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So, here we are, approaching ten amazing years of @WeNurses with our birthday on the 4th of June!

We have delivered over 1,500 tweetchats across the WeCommunities with an amazing 30,000 of you joining #WeNurses tweetchats just like this one and really enjoyed our 210,000+ tweets with you all. This vision and delivery of @WeNurses has amazingly been delivered for the first eight years by just one person, dedicated to helping nurses connect and learn together to improve practice one tweet at a time.

You, the @WeNurses community alongside the support from volunteers running @WeLDnurses @WeGPNs @WeMHnurses @WeSchoolnurses @WeCommnurses, and @WeStudentnurse have:

  • Raised over £100,000 thousands of pounds for @CavellTrust to help nurses facing hardship
  • Sent over 125,000 #NursesActive tweets with a tweet reach of over 1.3 billion!
  • And copy us into over 50,000 tweets a year to share and learn what you are up to
  • Engaged with some amazing national projects with DoHSC, NHS England, NMC, HEE, OHID
  • Provided a free CPD/Revalidation tool to help you evidence the value you’ve got from We Chats via #MyWe

Following a very real personal need from our founding nurse @AgencyNurse to connect with peers in an isolated role in 2014, you have created a credible, invaluable, and amazing community of nurses here on Twitter from students to CNOs.  

We love hearing how the @WeNurses community connects you, gives you ideas, supports you (both professionally and personally) and inspires you to be the best you can be for your patients and colleagues; we certainly aren't going to change anything that will stop any of that greatness continuing to grow!

But, now tweeting is embedded into how we learn and share and support each other, what more can We do, in and beyond Twitter as a connected nursing community?

Tonight we’ll be chatting with you to see how you think a group of 100,000+ nurses can deliver more for our patients and each other both on and off Twitter.

Here are the questions that will guide us through the chat:

  • What impact do you think @WeNurses, and the associated “WeNursing” communities, have had for you or/and for nursing in general since 2014?
  • What one thing should @WeNurses keep doing here on Twitter that we do well already?
  • What one thing should @wenurses look to improve that we already do here on Twitter?
  • What impact can 100,000+ Twitter-connected nurses have in nursing & healthcare beyond Twitter?
  • What might @WeNurses and our other WeCommunities’ projects, vision and output beyond Twitter look like?
  • We are gratefully and overwhelmingly supported by volunteers, how could we fund a full-time staff to deliver projects beyond Twitter?
  • What would you most like to see @WeNurses NOT focus on or become beyond Twitter?

If you've not joined a tweetchat before here's how:

Using a hashtag (#) like #WeNurses allows us to use a Twitter feature that shows everyone the tweets that contain it, this allows us to chat with people that we don't follow, yet, enabling the ability for us to chat together on Twitter.

  1. To see the chat click (or search) for #WeNurses on Twitter
  2. Look out for questions and others' responses that interest you
  3. To join in, add #WeNurses to your tweets

Do join in, your views, ideas and shared experience adds real value to others on the chat.

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How do you summarise a tweetchat when every comment added so much value? well, let's try...

Firstly it was heartwarming to see Cheryl and Wendy on the chat, both have been tweet-chatting with us for 9 years and 11 months and have been a huge part of the We journey, so special thanks to you both.

QUESTION 1, exploring the impact of @WeNurses, revealed an overwhelming outpouring of values to individuals and nursing as a whole with many stating the core values are support, learning, and connectivity. Given that nursing tweetchats were started by an agency nurse to connect her to isolated peers it is fantastic to see these core values remain and great that, regardless of role, this need is being fulfilled within and across our activity. 

What was great to see was that the tweeting nurse community was described by Jenny as a "safe" place for nurses to connect (OK it was from question 7 but...). This should be marked by the community as an incredible achievement. having role modeled professional use of Twitter as nurses this is an amazing reflexive achievement for everybody, well done! 

QUESTION 2 looked at what @WeNurses should keep doing, again much value was shared and again overwhelmingly the value of tweetchats was highlighted both in terms of Revalidation (which didn't even exist when @wenurses started) and they were highlighted as keeping us updated and informed on what is new. The good news is tweetchats are here to stay, if you would like to host one we can make that happen!
Twitter takeovers of @WeNurses were also shared as adding value, we'll aim to do more of those.

QUESTION 3 was about improving what we already do and the feedback here was great and totally agreed with. With very limited resources (more about that later) we do need to work hard to do more of what works well, so, expect to see more of "Teach A Nurse To Tweet Tuesday" and a blog soon about Twitter Takeovers.

QUESTION 4 looked to take us beyond Twitter and we think that Fiona summed it up...

QUESTION 5 was about outputs beyond Twitter, many shared great new ways to engage on Twitter (We are exploring Twitter Spaces, it's a shame they aren't recorded so we can use them as a valued archive) but a few recalled our We get Together favorably and even talked about a conference.
So, we have but a chat in the diary to explore what a conference for nurses by nurses might look like! Whilst that is a lot of work our founders had different reactions to that as an idea...

QUESTION 6 how do we move beyond solely relying on volunteers to deliver more of what adds value? Clearly, sponsorship was a resoundingly common idea and mentioned by quite a few of you, so @NRCUK will get on to that ASAP, can anybody help?

And finally QUESTION 7 - what do we not do, essentially is summarised by not stopping what We do do, so that was again heartwarming and appreciated. 

Our key takeaways from the chat were:

  • Keep it up - OK, that's a given!
  • More takeovers - OK
  • Bring back Teach A Nurse To tweet Tuesday
  • Look at more ways to connect us through events both on and offline
  • Explore sponsorship to build out a full-time team

Your support in what We do is so important, so once again, thank you for being the Tweeting nurse community and supporting us in supporting you! 

Here are the chat questions, we'd still love to see your answers...

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After the chat you may like to add a reflection, add some questions, or maybe you've made a change from something you leant on the chat...well now you can with "post chat comments" below.

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27 May 2022 13:57
Hi there, I’d intended joining in, then a long day at work happened. I’m happy to see that tweetchats are well supported and well received. I have been involved in leading a few and would do so again. In terms of take overs I think I’d need to understand more about the time involved. Maybe there could be some sharing about that? Can more than one person do the take over? I wonder too if there could WeMENTORS who could help who wish to join ? Conferences are hard work to put together so I wonder if occasional 2 hour webinars might be useful? It would enable some formal sharing/teaching with a particular focus then a discussion - (extended tweet chat?) and action planning? If could be recorded then we have a library to draw on. Some random thoughts that I hope help.

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