WeActiveChallenge 2022

Friday 22nd April 2022 by @WeNurses

WeActiveChallenge is back for 2022! And we can’t wait to inspire even more health and care professionals to get a little more active in August. 

The #WeActiveChallenge is a great opportunity to kickstart new habits, whether your already into fitness or a complete newbie it makes no difference, from runs and workouts to walking and taking the stairs, we want to see it all. We’re really hoping to bring a bit of fun to social media again and a small amount of friendly competition! 

Last year saw a draw between #NursesActive and #AHPsActive so there is everything to play for this year!

Here are the all important details on how to get involved:


So dig out your trainers, get your kit on and limber up .... August is coming !!! 


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