#PNAweek October 9th to 13th

Sunday 1st October 2023 by @WeNurses

With an NHS England target to have a Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA) in place for every 20 nurses in your organisation, starting from March 2021 the role, value, implementation, and awareness of PNAs across organisations varies hugely.

This October, from Monday 9th of October to Friday the 13th, the WeCommunities nursing communities will dedicate a whole week to all things PNA via #PNAweek:

• Focus each day - on aspects of the PNA
• Have daily live broadcasts - 9am and 1:30pm with regional PNA leads exploring the focus's 
• Share videos created across the PNA roles - to help understand more in bite-sized update 
• Share resources - helping you learn more and bring recourses into your role or organisation
• Run polls - to capture what we do and don't know about PNA roles and values
• Invite you to join in - by creating and sharing your own experiences and PNA needs

All you need to do is click on #PNAweek to see what is going on from Monday 9th of October.

What can you do to get ready for #PNAweek?

Have you been involved in or supported by or created evidence of the value of the Professional Nurse Advocate role? 

Get ready for #PNAweek by creating a short video about your experiences, or screenshot something you can share around the daily focuses, or simply share what others are sharing via #PNAweek.

When creating and sharing supportive content or information for #PNAweek simply add #PNAweek to your post on Twitter(X) and feel free to copy @WeNurses in who will be leading the week.

All of the video snippets created and shared for #PNAweek will form part of a recurses on YouTube for those that have missed the week.

What can we expect each day from #PNAweek?

Monday 9th Formative Support - Education and Development

Tuesday 10th Restorative Support - Clinical Supervision (World Mental Health Day)

Wednesday 11th PNA Research & Education Standards

Thursday 12th Normative - Monitoring, Evaluation and quality control

Friday 13th Personal action for Quality Improvement

With thanks to everyone helping share amazing content throughout #PNAweek


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