#10kfornurses with CavellTrust

Monday 30th July 2018 by @WeNurses

Getting ready for #10kfornurses this October...

In 2017 Paul Jebb, a long term @WeNurses community member, and Teresa Chinn MBE, WeCommuntiies Founder, were chatting and thinking out load on twitter, nothing unusual there! They were talking about the physical and mental health benefits of exercise, the funds that are raised through 5-10ks and marathons, how many nurses there are on twitter in the WeCommunities and if they could combine all these things to add some "real value"... It took no thought what so ever to team up with Cavell Nurses Trust who support nurses, midwives and HCA's facing financial hardship and then, #10kfornurses was born!

The aim in 2017 was to get 100 people, to do 10,000 somethings to raise 10,000p (£100) in October (10th month) to try and raise £10,000. We knew not everyone was easily capabale of traditionally running a 10k, so the mantra "10k your way" was born.

Of course we wanted to use twitter as much as we could to promote and support #10kfronurses , sharing the efforts and varietes of ways over 100 people creatively planned, delivered and fund raised their £100... ultimately smashing the £10,000 total: