"We" share all sorts of stuff via Twitter discussions from Evidence Based Practice #EBP to tweets expressing opinions, personal experience and thoughts - practice based evidence (a concept explored by Swisher 2010. ) However the transient nature of Twitter means that all this very useful stuff is lost in the ether, which is very sad indeed. But there is good news, it's all here .. just search!

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It's Coming Home #MyDigitalJourney
11 July, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
Nurse @RoaringNurse is sharing his 12 month journey with @NHSDigital, see his series of #MyDigitalJourney blog updates here. Times flies, and I have entered the third month of my secondment!! In the last two months I have had a carte blanche to explore and be curious - to turn NHS Digital inside out. I have attended numerous meetings and visited n ...
Time is precious #MyDigitalJourney
16 June, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
It has been a month since I started my fellowship at NHS Digital. It is my first role inside a national organisation. During this moth I have been able to do one of my favourite things: be curious. I have been given permission to explore, ask questions, visit teams and turn @NHSDigital upside down. The aim was to create connections and start buildi ...
Introducing #MyDigitalJourney
08 May, 2018 by @RoaringNurse
The future is bright, the future is digital The NHS is going through a tough moment. We live in a time where we are constantly reminded to work more efficiently and effectively; to do more with less; and to go the extra mile on a daily basis  With increasing financial pressures and soaring demand, the NHS is changing. Questions over quality, servic ...

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