Experience of Care Week 2018 - #ExpOfCare 18

Thursday 4th January 2018 by @KathEvans2


Experience of Care Week 2018


23rd – 27th April 2018

This year we’re going global! Will you join us?



Not a day goes by when I don’t look on twitter and find examples of brilliant staff working to improve experiences of health and wellbeing for and with the patients and families we serve.

It really is inspiring to look at accounts such as @WeNurses, @FabNHSStuff, @NHSMillion, @PointofCareFdn, @CareOpinion, @PEN_News, @Patientlibrary and see examples of teams tirelessly working to not only deliver the safest care possible that’s evidence based, but care that’s consistently personalised and connects with people when they at they're at their most vulnerable.

In 2017 the experience of care teams at NHS England and at NHS Improvement put a spotlight on the work happening to improve experiences of care for patients, families and staff. Together with your support we held the first experience of care week in the UK,

  • there were conferences and webinars during the week
  • 2,691 people tweeted about #ExpOfCare 10,266 tweets were sent potentially reaching 67,622,723 people
  • 10 blogs were shared via WeCommunities which were read 3,085 times
  • There were 135 contributors to the #ExpOfCare twitter storm
  • There were 168 contributors to the #ExpOfCare tweet chat
  • There were 89 contributors to the #ExpOfCare twitter book club
  • Many people pinned an #ExpOfCare tweet to their Twitter page to help spread the word
  • And perhaps most importantly many ‘thank you’s’ were shared

So in 2018 can we make #ExpOfCare week bigger and better than last year by going global and connecting up with the @BerylInstitute in the US?

Let’s give it a go, especially as it’s the NHS’s 70th birthday year!

Perhaps you could hold a local event to celebrate your contribution to improving experiences of care? Or why not join us on a series of webinars we’re planning? And you can always dip into the Social Media activity that will be taking place.  

Details and helpful graphics to follow in the weeks to come but for now please save the date and get your thinking caps on!  Feel free to get tweeting using #ExpofCare



Kath Evans, leads on improving experiences of care at NHS England and tweets as @kathevans2 


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