#10kfornurses: What's the weather forecast this October?

Tuesday 2nd July 2019 by @AgencyNurse

Cast your minds back to October 2018 .... for those of you who were involved in #10kForNurses October 2018 and Storm Callum will be forever etched on your memory ! As we all put our trainers on, our walking shoes on, raised our whisks and got our bicycles out of the shed Storm Callum flexed his muscles and as #10kForNurses got into full swing so did Storm Callum !! BUT that was 2018 (and there can be no doubt that despite Storm Callums best efforts we had an amazing time and raised over £20,000 for nurses facing hardship) and this is 2019 and lightening (or storms) can strike twice in the same place ... can they ?? 

Yes, it's time to start thinking about #10kForNurses again ... that wonderful October event, where you can do 10K YOUR WAY, have fun and raise vital funds for Cavell Nurses' Trust.  For new 10kfornurse - ers this is an amazing way to meet new people, gain confidence, expereince something new and be part of something that is simply amazing ... any you get a purple Cavell Nurses' Trust t-shirt too :D 

What will you do this year? Bake 10 thousand calories of cake? Cycle 10k? Jump 10k? Dance 10k? Go the extra K and join the Snowdon hike? Or go the extra K in the dark and join the Snowdon after dark hike? Whatever you are planning to do your journey starts with clicking right HERE onto Cavell Nurses' Trust webpage to find out more and to register.  

We can't wait for October .... please keep us updated on the weather though :D