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Monday 4th July 2016 by @MichelleSobande

#WeSCNs - Sharing learning throughout July


As we celebrate our 2 year anniversary here at WeScNs we have been reflecting on our journey together and discussing some exciting next steps for our community.

In the last two years we have connected nearly 6,500 followers from around the globe and facilitated an incredible 33 chats. Feedback from our School Nursing community in the last two years suggests that this activity has helped to raise the profile of the profession whilst helping a sometimes disparate professional group feel more connected and informed.

However, we don’t want to stop there! We feel that the daily tweets and curation, alongside our monthly chats, have been a catalyst for widening participation in discipline related discussions and gathering some extremely useful ideas and suggestions on practical service improvements. During the month of July we want to try something new with an objective of harnessing all of the valuable information that is often projected through our activities and using the data, evaluation material and suggestions to create something practical that can be used in practice.

For those of you that like detail, this may feel like a tricky concept as we are not clear what the ‘something practical’ is yet! As with most things twitter we intend to be led by the community and respond to the emerging themes that are generated. We may end up with a poster that can be printed for an office wall or a catalogue of resources. It may be that this month’s activity facilitates further work streams in developing tools for school Nurses. Who knows where this might lead!

So, we have a concept (albeit a very loose one) and we just needed to agree a topic. At the very core of WeScNs is the use of technology and social media in relation to service provision. Our very first chat was on this subject and explored how we could embrace such mechanisms to engage more readily with our client group and subsequent chats have often encompassed this as a theme within the discussion. This month we want to take a slightly different angle and explore how to keep children and young people safe online whilst nurturing a tech savvy generation.

In a change to normal proceedings this will be a month long event. We will be launching our pre chat materials in early July and commencing the daily curation of relevant materials around this subject using #WeScNs.  Our discussion on the subject of "Keeping Children Safe Online" will take place, as usual, on the second Tuesday of the month (12th July). We will be conducting a full evaluation of the chat material and asking for feedback and thoughts as to what next from our lovely community post chat. We aim to collaboratively produce something tangible and practical that can be used in practice as a service improvement and get you to share this offline along with your learning from the discussion.


What we want you to do:

  1. Join in the #WeScNs Twitter discussion “Keeping Children Safe Online” on 12th July at 8pm
  2. Share relevant materials, links and pictures around “Keeping Children Safe Online” via #WeScNs
  3. Share your learning offline, either by sharing the tangible something that we produce or something of your own design
  4. Share back with us what you did – this can wither be by a #WeBlog post, a Tweet to us, a picture, a video … anything, we don’t mind, it can be big or small, but the important thing is to tell us what you did as a result of what you learnt.


Heres a handy inforgraphic to remind you (don't worry we will tweet about it lots!)



Phew!! That might be it for now but watch this space for what we hope to be the next development for our cherished community. Please do tweet us with suggestions along the way, and join our journey as we take our next steps towards harnessing the rich data and discussions that take place via WeScNs and creating something practical.


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