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Monday 6th March 2017 by @lorrainewolfen1


Always Events® - support to help you co-design an Always Event® in your organisation and improve your patient’s experience of care by Lorraine Wolfenden     


2017 is an exciting time for Always Events® and I am privileged to be a part of it. Since the publication of the toolkit in December, many trusts have expressed an interest in becoming involved and want to implement an Always Event in their organisation. I have spoken to many people in a range of settings since the publication of the toolkit, and there is a real passion for improving the experience and quality of care.  

The Always Events methodology is a framework for really listening to what matters to patients, and in partnership with them co-designing solutions to improve their experience of care. Doing ‘with’ them, not ‘for’ or ‘to’. The Always Event® then becomes an ‘Always Experience’ and happens for every patient every time.

To help you co-design and implement an Always Event a series of webinars have been organised. More than 60 participants have joined the four held to date, from a wide range of organisations with many positive comments made about their usefulness. The WebEx’s are facilitated by Pat Rutherford , Vice President of Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) based in the USA, with guest speakers, all of whom have a wealth of experience in co designing and implementing Always Events®. One of those is Helen Lee, Head of Quality Improvement and Experience at Lancashire Care NHS FT, one of the first trusts to be involved in Always Events®. Helen was instrumental in co-designing an Always Event with people with a learning disability living in a community setting. Their always Event – which is “We will Always support you when moving on in care” has now been rolled out across the organisation, and other teams are now beginning to co-design different Always Events with different groups of patients. Helen said of yesterday’s webinar “Fantastic call – the engagement in the chat was brilliant.  Looking forward to call 2

The webinars are being recorded and you can listen here. Webinar dates and topics are

1st February 1330-1430 Session 2: Understanding What Matters to Patients in Your Pilot Site or Programme

14th February 1330-1430 Session 3: Creating a vision statement in the voice of the patient & Aim statement for improvement

1st March 1400-1500 Session 4: Co-designing & Testing an Always Event with high-leverage change ideas

15th March 1400-1500 Session 5: Setting up your Always Event for Reliable Implementation, Spread, and Scale-up

19th April 1400-1500 Session 6: Sessions 6: Celebration and Story Sharing

To join the WebEx’s please contact Deborah Maude in the patient experience team at deborah.maude@nhs.net.

For further information on becoming involved in always Events and to find out what other support is available please contact me at l.wolfenden@nhs.net. Follow me on twitter @lorrainewolfen1

Lorraine Wolfenden is a Leadership Support Manager in the Patient Experience team. She joined NHS England in April 2013 from Bradford Primary Care Trust where she was a public health specialist, managing the NHS stop smoking service and leading on tobacco control across the district.   Lorraine is a Registered Nurse, working for many years in an acute setting before moving to public health. She worked in the North Region at NHS England for some time, on transforming care and in particular on the quality assurance of care and treatment reviews but has supported the Always Events work for almost two years .


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