#WeNurses - Thursday 10th December 2020 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Delegation

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The NMC's The Code (2015) states that as nurses we must "Be accountable for your decisions to delegate tasks and duties to other people" 

The NMC have recently released a video on delegation - VIEW HERE 



The video states that "most of the time, we remain accountable for the decisions made by the people we delegate to" however the video goes on to explain that this should not deter us from delegating.  As nurses we are simply unable to do everything ourselves, therefore we must know how to effectively and safely delegate. 

Barrow and Sharma (2020) identify the five rights of delegation:

  • Right task
  • Right circumstance
  • Right person
  • Right supervision
  • Right direction and communication
Given that nursing is an immensely busy role with increasing pressures and that nurses often face huge challenges on a daily basis  how can we ensure that we get delegation right ? How can we ensure that we delegate the right task to the right person, under the right circumstances and with the right level of supervision, direction and communication ? 

This tweetchat aims to explore delegation and how as nurses we can delegate effectively, confidently and safely.  Here are the questions we will be asking:

  • Why is it important that nurses delegate? 
  • What can stop nurses from delegating? 
  • What are the challenges to safe and effective delegation? And what steps can we take to ensure delegation is safe and effective? 
  • What is the right level of direction / supervision when delegating ? 
  • How do we ensure we get delegation right when we are working in high pressured or challenging circumstances? 
  • When and how should we document our decision making around delegation? 

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