Guest hosting a #We... chat is a great way for individuals* to share the specialist knowledge and expertise that you have with the online community. You don't have to be a director of nursing or a consultant or manager to guest host as everyone adds value! So if you have a particular field of interest or expertise or you have had a recent experience or read an article that has made you it would be valuable, or have submitted some research to the #We... chatting community then apply to be a guest host.  

Guest hosting does take a little bit of time and commitment though – so here's a run-down on what a guest host would face: 

We've complied a form to fill in to apply to be a guest host that you can download from (word document) below, of course this applies to all the #We... chats including @WeNurses @WeParamedics @WePharmacists @WeLDnurses @WeMidwives @WeSchoolNurses @WeCommissioners @WeMHNurses 

Apply to be a guest host

So if you feel that you are up to the challenge of guest hosting then please apply by returning it to us at 

We look forward to hearing from you.

*Please note if you are an organisation looking to host a chat please make direct contact via the footer details below.

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