Approaching 10 years of WeCommunities

Wednesday 2nd February 2022 by @AgencyNurse

We aren't quite there yet but our 10th anniversary is just around the corner in June 2022! 

WeCommunities cofounder Teresa Chinn MBE RN @AgencyNurse shares reflections, plans, and thanks in this short video:

Teresa introduces the intended plans to transform WeCommunities into a more sustainable and formal charitable organisation.

This transformation will enable us to seek funding and create, for the first time, a full-time funded team to help to do all that We already does and so much more.

As a more formal organisation WeCommunities will be able to offer more support for our amazing WeCommunties volunteers, improve the impact of our current projects and deliver more projects, all improving the quality of experiences of both providing and receiving care. 

This transformation is being headed up by Nick Chinn who, as Teresa shared, has always been deeply involved in WeCommunities and has steered projects to national impact before; We are delighted that in this 10th year we can support and drive this change with you all.  

Can you help...

Like so many of the amazing impacts WeCommunities has delivered over the years everything we do is a community effort, so, YES, you can help and we would love to hear from you if:

     - You work for an organisation that would be interested in delivering or funding projects with us that reach over 250,000
        healthcare professionals, both in and outside the NHS.
     - You have trustee experience related to supporting charity activities, not exclusively but ideally related to NHS/healthcare
        charitable activities.

     - You aren't sure what you can offer but have a feeling that you could help us with this really exciting change.

In the first instance please feel free to send Nick a tweet via @NRCUK or send him an email via we know he would love to hear from you!

Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers that have given so much time and delivered so much value over the last 10 amazing years!  


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