#WeNurses - Thursday 28th October 2021 8:30pm (GMT Standard Time) Leadership in nursing

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As a background to this tweetchat please listen to Anthony Swan’s podcast with Paul Jebb on Leadership HERE

In the podcast Paul and Anthony talk about their leadership journeys and what leadership means to them as nurses.  This tweetchat will explore what leadership means to us and how we can all be leaders regardless of our job role in nursing:

Below are some proposed questions for the tweetchat:

  • What does leadership mean to you? 
  • How have you stepped up and been a leader in your role as a nurse? 
  • How have you stepped back and become a follower in your role as a nurse and why are followers as important as leaders? 
  • What hinders us as nurses to take up leadership? 
  • What enables us as nurses to be leaders?
  • What’s your favourite leadership quote / words of wisdom ? 

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