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Tuesday 20th June 2017 by @CherylT261

Hello, my name is Cheryl. I am the Improving Bereavement Care Manager at Sands, the Stillbirth & neonatal death charity. My focus is to support health and social care professionals to feel able and confident in providing best quality bereavement care for families when a baby dies.

I am delighted that Sands has been involved in creating this Maternity Bereavement Experience Measure (MBEM) for maternity staff. It follows on from the new chapter in the Sands Guidelines for professionals around receiving and responding to feedback from bereaved parents. This MBEM resource provides the questionnaire to help you capture the parent voice, but also offers some practical guidance on how to implement the MBEM in your unit.



Sands has worked with NHS England for some time on this project to make sure there is a suitable way of capturing parents’ feedback. Importantly, bereaved parents have been engaged with and have informed this project from the outset.

From a Sands survey we know that the majority of bereaved parents want to give feedback and feel it is appropriate for them to be sensitively asked about their experience of bereavement care. It can feel challenging to obtain feedback from bereaved parents. However, this resource highlights the importance of hearing the parents’ voice and supports maternity staff in doing this.

Good feedback mechanisms provide parents with opportunities to inform service improvements and feel listened to. Receiving feedback from parents in a structured and supported way gives room for reflection and learning and promotes the sharing of best practice.

It may feel difficult to listen to parents who didn’t receive optimal care, and it is important that you are supported to do this so you are able to listen to parents in these circumstances.

This resource will support you to sensitively capture vital feedback from parents in a way that feels comfortable for you and in a way that can be used to promote best care. This MBEM will most likely feature in the upcoming National Bereavement Care Pathway (#NBCP).

Please do follow #LossExp #MatExp #NBCP to tweet into the event on 22/6/17 we’ll be posting the live link on the 22/6/17 to download the resource then too.

You can also join @wemidwives for a twitter chat on the 29/6/17 where together we can explore using this questionnaire and resource to keep improving the quality of bereavement care in maternity.


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