WeCommunity Twitter accounts and Twitter chats are run by an army of volunteers who all give their time to lead their Twitter communities, you can find out more about them here > 

In order to keep us going and make sure that “We” remains free at the point of use by the individual clinician/ professional/ service user we do have some services that can help a variety of organisations that are chargeable; here's a few organisations we've enjoyed helping out already:

Twitter Chats guest hosted by organisations 

We charge for any Twitter discussion that are held on behalf of organisations as part of reviews or consultations, the reason we do this is because these types of discussion involve a lot of input on our behalf to ensure they run smoothly. Please note however we do not endorse any commercial products or services through Twitter discussions and the discussion must add value to the community. In the interests of transparency Twitter discussions funded in this way are marked F on our chat calendar and on the pre chat information. 

Discussion impact report

If we have held a discussion that is relevant to your organisation or project we can provide you with an impact report following the discussion.  

Workshops and seminars

We provide workshops and seminars to organisations that cover the following:

• The impact of social media
• The uses of social media
• The pitfalls of social media
• Digital footprint and digital professionalism
• Signing up to and using Twitter
• Time to troubleshoot and ask questions

This sessions range from raising awareness of the value of social media from students to CEOs through to teaching attendees skills enabling them to learn and get involved with social media.

Conference speaker

Many of our “We” chat leaders are very experienced and amazing conference speakers. Please feel free to approach them to speak at your conference. 


Make your conference Twitter friendly 

“We” have a wealth of experience and ideas when it comes to making your conference social media friendly from Twitter Walls to Social Media Workshops and from Social Media Drop In Clinics to Live Tweeting ... we can do it all !! The cost depends on the size of your conference and your exact requirements.

Social media consultancy and mentoring

Social media is still relatively new in healthcare and many organisations are very confused about why and how to use it. Social media strategies need some thought and need to be aligned with the greater organisational strategies – we can help to do this and help make your organisation more social media savvy. In addition to this we can also provide social media mentoring for any staff involved in social media projects or posts. 


“We” now has quite a bit of whizzy and exciting technology behind it … so if you like anything you see and want to duplicate it on your own site please do contact us and we will be happy to help. We can be commissioned to support technology design and build where social media has a key element.


The WeWebsite, this one you are on, has over 2,000 visit's a day and it's increasing (see below), if you would like to share this space with the visitors then we would be happy share it with you. Whilst not all products would be suitable to share via the WeWebsite we would be happy to talk to see if we can help.

For more information or costs on any of the above please email nick@wenurses.co.uk 

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