#WeCNs - Tuesday 24th May 2022 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Myth busting NQN access to roles in community practice

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Join us and @WeStudentnurse for this join chat...

We've all heard these conversations both in real life and we see them very often still on Twitter too...

So we asked if it was time to talk about it together...

The answer was overwhelming and a somewhat frustrated YES.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council's pre-registration standards are applicable to a variety of healthcare settings including the community.

Yet, there seems to remain a misconception of the support given to NQNs in community or there are other reasons beyond the "risks" of perceived NQN community autonomy or the "deskilling" mantra that we still hear:

This chat is designed to get to the bottom of some of the myths and to create a combined resource of understanding to support increased awareness and confidence for students to explore joining us as NQN in the community.

We'll be asking the following questions on the chat prepared by @WeCommNurses team member @RN_Emily_HPN 

  • What do you think is behind the view that ward experience is needed before entering community nursing?
  • What are the benefits of NQNs going into the community?
  • What roles are available for NQNs in the community?
  • How can we encourage more NQN to apply to community positions?
  • What barriers are there for NQNs working in the community?
  • What does a NQN need to thrive in the community?
  • Where do student placements fit in, is there work to be done here?
  • What advice would you give a third-year student nurse who is undecided about applying for a community position?

If you've not joined a tweetchat before then you and your views, experiences and questions are very welcome.

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