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Wednesday 14th November 2018 by @AgencyNurse

WeLearn #AllOurHealth – Trailblazer Organisations


As a WeLearn #AllOurHealth Trailblazer Organisation we want you to lead the way in preventing illness, protecting health and promoting wellbeing by encouraging your staff to take part in WeLearn #AllOurHealth and supporting them to make small changes to their practice to prevent, protect and promote.  We also want you to be role models for other organisations, showing them how important all our health is and how it can make a difference to the people we care for.

Below is a video that shares some of last years work and our plans for this year:



How it will work:


  • WeLearn #AllOurHealth will open for registration for participation from January 1st
  • The course will take place from 4th Feb and will be for 20 days (weekends and Wednesdays won’t be counted to allow people time to catch up) ending on March 8th
  • The course is broken down into daily steps each taking between 10 – 20 minutes
  • The course is primarily accessed through the WeLearn platform for which people need to register for and have a Twitter account
  • For those who do not yet have a Tiwtter account the course will include the basics of using social media for CPD and tweeting.
  • People will be able to register as part of a team of a Trailblazer Organisation
  • People will be able to dip in and out of the topics and will gain virtual badges for doing so. People can complete all of the course or just what they feel is relevant to them, everyone who registered will be able to gain a certificate with the amount of CPD minutes they have completed on.
  • We will also be making the daily steps available through Twitter and Facebook for those who do not wish to register – but, of course, this will mean that they will be unable to access badges and certificates.
  • There will be 6 focus areas that will make up the main body of WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Best start in life, Inactivity, Obesity, CVD, MH, & AMR
  • There will be 3 x ½ an hour tweetchats and 1 x 1 hour Tweetchat coinciding with a live streamed talk over the 20 days
  • The course will use and be integrated with social media enabling and encouraging people to “learn out loud” with their peers
  • The course if fully funded by Public Health Englad which means there is no cost to your organisation 




Being a WeLearn #AllOurHealth Trailblazer Organisation will mean that we will:


  • Ensure that your organisation is included in the WeLearn sign up process, so people will be able to select to be part of your team.
  • Give you access to interim and final statistics around the impact that the people in your organisation have made to WeLearn #AllOurHealth
  • Provide you with access to free CPD for your staff (each staff member will receive a certificate that they will be able to access of the final day)
  • Ensure you have access to poster templates, infographics, videos and blogs to promote WeLearn #AllOurHealth to your staff.
  • Put you on our Twitter watch list so we can share and amplify all the good work you are doing through the WeCommunities and PHE Twitter acounts
  • Send your organisation a certificate at the end of WeLearn #AllOurHealth for you to share with pride



In return we would like you to:


  • Promote WeLearn #AllOurHealth across your organisation and encourage staff to take part
  • Encourage staff to share any changes they make to their practice as a result of their learning
  • Alert us to any potential case studies of outstanding work in your organisation
  • Tweet LOTS! Share the great stuff you are doing as part of WeLearn #AllOurHealth
  • Use your imagination – get innovating, promoting, sharing, discussing … the idea is to ensure that learning around the All Our Health Framework takes place so we would love to see your organisation lead the way and make a difference to the people you care for.

To formally apply please send an email to WeLearn@wenurses.co.uk stating why you wish to be an #AllOurHealth Trailblazer Organisation 


If you have any questions:


Please contact Teresa Chinn – Teresa.chinn@wenurses.co.uk


Applications close on 20th December 2018



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