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Tuesday 21st February 2023 by @NRCUK

Pretty much all of our tweetchats, approaching 1,750 of them now,  are guest hosted by members of the WeCommunities, members just like you. And some are created based on the tweets we have had with you, a little passing comment can often uncover really interesting and relevant topics to chat about.

Of course, tweetchats can also be used as part of your CPD and WeCommunities has a FREE reflection tool that allows you to complete your reflections and download them as a PDF for your participatory learning evidence! Try #MYWe for CPD and more here

Guest hosting a tweetchat is such an amazing way to share your passion with your peers and support them to learn together via the inquisitive way healthcare professionals learn on Twitter. You may want to share some of your work, raise a topic you think will add value, or invite others to feed into some work you are doing.

Tweetchats can be about anything that is relevant to your peers, it may be clinical, research, policy, workforce, or anything else you feel that others like you may benefit from. 

The format for most tweetchats is easy to digest and not overly academic, you can see previous chats here to get a feel for how they are presented and delivered in the Tweetchat Archives and see the ones coming up soon in the Chat Calendar too.

As a guest host we'll support you in creating an engaging tweetchat and all you'll need to do is join the chat and engage with your peers, all you need is a little tweeting experience and an interest in bringing value to your tweeting peers. 

To start the process, please fill in the form below and we'll be back in touch with you ASAP to get your tweetchat delivered. 

Don't by shy, we'll give you lots of support in the lead-up to the chat and during it too. 


Please feel free to post in to this blog; you'll need to be logged in via twitter from the top right of the menu to post.
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29 March 2023 19:02
Taking part in creative activities or hobbies is well-known to be a positive support for our mental health and emotional wellbeing, and so beneficial for us as individuals in terms of self-care. But why is creativity also important for all of us as professionals working health and social care? The three arts therapies, music therapy, art therapy and dramatherapy are professions which specialise in using creativity as a form of therapy. Music, art and drama are the creative means by which we provide health care and support for service users. But, creativity can lend itself right across the healthcare system, as a tool, as a way of approaching our work and seeking solutions. Far too often when we think of the creative arts or creativity we think of an end product, that it has to be a “work of art”, a “masterpiece” but it is actually the creative process behind it that is the most important for facilitating innovation, change and transformation. “To be human is to be creative” - as children we play and create in order to learn how to find our way in the world, but as adults we often forget to do that enough. “Creativity is a habit, not a skill. It's a process, a practice, a muscle we develop and exercise” (podcast link). Having a regular creative practice, of any kind, as well as a form of self-care, also exercises that creative-thinking muscle. “Creating anything helps you to create everything”, and “Creativity contains the solution to every problem we know”. In the book “How to be more pirate”, there’s chapter entitled “Go to the Edges of the Map” which says: “Creativity, innovation and 'transformation' are what the world wants and needs, but precious little attention is given to what really gets you there. The truth is that you can't reach new territory if you already know it; it requires a willingness to step into the unknown and feel your way through the darkness without being tempted to rely on what feels safe and familiar. Like breaking small rules that are just habits and hangovers, we need to cultivate a willingness to step across boundaries and find inspiration in unusual places” So, the first step to establishing a creative mindset, is to create something – anything! Get involved in the #AHPsCreative TweetChat on Thursday 30 March! “Behind the tech” podcast with Kevin Scott - Join Kevin for a fascinating conversation with Chase Jarvis – CEO and Founder of CreativeLive. The CreativeLive platform gives millions of people ways to discover their passions. Find out how exploring your “creative side” can inspire a successful career. It’s Creativity with a capital “C”.

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