A new look for WeCommunities

Friday 29th April 2022 by @NRCUK

WeCommunities tweeting bird logos have been instantly recognisable and have served us all well for the last 10 exciting years, but I wonder how many people know the history of our friendly-looking birds?

“Little Chirp,” as the bird was affectionately dubbed by Pam Nelmes, was created hastily one evening for our founder Teresa Chinn MBE RN by the then amazing "WeIT guy" Nick, now We CEO, and with the concept that the bird was a newly hatched Twitter egg (originally for those without profile pictures on a Twitter where an egg would be the default image, the egg was dropped by Twitter in March 2017.)

The logo took key features of the community each bird represented to make it obvious who the community was for….so for the first community - nurses - a nurses hat was chosen.
We were asked by the Red Cross to remove the red cross in chirp's hat back in 2019, the red cross emblem is restricted under the Geneva Conventions for the Protection of War Victims of 12 August 1949; unauthorised use of this sign in the United Kingdom is an offence under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957. Every day is a school day, so of course, we obliged and Chirp lost the cross.