#AllOurHealth - Friday 5th March 2021 6pm (GMT Standard Time) Getting serious about #AllOurHealth - UWE

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'All Our Health’ is call to action for all health and care professionals including student health and care professionals, to embed and extend prevention, health protection and promotion of wellbeing and resilience into practice. But why is it important that we understand prevention, protection and promotion as student health and care professionals? The NHS Long Term Plan, (2019) has a strong focus on prevention as a way to prevent poor health and to keep people living well for longer– ‘the NHS will take new action to strengthen its contribution to prevention and health inequalities. Wider action on prevention will help people stay healthy and also moderate demand on the NHS.’

Viv Bennett ( Public Health England's Chief Nurse) builds on this by stating: 

"It is time to get serious about prevention! It is time for health and care professionals to act to make a difference! As health and care professionals we have relationships with individual people, families and communities and reach across all ages and all places.  This means that there is a huge opportunity ‘for health promoting practice’ to make a difference to health outcomes and health inequalities.  In addition acting collectively we can be a force for change in building a culture of health in our society."

All Our Health is for all of us and the approach is much needed to both sustain the NHS and to make a difference to health outcomes and health inequalities.  Student health and care professionals across the board can make a huge difference and by acting collectively can be a massive force for change. 

This tweetchat is part of the WeLearn #AllOurHealth Virtual Student Event and aims to explore why it is important to get serious about prevention, protection and promotion and what actions student health and care professionals can take to be drive change in healthcare. The tweetchat aims to ask the following questions:

  • Before taking part in this #WeLearn programme, had you ever used @PHE_uk’s #AllOurHealth on-line resources?
  • Which areas of the #AllOurHealth  framework fit best in your role as a student health and care professional and what did you think of the way this was presented?
  • How can we together achieve a 'radical upgrade' in prevention, protection and promotion? How do you see this becoming everyone's role?
  • How can you help in promoting the #AllOurHealth resources in your university and networks?
  • What one action will you commit to taking following this weeks #AllOurHealth learning?

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