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Thursday 5th February 2015 by @AgencyNurse

We never like to stand still here at “We” and it seems that we are always experimenting and trying out new things – some of which work and some of which don’t – however the point is we keep moving and hopefully in a general forward direction !! A few weeks back we held a little experiment with the help at Salford University’s Lucy Gardner (@lugardCYP) Lucy is a student nurse at Salford and kindly agreed to help us try out something new. We asked Lucy to develop and run a WeNurses discussion Tweeting as @WeNurses ! to find out more about what happened please read Lucy's chat here > Education beyond the classroom and placement

Thanks to Lucys hard work the experiment was a success, with 111 people taking part ! Well done Lucy !! 

So now we want to make this a regular event and have a 6 weekly #StudentNight that is developed, run and hosted by student nurses. Here’s how it will work (and where we need your help) 

• #StudentNight will take place on a Monday evening between 8pm and 9pm every 6 weeks 

• Student nurses can apply to be #StudentNight hosts by submitting their idea for a discussion via a #StudentNight #WeNurses application form and sending it to chats@wenurses.co.uk

• Student nurses will need to have a University Tutor sponsor – in other words we need to know that your University are happy and will support you with this 

• You will need to develop some pre chat information, some questions to ask during the discussion and commit to writing a post chat reflection summary after the discussion.

• On the night we will hand over the @WeNurses account to you for you to lead your discussion (#EEEEKK !!) 

The first #StudentNight will be on 16th March 2015 … so get your application in as soon as possible !! 

We are really looking forward to see what you come up with !! 


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