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Friday 10th July 2020 by @WeNurses

For quite some time (8 years now) @WeNurses has been offering free participatory CPD via weekly tweetchats, it's been great to bring nurses (and many other healthcare professionals) together to share, discuss and support one another in an hour of professional discussions on Twitter.

After delivering many thousands of hours of CPD via our tweetchats we have, over the last few years, realised that there is mich more to offer.

For a long time now we have wanted to offer nurses more participatory learning so that nurses can easily connect with one another, learn with one another, and meet their revalidation requirements.

During the Covid19 pandemic it has really hit home that nurses need to be able to continue to learn and grow in safe spaces, we know virtual spaces are the perfect solution, however, traditional e-learning can leave nurses feeling frustrated, isolated and just a bit uninspired!

Well, we have the solution .....

S-learning is learning via and with social media (the "s" stands for social media), it is like a tweetchat in principle, but can occur over a longer time periods, like workshops/conferences for a day, or events for a few days, or longer learning sessions spread over many days or even weeks, all allowing for more considered sharing, discussion, connections, reflection and learning, less rushed than a tweetchat but all the value of connecting, learning and sharing via Twitter.

E-learning has for a long time now been about ticking boxes, it’s easy to measure and easy to evidence, it’s cost-effective and it can be done at any time but now is the time for e-learning to evolve! Social media learning, aka s-learning, is elearning and so much more; s-learning is about a personal learning journey, it’s about putting learning into practice, it’s about being able to fit learning in and around the learner, it’s about content, making connections and the start of something not the whole of something.S-learning embraces social media and the short, snappy and social principles that make social media content so engaging. 

Sooooooooo we have partnered up with the amazing folk at Carrot Learning (@CarrotLearning) to provide some wonderful, low cost, day-long slearning workshops for nurses.

The workshops embrace multiple social media, YouTube, Podcasts, Twitter, Infographics, Blogs, Zoom, Tweetchats and so much more, to provide a truly participatory experience.

Each workshop will end with an evening tweetchat, supported by WeNurses, these tweetchats will continue to be open and free for anyone who is unable to attend the full day-long workshop.

On offer to date are the following sLearning workshops:

13th August 1:30pm - 8pm:  Enabling digital professionalism in nursing - With course facilitator Teresa Chinn MBE

20th August 2pm - 8:30pm: How to support patients who are D/deaf - With course facilitator Kerry Pace

14th Sept 1:30pm - 8pm: Having Difficult Conversations - Well! - With course facilitator Nicky Lambert

16th Sept 2pm - 8:30pm: Creating Holistic - With course facilitators Daniel Marsden and Size Cooper 

CLICK HERE to find out more and to book on the s-learning workshop of your choice. 

These slearning workshops are a valuable resource for nurses and we hope to be able to offer more of them in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a course facilitator and running a slearning workshop for a healthcare audience, then please do read more HERE and contact us @CarrotLearning we know they would love to talk to you!  


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