Media to @EHIlive
29 October, 2015 by @EHILive
Come and join lots of WeVolunteer tweeters and these great speakers at EHI Live on November 3rd and 4th at the NEC. We were very pleased to be invited back by EHILive to deliver the Social Media Village at the UK’s largest digital health show where the eHealth community meets.Not only have we got expert and passionate advice on hand in the Social M ...
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BOGOF on @WeNurses pins till christmas
24 October, 2015 by @WeNurses
The #LittleChirp @WeNurses pin badges are a great way to get people talking about twitter, people often notice them an ask what they are, especially those not on twitter (yet). They are also a great way to recognise tweeters in the real world of caring too.So we thought we would find away to help more @WeNurses pins make it out there and help start ...
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21 October, 2015 by @WeGizmos
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15 October, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
CROWDFUNDING GOES LIVEWay back in September when we held our WeGetTogether planning chat funding was a big topic!A few of you suggested that we set up a crowdfunding page and we thought that this was a really good idea as it enables us to stay very close to our community values and social media roots .... so here it is:We have an aim of £6,000 fund ...
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@WeAHPS Benefits of social media survey - results
08 October, 2015 by @ShelaghAHP
The benefits of social media, #SoMe for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs); @WeAHPs Survey Monkey results.BackgroundOnTwitter #WeCommunities are run by healthcare professionals who believe passionately that through connecting people and sharing information, ideas and expertise, best practice can be shared with the aim of providing better patient ca ...
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Share the value of Social Media at #EHIlive
29 September, 2015 by @WeNurses
The time has come to offer you a wonderful invitation to raise awareness of the value we all get from being a tweeting healthcare professional.In 2014 volunteers from the WeCommunities attended @EHIlive at the NEC and we are delighted to have been invited back!We need your help if you are:A tweeter that is passionate about sharing the value you get ...
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Run @TheBestJoan....Run AND tweet too!
27 September, 2015 by @WeNurses
Today we saw somebody wonderful combine all their passion,energy and time to be amazing.Yes @TheBestJoan that person is you!Joan works so hard to raise awareness of the nursing role, support and create positive campaigns, puts on events and now he’s even a marathon runner too!On September 27th Joan successfully trained for and ran a fund raising ma ...
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Thank you for 1,000s of hours of WeCommitment
22 September, 2015 by @WeCommunities
The WeCommunities are humming along nicely, your support for creating and sharing the tweetchats, introducing new members and sharing your day-to-day lives with us and your tweeting peers is fab. Most of you know that the WeCommunties twitter accounts are run by a whole host of people ranging from service users, students, new qualified and very qua ...
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Introducing End Of Life Care discussions via @WeEOLC
21 September, 2015 by @WeEOLC
Traditionally the WeCommunities have a single role as their community focal point, this works well on the main and often value is found when the communities come together to chat about topics together, this has delivered significant multidisciplinary value.When a passionate team came to WeHQ with a desire to build a community based on supporting en ...
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#InCharge at NPNR
14 September, 2015 by @MissCherBear
All aboard for Manchester and the NPNR!The 21st International Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research conference, organised by the RCN, is a two day conference held at the Manchester Conference Centre running over Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September 2015. We are a mixed group of newly qualified Mental Health Nurses and Senior Mental Health Lec ...
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Teaching Nurses to Tweet on Tuesday (#TANTTT) at #IP2015
13 September, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
From the 28th –30th September the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) is holding its Annual Conference in Liverpool  and we have been really lucky to be invited to “Hang Out” at the Daniels Health Care (@DanielsHCareLtd ) stand for the three days.  We would really love to make a huge impact whilst we are there and to share the value of tweeting, to ...
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Introducing MyWe
12 September, 2015 by @NRCUK
Connecting, driving and supporting tweeting communities has been our strap line since day 1 and remains our core focus.Whilst a whole team of volunteers do a great job supporting daily engagement with you all, as well as run around 500 tweetchats a year, we felt there was more that could be done to deliver our strap line!With a little help from Dan ...
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How We Made MyWe happen
12 September, 2015 by @WeNurses
There comes a point when you just need help!As many of you already know the WeCommunities are run by a team of volunteers to bring you tweetchats and tweet alongside you. The communities are glued together by the founder Teresa Chinn MBE, with Nick Chinn looking after the technology we all use.When you've pushed all your tech to the limits, but s ...
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Calling MH Students - is this you?
03 September, 2015 by @WeMHNurses
Attention all Mental Health Nursing StudentsIs this you??We have a unique and exciting voluntary opportunity for a dynamic and Social Media savvy Mental Health Nursing Student to join our team,working as part of @WeMHNurses and the wider @WeCommunities family.What is @WeMHNurses?@WeMHNurses is an established Twitter Community for Mental Health Nurs ...
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And the winner is ...... #WeActiveChallenge
01 September, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Wow what a wonderful last two weeks of Summer we have had tweeting and sharing all of your #AHPsActive and #NursesActive tweets and pictures.  The snapshots of you getting out and getting active have been amazing and really very diverse indeed .. we have seen photos of you camel riding, snorkelling, cycling, walking, running, climbing mountains, an ...
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Save the date? - #WeGetTogether
13 August, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
By Vanessa Garrity and Teresa ChinnSomething that has been suggested time and time again is that “We” hold a conference and“We” have to admit to burying our heads in the sand a little… ‘We’ have always agreed that it would be a great idea to get lots of Twitter people together offline, but we just couldn’t see how we could find the resources to pul ...
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Handing the #WeNurses keys over
11 August, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
About 2 weeks ago we sent out a blogshot asking the nurse community who would like to be #InCharge of @WeNurses for a day .... we only tweeted it twice and got a phenomenal response, so much so that we had to add in an extra day !!! Sooooo on Sunday 23rd August we will be handing over the @WeNurses keys and 5 lovely tweeting nurses will be #InCharg ...
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#WeActiveChallenge - #AHPsActive Vs #NursesActive
07 August, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
#AHPsActive has been amazingly successful so far this summer however we want to get a few more people out and about and moving …… so we have come up with a little competition:Get your trainers on:For the last two weeks of August  (17th – 30th) we want all you nurses and AHPs to dust off their trainers, get moving and tweet lots of pictures to share ...
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Do you want to be #InCharge?
05 August, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Hello there lovely Tweeting Nurses ! It’s been a while since we last handed the @WeNurses Twitter handle over to anyone for a few days but it always goes so well, it really is wonderful to get different voices to tweet from the account and many of you have fed back about how much you enjoyed the hustle and bustle of having over 36 thousand follower ...
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A Gold Thank You
04 August, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
We have always counted ourselves very lucky that so many members of the nursing community are so actively involved in #WeNurses and have often felt that it was important to thank you all in some way but were at a loss as to how ? Then one miserable, rainy afternoon a few months back we were watching Blue Peter and the "Gold Blue Peter Badge" made a ...
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#AHPsActive - An NHS workforce "fit" for purpose
31 July, 2015 by @exerciseworks
By Ann Gates, MRPharmS,CEO Exercise Works! Member of the World Heart Federation Emerging Leaders Programme 2014/15.The role of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) has never been more critical 1.The health burden of illness, pain, health inequalities, disability and death from Great ...
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Can you help @WeLDnurses?
06 July, 2015 by @WeLDnurses
We are very excited to have been asked to support RCNi’s first annual Learning Disability Practice conference, which will be held in Manchester on September 30th 2015. Being able to share conference content via twitter with those that can’t attend is a really great way to make sure conferences have as much value as possible to as many possible.RCN ...
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We have arrived ....
06 July, 2015 by @elainemcinnes1
Hello I am Elaine McInnes, one of the new #WeHVs twitter team. Health visiting has gone through an unprecedented growth over the past 4 years through ‘Call to Action’. The service is ‘transformed’ and ready to lead the under 5s years to a better future through improved preventative and universal public health. The army of highly skilled and motiva ...
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SCPHN SN's are you out there?
06 July, 2015 by @WeSchoolNurses
Thanks for taking the time to find out more about this voluntary opportunity for a Student School Nurse to work as part of @WeSchoolNurses and the wider @We Communities family.@WeSchoolNurses was established in 2014 to support the national DH School Nursing strategy.Over the intervening year, we have led and facilitated two weekly chats, enabling S ...
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My “Felines” about Critical Appraisal - #WeCATS
29 June, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
The much awaited Critical Appraisal Twitter Session #WeCATS took place last week and I have to admit I am “feline” good about it (see what I did there!) It was great to see so many people come together from sure diverse background to share some learning in this very open space… however there are some personal learning points that, as a novice criti ...
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18 June, 2015 by @ClaireW_UK
I am Claire Gibbs, one half of the originators of the #WhyWeDoResearch campaign. This time last year I was not in the twittersphere and not particularly interesting in joining. However in the spirit of being a Senior Clinical Research Nurse, and therefore living and breathing research development (R&D) and innovation every day, I felt I should give ...
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Be a tweeting nurse ambassador at #RCN15
16 June, 2015 by @WeNurses
Are you heading to #RCN15?Are you a passionate tweeting nurse advocate?Would you like to share how and why you tweet? Yes... keep reading! @WeNurses has teamed up the @theRCN to hand out 100 free ( YES - 100 FREE) tweeting nurse t-shirts at #RCN15!If you would be happy to share "Why and How" to tweet, as a nurse, then here's a great opportunity to ...
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Tweeting from events like #RCN15
15 June, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
#RCN15With many health care professionals using twitter to connect, learn and share We thought it about time we created a guide to tweeting from events, with #RCN15 coming up and lots of nurses attending this seemed like a great time to do it! We've broken the main aspects of event tweeting to 5 essential building blocks, in a nice a simple way, to ...
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A little peek through the Periscope
09 June, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
You may or may not have noticed the emergence of “Periscope” the new live streaming app to hit our mobile phones. Periscope allows you to broadcast – and watch – live events from your mobile phone, from a walk in the park to a live speech made by Jeremy Hunt at #Confed2015. It’s a really simple form of social media and requires no techy knowledge ...
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#CAHPO15 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship
08 June, 2015 by @WeAHPs
On the 28th May 2015, Make Business your Business, hosted by @VickiGilman and @ChrisMarty was a fantastic tweetchat for #WeAHPs on entrepreneurship within healthcare. To many people on the frontline, business can seem like a bit of a dirty word. To many, business means focus on costs, not care. That means poor quality of care and becoming financial ...
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Critical Appraisal CATS ?? - #WeCATS
01 June, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Once upon a time … not so very long ago at all … well in fact earlier this year … WeCommunities travelled to Oxford to meet with The Mental Elf, Cochrane UK and CASP UK to talk about evidence and social media. Since then we have been busily plotting and planning about how we can support the development of critical appraisal skills within the social ...
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An ordinary day - #MyNursingDay
10 May, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
With International Nurses Day just days away and the big WeNurses and 6Cs Live #MyNursingDay share getting closer I was starting feeling a little down as many tweets being shared are of the exciting things nurses are planning for the day, and for me International Nurses day this year will be just an ordinary day spent in my office, planning some W ...
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Tweeting about Dying Matters
05 May, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Talk, Plan, Live –Tweeting during Dying Matters Awareness WeekThe 18th - 24th May 2015 sees the sixth annual Dying Matters Awareness Week – this year “We” have decided to get involved and run a whole week of events focussed on end of life care. The theme for this years Dying Matters Awareness week is “Talk, Plan, Live” so we have come up with thre ...
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Social media and #AHPs
28 April, 2015 by @ShelaghAHP
A couple of weeks ago, @WeAHPs asked me to write a short article on ‘what the benefits are for AHPs of using social media?’.First things first. Let's deal with the elephant in the room:What is an “AHP?”Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) provide diagnosis, treatment and help rehabilitate adults and children who are ill, have disabilities or special ...
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Using nursing tweetchats for CPD - again !
27 April, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Waaaayyyy back in 2012 we wrote a little blog about How to get the best out of Twitter chats for CPD and since then we have been doing a whole heap of tweet chatting !!! However things have moved forward slightly and in the light of revalidation for nurses coming into force we thought it was about time we revisited our thoughts on Twitter chats and ...
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Sharing a passion for Practice Nursing - @WeGPNs
27 April, 2015 by @WeGPNs
Introducing the wonderful @WeGPNs - a We Community entirely dedicated to General Practice Nurses:"@WeGPNs is a group of General Practice Nurses who met through Twitter. The group initially comprises of practice nurses, a nurse practitioner and a student who all share a passion for the role of the practice nurse and the contribution they make to the ...
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It's great to tweet you
22 April, 2015 by @ross_6479_RNLD
#PC15 I can't believe I'm tweeting... I have been converted. Thank you whirlwind cafe for setting me up @WeLDnurses @salsa442 @dmarsden49— Lynsey Davies (@lynseyd21) April 17, 2015 As I read through the many reflective tweets and fondly reminisce over the great few days I have experienced at positive choices 2015, I gladly take the opportunity to ...
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20 April, 2015 by @WeNurses
As International Nurses Day fast approaches our thoughts turn to the wonderful work of nurses all over the world – however we know that no matter what day it is, whether its International Nurses Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday or even just plain old Monday nurses are always working hard to provide compassionate care. So for the week around Inter ...
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New kids on the block
16 April, 2015 by @WeMedSts
Hello WeCommunities! Introducing a new school for thought run by medical students, we’ll be discussing fresh topics that healthcare students today may feel passionately about, especially in shaping learning across different specialties and teams!Medicine today has embraced the popularity of sharing of resources on an instantaneous level; the FOAMed ...
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Advancing Healthcare Awards
12 April, 2015 by @WeAHPs
AHPs, almost hidden professionals (@Prof_IeuanEllis )?… not at the Advancing Healthcare Awards!@WeAHPs can’t resist a celebration, so when we received an invite to the Advancing Healthcare Awards we were delighted. The awards are UK Awards for allied health professionals (AHPs), healthcare scientists and those who work alongside them. They are org ...
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Nursing is ....
09 April, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
Sometimes we all need a little inspiration so we thought that we would take the time to collate and word cloud all of your "Nursing is...?" tweets .... they made us very proud to be part of this wonderful profession .... happy reading :D (expand on pinterest here)  ...
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@WeAHPs at the Westminster Health Forum with @WHFEvents
08 March, 2015 by @WeAHPs
@WeAHPs at the Westminster Health ForumHot on the heels of the recent Guardian Healthcare article on allied health professions we are delighted that @WeAHPs have been offered the opportunity to tweet from the Westminster Health Forum on the morning of Tuesday 17th March: ‘Realising the potential of Allied Health Professionals: policy priorities, in ...
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Become a @WeMidwives student volunteer ...
08 March, 2015 by @sagefemme
@WeMidwives as a temporary vacancy for an enthusiastic student midwife to join the team of Sheena, Jen and Dawn. We want to offer this as a development opportunity for someone who recognises the importance of evidence based, reflective practice and how that can be achieved through 21st century networking using social media. It’s an internship which ...
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CYP We has arrived
17 February, 2015 by @WeCYPnurses
WeNurses is an extremely popular well used twitter forum used widely by a variety of professionals working with children and young people as well as their parents and carers.The We community has been expanding recently with a notable absence of @weCYPnurses until now ... we welcome participants from all health & social care professionals and carers ...
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2 days to talk tech!
11 February, 2015 by @HIMSS_UK
Technology in healthcare has never been higher on the agenda and is seen as being vital to support the growing and complex patient demand in emergency, acute and community care… but are nurses involved in technology design, innovation or even purchasing? The 3rd and 4th of March sees a two day event focused on technology in healthcare based in Lon ...
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New Beginnings
10 February, 2015 by @WeAHPs
We’ve been absolutely thrilled at the enthusiasm and messages of support we have received since starting @WeAHPs last weekend. In this launch blog we’re hoping to set out our vision for the community - the why, what, when and how of #WeAHPs, as well as how you can get involved and help shape the community over the next few months and beyond. Why #W ...
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WANTED: Wonderful Student Nurse Tweeters
05 February, 2015 by @AgencyNurse
We never like to stand still here at “We” and it seems that we are always experimenting and trying out new things – some of which work and some of which don’t – however the point is we keep moving and hopefully in a general forward direction !! A few weeks back we held a little experiment with the help at Salford University’s Lucy Gardner (@lugardC ...
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The @WeLDnurses need you - vacancy open!
11 January, 2015 by @WeLDnurses
Hot off the press!  @WeLDNurses has a temporary vacancy for a Student Learning Disability Nurse to join the team of Sal, Sam and Daniel. We want to offer this as a development opportunity for someone who recognises the importance of evidence based, reflective practice and how that can be achieved through 21st century networking using social media.  ...
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10 December, 2014 by @AgencyNurse
So Christmas is over, the New Year is yet to start and it’s that funny in-between time .. so we thought that we would get you all excited with a wonderful after Christmas / pre New Year giveaway .The fab folk at Healthcare Conferences UK are hosting a Twitter conference in the New Year:A Practical Guide to developing your skills in Social MediaTWIT ...
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Making a difference is 6Csy
03 December, 2014 by @RoaringNurse
My name is Joan Pons Laplana. I am the East Midlands Care Maker and NHS Change Day Coordinator and also a very proud Nurse.As a Frontline staff my colleagues an I sometimes we feel a bit disconnected and disengaged in what is happening in the NHS. Very often we miss the bigger picture. For the past two years I have been working very hard trying to ...
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Merry Christmas Nurses
01 December, 2014 by @AgencyNurse
We all know that nursing never stops, hospitals, care homes and community work does not stop just because its Christmas, nurse care 365 days a year.  So to show our appreciation for nurses working all over the Christmas period we are running a Christmas Day Thunderclap.  On Christmas day at 7.30am we are hoping to create some nursing festive thunde ...
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01 December, 2014 by @AgencyNurse
As we hurtle towards Christmas we felt that it was about time we had another Twitter Takeover .... only this time we are putting the Student Nurses in charge of @WeNurses! For five days over December we have five Student Nurses taking over the @WeNurses account, each bringing their own unique perspective and experiences to the account.  Here is a l ...
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Sharing your tweeting 2014
28 November, 2014 by @WeNurses
Last year #littlechirp took us through his 12 days of Christmas; you can see them all here on the “many guises of #LittleChirp” Pinterest board.This year the WeCommunities have been quite unbelievably busy, working to create and share value with so many health organisations and most importantly being here in this open space with all of you. We’ve ...
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Happy 2nd Birthday @WeLDNurses
03 November, 2014 by @dmarsden49
Last month @weldnurses celebrated its second birthday with a planning meeting. Hard to believe that two years down the line and this is only the third time that- Sam, Michelle, Sally and myself met together, I think it is fair to say we are virtual team! Those two years have gone swiftly and with your help we have achieved or are achieving the thre ...
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Where are all the tweeting doctors?
31 October, 2014 by @JulzRasmussen
I’ve been asking myself this question for some time ‘’Where are all the tweeting doctors?’’.I joined Twitter in August 2013. I wasn't keen at first. To be honest, the purpose of Twitter wasn’t clear to me. I just didn’t get it. I thought twittering was all about sharing useless stuff and I felt uncomfortable with the idea of ‘Followers’ and ‘Fol ...
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One nurse tweeting about ebola
30 October, 2014 by @kayfrazer
Kay Frazer is a palliative care nurse who is trying to make a difference by raising awareness via social media of the Ebola Crisis and the need for compassionate care in West Africa. Read her emotive open letter below:Dear fellow nurses ( @wenurses ) I'm Kay, and I have been a Palliative Care nurse since 2001. There are many reasons why I love thi ...
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#WeMHNs Virtual Book Club
27 October, 2014 by @VanessaRNMH
We are excited to announce the arrival of our three monthly book club. We hope that this will be a social opportunity for us to meet and have a chat about a book chosen by ourselves and our community members. We particularly want to focus on novels with a mental health theme, but will also consider lighter Mental Health Text books that are topical ...
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Patient privacy & safeguarding for the digital generation
14 October, 2014 by @jimmyendicott
In this smartphone age, healthcare providers are encouraged to be digital by default. Whilst service users administrate their lives on mobile devices, we aspire to offer them more choice around how they communicate with us. You’ve probably noticed how access to our services is increasingly provided via websites, email, social media, mobile apps a ...
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You may have noticed a few changes
25 September, 2014 by @AgencyNurse
Those of you who are alert and orientated will have noticed that there have been a few changes to our website. We have been very busy here at We HQ over the past few months and hope that this little bit of added functionality will meet with your approval.   So what’s new? Well ……           There’s a new and improved Twitterversity  You are now abl ...
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#EBP – Sharing Evidence Based Practice
24 July, 2014 by @AgencyNurse
We all know the importance of ensuring that our practice is evidence based and right from the very start social media has been used to disseminate evidence, knowledge and, in short, some very useful healthcare related stuff! Twitter discussions are becoming a brilliant way to share all this very useful stuff in a short space of time … but there is ...
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Jump? A refelction on the 2nd birthday of @WeNurses
03 July, 2014 by @AgencyNurse
Have you ever stood on the edge of a cliff just wondering if you really can fly? Of course I don't mean literally as that would be … well suicide … I mean metaphorically, have you ever taken that moment to ask yourself “can I really do this?” Well this was me two years ago, standing on the edge wondering if I should jump. On one side of me I had fr ...
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What "cool" Social Media should you use to connect to young
17 June, 2014 by @jimmyendicott
At a recent quick conversation with some secondary school students I asked, “What social media apps and sites are currently cool?” I realise, of course, by saying “cool” I looked decidedly old, but it seemed a cooler alternative to “trendy”.   Their responses taught me a valuable lesson - being down with the kids requires ...
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Welcoming @WeSchoolNurses
26 May, 2014 by @WeSchoolNurses
Social media and tweeting is becoming increasing popular with health care professionals and is providing a much needed platform for nurses to network, share and support each other. Interestingly social media has been embraced by school nurses – the number of school nurses tweeting has steadily grown and indeed continues to increase. This could be d ...
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International Nurses and Midwives day 2014
27 April, 2014 by @WeNurses
Last year on International Nurses Day #WeNurses held a Twitter discussion that asked “What is your Nursing History?” We asked Nurses to share their nursing past and what makes them proud to be a nurse – and we were inundated with pictures, tweets and blogs … we even made this video (which we have been showing to nurses at conferences over the cours ...
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A blog to launch 1000 tweeting nurses (or more)
14 April, 2014 by @Gray3Gray
So around two years ago whilst watching Sky news, Eamonn Holmes says, “Tweet us and let us know your thoughts”. What is this twitter and tweeting lark, I thought? So later that day I signed up, followed a few famous people (Richard Branson seems popular), read some profiles and sat and waited….nothing.   Then one day one of my managers ...
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Growing The #WeMHNurses Team
11 April, 2014 by @WeMHNurses
Says Alison: Every now and again in the sociable online health community, something different and new reveals itself to me in a moment of insight, clarity and understanding. These moments always happen in the context of a conversation that I've had with someone – and there it is - the noise of a penny dropping in my brain. One of my ...
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@NHSchangeday drives Social Media access at @GEHNHSnews
06 April, 2014 by @WeNurses
The #WeNurses community is by default no stranger to the value of social media; we are also no stranger to the value that patients get from this space too. It was infact over a year ago we had a then record breaking #WeNurses discussion that evidenced this. But social media is ingrained in every aspect of so many of our lives now, for many it is ...
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Your 40,000th tweet
05 February, 2014 by @WeNurses
When we first set out to develop WeNurses we just took it one Tweet at a time … quite literally .. one Tweet, one person, one opportunity to make a difference and indeed we can often be heard to say that if you make a difference to one person you have made a difference to one person! Somehow the idea that we could have sent somewhere close to 40,00 ...
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A month of learning - on twitter of course!
03 February, 2014 by @WeNurses
At last we can say that January is over – as beyond New Years Day January can be pretty dull and monotonous, more so this year with the never ending rain! So we here we are at the start of February and the focus of many twitter discussions this month is learning. We have never before had such a strong theme running throughout one month but it seems ...
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Calling all Clinical Research Nurses - open data
26 January, 2014 by @WeNurses
Over the past couple of months in conjunction with Parafinale Research we have run two surveys around the role of the clinical research nurse and the discussion we held on clinical research nursing. We wanted to see how effective a tweet chat is at influencing perceptions and improving awareness of the role of the Research Nurse? Thank you to all w ...
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#InCharge - the nurses are back in charge of @WeNurses
02 December, 2013 by @WeNurses
Following the amazing success of our #InCharge days in October we are doing it again on 15th , 16th , 17th and 18th of December!!! @WeNurses  is changing and we will have four guest tweeters taking over for a day each. As in October each of our guests has a slightly different perspective and area of expertise and experience, so we hope that it will ...
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Welcoming LDnursechat into the We family as @WeLDnurses
21 November, 2013 by @WeLDnurses
A lot can happen in 14 months; in fact a lot has happened in the last 14 months. After four learning disability nurses (two students at the time) connected through a @WeNurses twitter chat, a gap was noticed and an idea was formed, this idea would become known as @LDnursechat.   As a newborn project we had no clear idea ...
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Dear #NurseCommunity..we need your help at #CNOsummit
20 November, 2013 by @WeNurses
CNOtweets at the #CNOsummit   On Wednesday, November 27th, WeNurses, WeLDnurses and MHNurseChat are off to the Chief Nursing Officers conference – The CNO Summit. We all feel very excited to be presenting our seminar “A ‘How to' guide to social media and mobile technology – Understanding the benefits and practicalitie ...
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Nurse tweet from The House of Commons
12 November, 2013 by @WeNurses
Have you ever wondered how Parliament explores and scrutinises our health policies? Well now it is not only your chance to understand this process but also witness it too by tweeting live from the House of Commons!   A few weeks ago @WeNurses founder @AgencyNurse and student nurse @MrsCFlatt were invited by @CommonsHealth ...
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Introducing My Health Skills, a new social media platform
02 October, 2013 by @WeNurses
 Do you know the @WeNurses strap line? Our strap line guides everything we do, keeps us focused and we think has helped work along side nurses and AHP to build a growing, valuable community (It's just above here if you've not spotted it before). So when we were offered the opportunity to learn more about this new social platform to help nurses and ...
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30 September, 2013 by @AgencyNurse
Ever thought what you would tweet about if you were @WeNurses for a day? What would you highlight to 10,000 followers? How would you engage? What would you say?   Next week @WeNurses is changing and we will have four guest tweeters taking over for a day each. Each of our guests has a slightly ...
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Social Media, Privacy, and Professionalism
22 September, 2013 by @MJHartley2013
The recent case at the NMC involving the suspension of children's nurse, Allison Hopton, for offensive postings on Facebook, appears to have drawn much more interest from nurses and the media than any other similar case I can remember. There are countless examples of nurses dismissed by their employers who have then received a striking off or suspe ...
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Embracing Digital Education for Nursing
09 September, 2013 by @MHNurseLecturer
This is the original article text for my @WeNurses WebBlog Article on Embracing Digital Education for Nursing. Teresa Chinn invited me to write this blog article for @WeNurses over at as she became aware of how we are developing the integration of social media use, and twitter chats in particular, in our pre-registration nursing curr ...
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Launching our Community Blog
28 July, 2013 by @AgencyNurse
We have had great success supporting the creation of several different tweeting healthcare professional communities via the WeNurses website, from nursing of a few types then expanding on to midwives, paramedics and pharmacists. Many of us enjoy the regular tweet chats, connecting on twitter and learning by sharing our views, content and supporting ...
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Writing Sister Tweeter
11 July, 2013 by @WeNurses
Those eagled eyed surfers amongst you may have noticed that the “coming soon” notice on our Sister Tweeter page of our Twitterversity has been there for quite sometime ... in fact nearly a year now ! With so many of you now being very proficient tweeters ready to share your tips and how to use twitter at an advance level we thought you could write ...
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Post reflections on a twitter party
11 July, 2013 by @RayFWalker
How is it you can feel more nervous on a tweet chat than presenting to an audiences in the hundreds? weird but true   It felt like I was preparing for something really special and important, like a job interview or a presentation. I only worry about important things, and then it hit me this was more important to me than I first realised, Doh!   It ...
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6Cs Live! Communication Hub Launch
03 July, 2013 by @teamCNO_
Care, compassion, commitment, communication, competence and courage have been associated as nursing values for many years – albeit on an unofficial and unspoken level . However last year a new vision and strategy for nursing was developed by Jane Cummings and Viv Bennet, putting these values at the heart of nursing. As part of that development WeNu ...
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19 June, 2013 by @AgencyNurse
Today we have reached the 7000 follower stage which is a massive achievement for us as it is 1% of the UK nursing population. Ok so there are a few followers who may not be nurses amongst the 7000 but from the very beginning I have always maintained that everyone is welcome at WeNurses – student nurses, CNOs, service users, carers, relatives and ot ...
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23 April, 2013 by @WeNurses
Getting involved in politics & campaigns is not something that WeNurses usually does as a rule … but every so often something comes along that makes us rethink and the Nursing Times Speak Out Safely campaign has done just that.   Over the past few years we have found that the #NurseCommunity on Twitter has gone from stren ...
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Sharing the pride to CARE
06 April, 2013 by @AgencyNurse
WeNurses connects nurses through regular tweet chats, we drive through workshops, encouragement and engaging with nurses 24/7 on twitter and we support the community by being a channel to share the needs of nurses out to the @WeNurses twitter followers, and every now and again the community does something amazing…   Here ...
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Host your own #WeNurses
22 January, 2013 by @WeNurses
Following the New Year #WeNurses chat that looked forward to 2013 we have had a great response from people wanting to be guest hosts, so we thought that we would put this into action:   Guest hosting a #We... chat is a great way for individuals to share the specialist knowledge and expertise that you have with the online communi ...
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Real action from #MyAction
04 January, 2013 by @PhilipRABall
In early 2012 I really began to get into #Twitter ; I soon found a community of nurses with a wide range of backgrounds, joining in conversations. As an older nurse, (I qualified as an SRN under the General Nursing Council, and when black and white photos were still common), I found #Twitter presented an exc ...
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#OnDuty Sharing the shifts with thise on duty over Xmas/NYE
31 December, 2012 by @WeNurses
Whilst we don't see Christmas trees on wards these days, captured above in 1957 in the surgical ward at the Duchess of York Hospital, many nurses (and other health & non-health service providers) will be continuing there work as normal, or nearly as normal. While the rest of the country is spending time with friends and family recharging, many of ...
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#WeNurses summary video of 2012
20 December, 2012 by @WeNurses
Thank you to all of you from the bottom of our hearts it's been an amazing year (6 months in fact) with you all helping to make #WeNurses happen. We have put together some of the many highlights from our first six months of "connecting, driving and supporting" the nursing community, but without your support #WeNu ...
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#WeNurses ON TOUR - sharing how & why nurses should tweet
20 December, 2012 by @WeNurses
#OnTour dates confirmed   Birmingham – 15th Feb 1pm #BMGnurses Dorset - 1st March 10am and 1pm #DorsetNurses Manchester – 8th March 10am and 1pm #MCRnurses   Tweet us for me details, with continued thanks to @Incredibly_Easy for funding these visits to support nurses new to tweeting.   ...
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Social Media & Midwives 2012-13
17 December, 2012 by @WeMidwives
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CareMakers took Twitter to CNO2012 and #CNO2012 to Twitter
07 December, 2012 by @WeNurses
To be at the very start of something is a privilege but being at the start of something as inspiring as our (and it really is ours) nursing vision and strategy and the birth of the CareMakers at #CNO2012 was not just a privilege but also inspiring, energising and exciting. The experience of being part of the ...
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#WeNurses top 10 videos
28 November, 2012 by @WeNurses
#WeNurses top 10 videos (+ a couple more!) By @WeNurses & the tweeting nurse community   We see Twitter as the glue that help us as nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals connect and communicate with each other to build new relationships regardless of our location, job role, branch etc.   As we a ...
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The #NurseCummunity #6Cs stats & Infographic **AMAZING**
17 November, 2012 by @WeNurses
How we used twitter to talk about the #6cs by WeNurses & the #NurseCommunity  Friday 16 th November was the cut-off date for providing views on Jane Cummings (Chief Nursing Officer for England) and Viv Bennetts (Department of Health Nursing Director) c ...
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Social media for healthcare research ..
13 November, 2012 by @WeNurses
A Commentary on the Potential for Social Media for Healthcare Research – Include, Involve, Inform... by Carolyn Dawson   In traditional Healthcare research it is often hard to get participants together – the joy of using Social Media, uch as the #WeNurses TwitterChats is that here, everyone can join from far and ...
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Taking 6C's action with #MyAction...
05 November, 2012 by @WeNurses
#MyAction Tweety !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");    For those of you on the ball you will have not ...
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Last night Twitter "saved my life"...
31 October, 2012 by @salsa442
Last night twitter saved my life..... By @Salsa442   As a registered Learning Disability nurse with some years experience, I returned from maternity leave to work part time in the job I loved, managing respite services for people with LD and complex health needs. It was a difficult decision to go back to work, and I opted ...
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Introducing & Welcoming #WeMidwives
29 October, 2012 by @WeMidwives
Introducing & Welcoming #WeMidwives By @WeMidwives & @WeNurses   As tweeting is adopted by more and more healthcare professionals, enjoying the value of a peer based online community, we are very excited to launch a new chat to sit alongside those supported by the WeNurses website.   In September the LD ...
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What's #WeNurses?
28 October, 2012 by @WeNurses
  What's #WeNurses? Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");   Not only do we get as ...
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Learning disability nursing and the CNO's Vision for Nursing
27 October, 2012 by @dmarsden49
Learning disability nursing and the CNO's Vision for Nursing By Daniel Marsden @dmarsden49   A few weeks ago I was talking to a musician friend who was mournfully explaining to me about how he wished he had been alive in the 1960's, as he perceived that to be the golden age of music, he then reeled off his about ...
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The importance of being engaging
26 October, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
I am a strong advocate a community approach to Twitter and believe that community needs to be at the heart of all we do on Twitter – in my series of blogs Twitter And The Elephant I extolled the virtues of community stating “The success of Twitter is down to the community approach – there is no point in just taking what you want from this network a ...
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Tweet Chats made simple...
26 October, 2012 by @WeNurses
Tweet chats made simple... by @WeNurses   If you are new to Twitter or haven't joined a tweet chat before we have made it nice and simple for you, we hope you find the following guide and tips useful!   Twitter chats are often regular chats that take place at a specific time around a predet ...
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The New Vision For Nursing: Important Dates for your Diary
25 October, 2012 by @WeNurses
The new vision for nursing: Important dates for you diary   Last month Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England and Viv Bennett, DH Director for Nursing published a document called “Developing the culture of compassionate care: Creating a new vision for nurses, midwives and care-givers” The docume ...
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Is Anybody Out There
02 October, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Is Anybody Out There? by Teresa Chinn   I have always been passionate about nursing and have always loved my job but two years ago I felt frustrated and isolated. I felt that I needed to reach out to other nurses and it was through this need that I started my journey in social media, in November 2010 I w ...
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The 6 C's & NHS Change Model
01 October, 2012 by @MandyHollis3
The 6 C's & NHS Change Model Part 2: My wall of inspiration by Mandy Hollis   Part 1 was about my ideas for adopting the principles of social media. Part 2 is about Jane Cummins 6C's of Nursing, how I came to link this to the NHS Change Model and a bit about how this links with Social Media. ...
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How I Use Social Media To Complement My Work
26 September, 2012 by @S_Amani
How I Use Social Media To Complement My Work by Sarah Amani   One of the biggest criticisms of social media is its potential to diminish performance by wasting time & encouraging procrastination. Whilst this is a potential risk, I am going to talk about my p ...
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Social Media 1 - 0 Networks
21 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Social Media 1 - 0 Networks by Teresa Chinn I am sure that I have mentioned before that I am very lucky to have one foot in the nursing world and one foot in the social media world, I am privileged to know some great nurses and some great social media people too. Over the last year or so I have been party to many conversations that have deb ...
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The 6 C's & NHS Change Model
19 September, 2012 by @MandyHollis3
The 6 C's & NHS Change Model Part 1: Coffee - The Original Wonder Drug by Mandy Hollis   There is a poster on my wall that says ‘Drink Coffee Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy'. When I started on this journey, I wouldn't say I thought my ideas were stupid, but you would have been forgiven ...
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From @Ninjabetic1 @Type1Nurse
16 September, 2012 by @ninjabetic1
Becoming @Type1Nurse   People have been asking me why I want to become a nurse. Why I have suddenly decided to take this path when I have been so indecisive about my future and where it was going before.   10 years ago at the age of 16 my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My ...
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Tweeting for an NHS Trust
13 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Tweeting for an NHS Trust   Following a recent blog entitled "The war of the roses" where we explored the style of @NHSleeds tweets following a conversation "with them" on Twitter including several other trusts, @NHSmanchester for one. Consequently we were delighted to be able to work with @NHSleeds to look a little deepe ...
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From Students to CNO's
11 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
From Students to CNOs   One of the great things about using Twitter as a nurse is the wonderful nurses that I meet. I not only get a real sense of fellowship and community from the Nurse Twitterverse but as @kathjlo tweeted recently I also get “the knowledge that so many of us are still v passionate about it!! I feel it's ...
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Twitter Communities: Part 3 (Sharing The Elephant)
07 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Twitter communities: Part 3 Sharing The Whole Elephant   In part 1 and in part 2 of this blog we explored peoples differing views of Twitter and compared this to the John G Saxe poem “The blind men and the elephant” and we then went on to look at what the whole of the Twitter elephant looks like. However ...
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Hello #LDnurse chat bought to you via @LDnursechat
07 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Hello #LDnursechat   As more and more nurses identify the value of social media it is no wonder that specialty nursing groups will need to connect on more often with each other than maybe other nursing cohorts.   To that end we are really excited that @LDnursechat has been launched by a group of experienc ...
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Twitter Communities: Part 2 (The Whole Elephant)
05 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Twitter communities: Part 2 The Whole Elephant   In the last blog (see part 1 here) we looked at how people's views of Twitter differ and why it is that Twitter is different things to different people – rather like the John G Saxe poem “The blind men and the elephant.” So what happens if we zoom out and have a ...
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War Of The Roses
04 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
The War Of The Roses   Those of you who were up late last night may have noticed, or even participated in a ground breaking twitter discussion. NHS Leeds and NHS Manchester jumped out of their corporate suits and became human. The transformation was amazing to watch – I have long since felt that trusts are too robotic on ...
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Twitter Communities: Part 1 (The Elephant)
02 September, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Twitter communities: Part 1 The Elephant   I recently had a Twitter conversation about the importance of community on Twitter. I was trying to get my point across, slightly hampered by the 140 characters, that it is important that people and particularly health care professionals understand that Twitter is a com ...
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A community to be proud of
24 August, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
A Community to be proud of As a parent one of the greatest joys you have is watching your children grow and explore the world around them, gaining confidence with every day as their willingness to learn drives them ever onward through their journey to maturity. As an EX ICU nurse who has carved himself a career out side of the NHS, within th ...
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#WeNurses & #NurseShift bring you twitter chat netiquette
21 August, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Twitter Chat "Netiquette"   Twitter strives to be a very polite and kind environment that everyone can enjoy and this is something that #WeNurses and #NurseShift strongly advocate also. In order for the community to get along and for everyone to get the most out of our Twitter chats #WeNurses and #NurseShift have jo ...
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#WeNurses welcomes #NurseShift
20 August, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Welcome #NurseShift   Those of you who are “on the ball” will have noticed that the @Nurseshift avatar has now appeared on our homepage.   WeNurses are very proud to welcome @NurseShift to the WeNurses site and we hope that this will be the start of a wonderful friendship leading to collaborative work for ...
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#WeNurses goes weekly!
18 August, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
#WeNurses goes weekly   We are very pleased to announce that after over a year of practice we have now got the act of Twitter Chat management down to a fine art, we are a Mean Lean Twitter Chatting Machine! Because of this we feel that we can now implement weekly chats – so no more wondering if it's Nurse Twitter Cha ...
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How to get the best out of twitter chats and CPD
18 August, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
A guide to using Twitter Chats for CPD by @AgencyNurse   For most of us twitter is fast becoming a great new way to meet fellow nurses we would never meet in real life, explore best practices with each other and join in with a very vibrant aspect of the nursing community. Twitter chats a ...
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Why the face of NHS Jobs relies e on nurse twitter chats
04 August, 2012 by @cherylwilson2
The face of NHS jobs relys on nurse twitter chats August 4th 2012 Hello I'm Cheryl and I'm a Nurse who Tweets! (Cheryl tweets as @CheryWilson2 ) During this year I have, through Twitter, become part of an ever growing community of nurses and other HCP who are using this form of Social Media to connect and share ...
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video-blogs "Why communities are about people not brands..."
04 August, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
  Why the social media nursing community is about people... Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); ...
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Anne Cooper video blogs for #NurChat birthday
31 July, 2012 by @Anniecoops
  What's a year of nurse twitter chats meant to you? Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");   ...
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Happy Birthday #NurChat (my smiley moments)
26 July, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Happy birthday #NurChat – 1 year ago I was one tweeting nurse … now we are a thriving, growing and evolving community of nurses. What an ground breaking first year it has been, one which you the nursing community should be proud of because you all played a part in the development of this amazing resource.    When I first suggested a twitter chat ...
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Confessions of a tweeting nurse
17 July, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
Since November 2010 I have been advocating the use of Twitter for nurses to communicate with each other to exchange nursing ideas, expertise, experiences and resources and today we can see clear evidence of this being done within the thriving and ever growing online nursing community. The community is starting to feel at home in the soc ...
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50 shades of healthcare?
10 July, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
I was in Marks and Spencer recently when I overheard a lady chatting on her mobile phone “I've managed to pick up all three of those fifty shades books” I heard her say and I thought to myself “oh that book again!” The facts and figures about this book speak volumes: it hit a seven-figure number in sales in the first 11 weeks and its been named the ...
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A few hours away...
09 July, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
I was very lucky lately to have been to two very inspiring conferences within the same week. The first conference was the Digital Health Conference in Leeds and the second was Celebrating Leadership in Nursing Informatics in London. Now I know that to a lot of people two conferences in 1 week just sounds like hard work – but it wasn't, ...
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A Fresh Approach
03 July, 2012 by @AgencyNurse
#NurChat is now a well established resource for the online nurse community, since its launch in July 2011 #NurChat has gone from strength to strength. #NurChat was originally developed through work with Newcross Healthcare Solutions and was driven by a Twitter handle @NurChat and a blog – it was designed to be ...
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