Saturday 2nd May 2020 by @WeMidwives

May is upon us - the weather in the UK is sunny (mostly) and that light in the sky gives us all hope. Flowers are in bud some are even on their first bloom. As we crawl slowly through this pandemic our minds turn to the many NHS workers both visible and out of sight who are putting their lives on the line every single day. For some, the choice to work is taken out of their hands.

How can we celebrate midwifery when the skies are so dark and uncertainty reigns? 

The sun symbolises energy, strength, clarity, and power. It helps to realign night shift workers' circadian rhythms. The circadian system in humans is around 24-hours in cycle length and must be reset on a daily basis in order to remain in synchronicity with external environmental time, the sun helps this process. 

When children draw the sun they always depict it as a yellow circle. Yellow flowers symbolise friendship so you know what we are leading to - yellow is the colour of hope, courage and compassion . 

For this year's International Day of The Midwife on 5.5.20 we would love you to post a photo of yourself either and/or holding, wearing, standing or sat upon something yellow - a #IDM2020 selfie so that we can unite together and thank (as well as support) one another as midwives in unity.

Some #IDM2020 yellow selfie top tips:

 Please try and make your photo as individual as the midwife and person that you are as well as encompassing (if you want to ) the role that you have .

 You could be sat on a yellow chair, be holding a yellow book , flower , or be wearing a yellow tie or jacket - the possibilities are endless.

 You could be in a group photo or on your own.

 The most important aspect is that you feel that your yellow selfie gives you a voice and you feel part of something special.

 Use Instagram, Facebook and or twitter or all three and use the #IDM2020  

You are all remarkable people who give so much to others so let your midwifery lights and hearts  shine with your yellow selfies . 

Sending love and hope from team @WeMidwives 



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