#StayAndThrive - Tuesday 28th June 2022 8pm (Greenwich Standard Time) Leadership for International Nurses & Midwives in the UK

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The need to recruit and retain healthcare workers on an overall scale is the greatest challenge currently being faced within the UK.

Figures from the last few years and predictions into the future show catastrophizing concern into the shortage of staff, and therefore, the English government pledged to support an additional 50,000 nurses in the NHS by no later than 2025, with a grand 38,000 being recruited from overseas.

Alongside this pledge, is a wish to improve or build upon programmes that the NHS have in place for internationally educated nursing staff. To create a ‘destination of choice’ they want to ensure that a higher quality induction and pastoral care is firmly in place through the development of a sustainable and ethical international nurse recruitment delivery model.

In partnership with Burdett Trust, the Florence Nightingale Foundation are creating a bespoke, blended Leadership Programme for Internationally educated Nurses and Midwives (IENMs) working in the UK. This is to go together with a mixed-method (qualitative and quantitative) study, aiming to explore the impact of the programme on experience, retention, and career progression over a 3-year period. You can find out more about this piece of work here on the Florence Nightingale Foundation website

As a part of the study portion of this programme, Jessica Sainsbury, Stacey Chambers, and Essi Vehvilainen, members of the Florence Nightingale Foundation Research and Policy Team, are delighted to be collaborating with the WeCommunities nursing and midwifery communities to learn more about lENM transition to the UK, exploring leadership experiences, attitudes and opportunities. This tweetchat exploration will help Florence Nightingale design and deliver a fit-for-purpose and valued IENM Leadership Programme. 

We would like to invite all members of the WeCommunities who are internationally educated or those working alongside them and are keen to support them to thrive and become effective and valued leaders.

We'll be navigating the chat via the following questions:
  • What were your motivations to work as a Nurse or Midwife, regardless of where you were educated?
  • Tell us about your experience of the UK's ability to recognise qualifications gained overseas.
  • What do you think are the UK challenges & opportunties to career progression and leadership development for IENMs?
  • What is the UK’s perception of IENMs in leadership, and do think this needs to change?
  • If you were able to create a leadership development space to aid in the personal and professional growth of IENMs, what would it look like?
  • What areas would you like to be covered in an IENM leadership space?
We hope you'll being your experiences and passion to support Internationaly Educated Nurses and Midwives to this chat.


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