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E-health apps for people with long term conditions: Hosted by: Joy O’Gorman

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Have you heard of or used e-health apps in practice or during training? We are keen to learn about what you have come across and to also introduce some ideas you might like to consider utilising.  Joy O’Gorman, a digital health champion and student nurse Uni introduces us to the latest training being introduced to nursing undergraduates; this includes enabling nursing professionals and service users adopt evidence-based e-health apps to manage known complexities of long-term conditions such as COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease. 

NHS England’s long-term plan includes digital health goals: ‘When ill, people will be increasingly cared for in their own home, with the option for their physiology to be effortlessly monitored by wearable devices. People will be helped to stay well, to recognise important symptoms early, and to manage their own health, guided by digital tools.’ (NHS, 2019). 

How are we as a nursing profession adapting and preparing for the integration of digital health tools in practice?

Joy’s work to date, inspired by and an assignment on COPD, includes introducing a change in practice during placement with her nursing mentor team. The NHS approved, MyCOPD app is just one example of how apps can enable nurses to empower service users and meet NHS goals. It includes touch button inhaler technique tutorial videos, mindfulness, personalised medication prescription, PR exercise videos, weather exacerbation alerts and how to manage flare ups. There are also options to interface with GP surgery for direct feedback and updates. MyCOPD is currently being piloted in different parts of the country in partnership with local commissioning groups. It is a good example of the type of apps currently available and being integrated in practice. 

Pioneering research teams, who have worked with Joy and are leading the way in the e-health world via other e-health apps, will be joining in tonight’s discussions; these include: Epic-health – research team promoting Digital Health Champions and amongst healthcare students and MDT professionals. MyMhealth – leaders in the field, whose four main apps are listed on NHS digital. Hi9 – tech agency pioneering interactive bot, e-health technology. 

We look forward to you joining us at 8pm so we can learn from each other and share ideas. 


NHS, 2019: Digitally-enabled care will go mainstream across the NHS [online]. Available at: [Accessed 27/6/19].



  • What are your thoughts on apps? Are they a good thing or a bad thing for person centred care? 
  • Where can nurses / student nurses go to for advice on evidence-based apps and safe practice? 
  • How do you think e-health apps can bring value to your nursing role when caring for service users with long term conditions?
  • What are the positives and negatives of apps for the people we care for? 
  • Are there any e-health apps that you currently use in practice? (or are you new to this arena and would like to know more?)
  • What are you final thoughts re apps and their use in nursing / healthcare? 

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