#WeActiveChallenge - There’s a chirp medal at stake!

Monday 2nd May 2016 by @jkfillingham

You are invited to the #WeActiveChallenge in August

Last summer @WeAHPs challenged their professions to be role models and do a little more than they did before to promote healthy lifestyles.The #AHPsactive campaign commenced at the end of July 2015. Those taking part were asked to post a picture of themselves ‘getting active’ using the campaigns hashtag. Momentum gained, and following a motivational blog from @Exerciseworks which suggested interdisciplinary competition to drive the health of the workforce forwards, #AHPsactive vs. #NursesActive took place in the last two weeks in August. Take a look at who won here!

This year we would like you all to join us.

During August 2016 we want you all to dust off your trainers, walking boots, swimming gear, get moving and tweet lots of pictures to share your activity. It doesn't matter what you are doing, whether it’s walking the dog, running the local marathon or going for a swim, please share your activity with the community.

As we said last year, your ‘Active’ shots don’t have to be in Lycra or from a mountain top, this challenge is about having fun, being inspired and inspiring others. Why don't you set yourself a goal and share that with the community?

How to get involved:

  • Have a goal to be active in August 2016. For example, to always take the stairs, to swim an extra length, to run the local 5k.
  • Take a picture
  • Share your picture and your goal using #WeActiveChallenge and one of the communities hashtags below – choose your allegiance carefully, this is a competition to see who can be the most active.

We thought we would go one bigger and better – a WeCommunities medal!

If you would like to win a medal for your efforts then for £6+ VAT entry, you can sign up here anytime up until the end of July 2016.

How to get involved:

  • Sign up here anytime up until the end of July 2016
  • Be active in August 2016
  • During the month, participate in ANY activity of ANY time or distance to claim your medal.
  • Email Virtual Runner with your evidence (submissions will be required by 1st September at 12 noon).
  • Share your picture using #WeActiveChallenge and one of the hashtags below.
  • Wait for your medal! – You could even post a pic of you with your medal when it arrives.

Be quick, there are only 500 medals available and when they are gone, they are gone!

Why don’t you get your work colleagues involved in a little healthy competition or #WeActiveChallenge as a team, a walking meeting perhaps?

So, in August take part in the #WeActiveChallenge and if you sign up you will get a chirp medal!









WeCommunities have brought this to you in collaboration with @vivbennett  @lindahindle @PHE_UK and @VirtualRunnerUK


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14 May 2016 22:30
Definitely entering this, great fun #StudentsActive
02 May 2016 11:26
This is brilliant - can wait to get started .... goooo #NursesActive !!! :D

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