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Thursday 24th July 2014 by @AgencyNurse

We all know the importance of ensuring that our practice is evidence based and right from the very start social media has been used to disseminate evidence, knowledge and, in short, some very useful healthcare related stuff! Twitter discussions are becoming a brilliant way to share all this very useful stuff in a short space of time … but there is a problem with this. In the throws of a Twitter discussion it can be nigh on impossible to take note of every link shared and even more impossible to open every link and give it a read. Therefore we have come up with a solution:


Now normally we don't advocate the use of the “double hashtag” during Twitter debates as it uses up too many of our valuable 140 characters however by combining the established hashtag for evidence based practice #EBP and #WeNurses not only will the evidence be seen during the discussion and shared in the wider community but also it will be easily searchable post discussion.


When to add #EBP to #WeNurses #WeMidwives #WeLDNs #WeMHNs #WeScNs #WePHs #WePMDs...

The ideal time to add #EBP is when you are participating in a Twitter discussion and you have a piece of evidence, knowledge or relevant picture you want to share. Add #EBP to your tweet (in addition to the chat hashtag) and the item that you share can then be easily found by others after the discussion.

However feel free to #EBP whenever you like, it is an established and valuable hashtag – if you find an interesting article or blog then please do use this hashtag to share it.  

Who can #EBP?

ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Please don't be shy, if you have found the thing you are sharing useful the chance are others will too. 


The lasting legacy of #EBP

Following the Twitter discussion participants, lurkers and those who are catching up can search for #EBP #WeNurses or #WeMidwives or #WeLDNs or #WeMHNs or #WeScNs or #WePHs or #WePMDs or #WeComsers (depending on which chat you are participating in!) to find the evidence shared.


Here's an infographic and to set the scene and look beyond twitter too...


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