#WeNurses - Thursday 23rd June 2022 7:30pm (Greenwich Standard Time) Revisiting pressure !

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Over the 10 years that #WeNurses has been holding tweetchats we have discussed pressure injury many times, however it's a topic that remains key in nursing ... so with that in mind we feel that it's time to revisit pressure injury ... here are some key facts and figures (PHE 2015) :

  • on average 2,000 pressure ulcers are newly acquired each month within the NHS in England
  • older people are the most likely group to have pressure ulcers
  • pressure ulcers in older patients are associated with a fivefold increase in mortality
  • the cost of treating a pressure ulcer varies from £1,214 to £14,108

Risk assessment is a huge part of pressure injury prevention, NICE (2014) recommends 'for prevention include methods for identification and risk assessment and the preventive measures that should be applied' As nurses we are all familiar with long standing risk assessment tools such as Waterlow or Braden ... however there is now a 'new kid on the block' PURPOSE-T.  The University of Leeds states 'PURPOSE-T (Pressure Ulcer Risk Primary or Secondary Evaluation Tool) is an evidence-based pressure ulcer risk assessment instrument that was developed using robust research methods (1-7). PURPOSE-T identifies adults at risk of developing a pressure ulcer and supports nurse decision-making to reduce that risk (primary prevention), but also identifies those with existing and previous pressure ulcers requiring secondary prevention and treatment' 


This tweetchat aims to explore pressure injuries and assessment of pressure injury risk and will take the following format:

From 8:15pm Pre tweetchat 2 x poll questions 

8:30 - 9pm Tweetchat 3 questions 

From 9pm Post tweetchat 2 x poll questions 


Here are the questions we will be exploring:

  • Question 1 (poll)  - Which pressure injury risk assessment tool do you use?  Waterlow / Braden / PURPOSE-T / Other (please state)
  • Question 2 (poll) - What pressure injury prevention measure do you think is the most important?  Repositioning / Support surfaces / Nutrition & hydration / Other (please state) 
  • Question 3 (tweetchat) - What does good pressure injury prevention look like? 
  • Question 4 (tweetchat) - What is the impact of pressure ulcers, to patients, family, and the NHS / care as a whole?
  • Question 5 (tweetchat) - What are the key messages for nurses around pressure injury prevention?
  • Question 6 (poll) - We have lots of awareness/ education and equipment so what is the main reason people still develop pressure ulcers? Unavoidable / Low staffing levels / Lack of awareness / Other (please state) 
  • Question 7 (poll) - What is the best way to engage the people we care for around pressure injury prevention?  Talk to them / Share resources / Encourage them to keep moving / Other (please state) 

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 #WeNurses transcript

23 June 2022 20:11
@WeNurses #WeNurses start a meeting/training with everyone sitting and ask them to consciously count every time they wiggle their bum back in the seat, cross their legs etc… or ask them to sit exactly where they are and not move if they are up for that. Then ask how it felt
23 June 2022 20:11
@WeNurses @AgencyNurse My answer was other .... from the very beginning of the admission/intervention etc #WeNurses
23 June 2022 20:12
@WeNurses Everyone has a role to play. Assess, act, evaluate care. Communicate educate patients/people/carers/family. Document document document! #WeNurses
23 June 2022 20:13
RT @WeNurses: Thanks everyone for another great #wenurses pressure injuries chat, we've a feeling we'll revisit it again. Keep up the gre…
23 June 2022 20:15
If you missed any #WeNurses questions or polls you can see them here https://wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-details/5777 Well done everyone for joining, sharing and chatting about pressure injuries this evening! https://t.co/BT5mDA3GLS
23 June 2022 20:15
RT @JillAnneWill: @WeNurses #WeNurses start a meeting/training with everyone sitting and ask them to consciously count every time they wigg…
23 June 2022 20:17
We agree :) #wenurses https://twitter.com/sallywa61369394/status/1540066259596939267
23 June 2022 20:18
RT @WeNurses: If you missed any #WeNurses questions or polls you can see them here https://wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-details/5777 Well done everyone for joining,…
23 June 2022 20:18
@WeNurses #wenurses assess risk be the persons advocate when considering turns and use equipment/tools/assessments wisely
23 June 2022 20:19
@adhorstrebor @WeNurses Sorry I ran out of words and didn’t realise so had to delete, Ed are also now also an amu so we are doing lots of pressure prevention work with our nursing and eda teams, we are great at initially looking for pressure damage but the ongoing care side needs improvement #wenurses


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