A little peek through the Periscope

Tuesday 9th June 2015 by @AgencyNurse

You may or may not have noticed the emergence of “Periscope” the new live streaming app to hit our mobile phones. Periscope allows you to broadcast – and watch – live events from your mobile phone, from a walk in the park to a live speech made by Jeremy Hunt at #Confed2015. It’s a really simple form of social media and requires no techy knowledge or know how to join or set up. So us being the geeky nurses that we are we wanted to give it a go:

On Wednesday 24th June WeNurses will be broadcasting via Periscope from Salford University’s “Social Media for Professional Use” conference, specifically Teresa Chinn MBE (tweeting nurse, social media type person and “We” founder) will be giving a keynote speech “Social Media in Health & Social Care – The Story So Far …” which we will be broadcasting from 11.10 am.

How to get involved

• Download the Periscope app here (its free) & search for & follow WeNurses

• Log on to Periscope just before 11.10 am on Wednesday 24th June 

• Click on the TV icon at the bottom of the screen 

• Then click on the WeNurses broadcast 

• The broadcast will last for about an hour 

(NB if you are already following us Periscope will send you a notification that we are broadcasting and all you have to do is click on that) 

We cant stress enough how easy peasy Periscope is to use – but to get you all in the mood we will be broadcasting a few sneaky “Test” Periscopes between now and the conference … look out for a few WeHQ pets and maybe even a tweeting nurse or two ?

Don’t forget you can also follow the conference by the slightly more traditional method of Twitter and searching the conference hashtag #SUSoMe 


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