Experience of Care Week Activities - #ExpOfCare 18

Thursday 8th March 2018 by @KathEvans2

Activity brief

Below you will find more information about the webinars, blogs, tweet hours and activities that will be taking place during the week

Monday 23rd April

Launch day activity at Birmingham Women & Children’s Hospital ‘spotlight day' & Magnolia House, one year on - KATH EVANS, NEIL CHURCHILL Lunch session with Neil Churchill
Please note this is for staff at the Birmingham and booking for the lunch is required. 

Short film from Healthwatch Essex – Dan Potts, Volunteer and Engagement Officer 
→ Follow @HWEssex and watch HERE as Dan discusses the current engagement projects and events Healthwatch Essex are running and talks through the Healthwatch Essex Ambassador scheme in relation to volunteering. 

12-1pm Observe & Act, what it is and how does it make improvements? – Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust
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The purpose of the Observe and Act (O&A) is to look at “a person’s total experience of a service from   the service user/carer perspective, learn from it, share good practice and where necessary act to make improvements”. The tool has been designed for use with a range of services and is particularly useful for making observations in clinics and a variety of care and hospital settings.  The value of Observe & Act (O&A) is that it contributes to service development and improvement by adding a layer of information about what users of services view as important. The method provides immediate feedback of the findings to staff giving both praise for good practice and identifying areas where improvements could be made. Evidence gathered can be used to demonstrate that the organisation takes steps to make sure that the services are regularly reviewed. All of the information is in support of improving the total experience of the services from a user/carer point of view. It is important to make clear that observers do not judge any clinical practice and that an O&A visit is not an inspection; rather they look at the supportive issues around a service that may seem small but can be important to the total experience for service users.  For more information contact: Mark.Donovan@shropcom.nhs.uk

2-3pm Active listening to people’s experiences of care
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Leading Award Winning third sector charity Healthwatch Essex talking about their core work around capturing and using peoples lived experience of health and social care services. Learn about their research, engagement and Information and signposting team and how they use peoples lived experience to impact challenge and change of health and social care of people in Essex.  For more information contact: Deborah.potticary@healthwatchessex.org.uk

Tuesday 24th April

Sibling Carer's Blog - For more info contact dave.ross@nhs.net

Julia Holding, Head of Patient Experience, Nursing Directorate NHS Improvement visit to Imperial to do key note speech on EOCW/Patient experience – follow Julia for updates @juliaholding.  For more information contact beverley.annan@nhs.net

Short film from Healthwatch Essex – Elizabeth Cherry, Team Leader 
→ Follow @HWEssex and watch HERE as Elizabeth talks about the Healthwatch Essex Information & Signposting service and how the people of Essex can receive advice and support in relation to health and social care services.

10.30am-4pm (registration open from 9.45am) First Regional HOPE (Head of Patient Experience) network meeting - Taunton
→ To book your free place – follow this link
The Point of Care Foundation will be organising the first ever HOPE (Head of Patient Experience) regional meeting in be held in Taunton. The theme of the network meeting will be engaging patients and staff, with a special session on engaging with doctors. The event is free and open to Heads of Patient Experience or those whose roles include significant responsibilities for patient experience and work for either an NHS provider or a CCG. To find out more or. You can find out more about the HOPE network here.  For more information about the network email info@pointofcarefoundation.org.uk

10.30-11.30am What it’s like being a patient behind bars? – NHS England Health Justice East Midlands Team
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What is it like to be locked up behind bars for the first time?  How do you make friends or know who to trust?  If you have mental health issues before you come into prison how do you still access support and is this easy?  What is it like being inside with nothing to do for hours on end?  Can it be quiet as well as noisy?  Let me tell you from my perspective and what I went through.   I would like to speak to you and share a bit of my journey being behind bars.   How I felt and what I went through for the first time.  Having lived the experience of being inside and knowing what someone has to go through to see the doctor, go for an operations, visit the hospital, do some exercise, eat well – I assumed all this was easy and would be the same as being outside until I found out for myself.  I thought I would get support when I was released.   What would you do if you had no friends and family to support you?  I am part of a Health and Justice Panel and this has enabled me to share my experience and hope you will join the webinar.  For more information contact mala.dhakk@nhs.net

12.30-1.30pm Delivering your own Goldfish Bowl session – NHS Elect
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This webinar is given to celebrate NHS 70th birthday and opened to all NHS colleagues celebrating Experience of Care Week #ExpofCare #NHS70.  Patient Experience is often analysed through Friends and Family Tests and National and local surveys but how much of the data really gives you insight and stories that you can use to truly help you improve your services as well as engage the patient in co-design and motivate staff at the same time? Goldfish Bowl (Focus Group) is a one of many techniques you can use to understand how your service has made your patients feel and how they then create memories and stories to share with their friends and family. This is the closest that we will hear what is said about us when we are not in the room! NHS Elect has been delivering and training their Members for delivering Goldfish Bowls for the last 10 years and Sue will share with you how you can set up your own Goldfish Bowl and some pitfalls to watch out for so yours can be a success every time. For more information please contact sue.kong@nhs.net

2-3pm Acting on the experience of cancer patients – NHS England Insight
Pre-registration is required
please email england.insight-queries@nhs.net, quoting ‘cancer webinar’ in the subject. We would particularly love to hear from you if you have a case study that you’re happy to share via the webinar.
The Insight & Feedback team is hosting a webinar to showcase how hospitals/trusts and teams have used their results from the Cancer Patient Experience Survey and Friends and Family Test to make improvements to cancer services.
This webinar is the first of its kind and will be an opportunity for patient experience leads and healthcare providers to come together and share how feedback has been acted on.

Wednesday 25th April

Wednesday Wonder Tweeting – All day.  Watch out for tweet chats and interactive questions and sharing opportunities throughout the day #ExpofCare.

“Always Events Scale Up Cohort Celebration Event” - invitation only but involving a number of Trusts – follow #AlwaysEvents for updates during the day or email Claire Marshall for more information claire.marshall3@nhs.net

Short film from Healthwatch Essex – Irene Carson, Rethink Partners 
→ Follow @HWEssex and watch HERE as Irene explains events and activities working in partnership with Healthwatch Essex in relation to patients’ experience of care

11am-12pm Volunteers and improving Patient Experience – NHS England.
Pre-registration is requiredTo sign up for the webinar please contact england.voluntarypartnerships@nhs.net with the e-mail headed ‘Volunteers and Patient Experience webinar’.
To contribute to the NHS70 celebrations NHSE are holding a Volunteers and Patient Experience webinar on Wednesday 25th April 11am – 12pm.  This webinar will showcase volunteers contribution to positive patient experience. We are hoping to have a range of case studies in this area across a diverse group of both older and younger volunteers. We are also requesting webinar input from both volunteers and Volunteer Service Managers, who will describe the patient experience impact of their volunteer programmes.  This webinar will be a fantastic opportunity for Volunteer Service Managers, Health Provider Leaders, and NHS colleagues with an interest in volunteering to understand just one of the benefits volunteers bring to NHS services

12-1pm How can patient & carer feedback help boost staff morale across the NHS? – iWantGreatCare
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In this session, Dr Neil Bacon, CEO, iWantGreatCare will be sharing experiences and learning from organisations including Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, First Community Health and Care and Barts Health NHS Trust. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share learning from their organisations.   The aim of the session is to provide all participants will evidence and tools to use patient and carer feedback to drive staff moral in their organisations. If there are additional areas that you would like covered please contact us in advance or during the session.  #ExpofCare #NHS70 #thedifferenceyoumake #ProudToCare @iwgc.  For more information  dani.muir@iwantgreatcare.org

2-3pm “Thank you for asking”- how sexual orientation monitoring can improve services for the Lesbian Gay and Bisexual community – NHS England Staff Network
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Working closely with key stakeholders including NHS Digital, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Foundation led the work to develop a Sexual Orientation Monitoring Information Standard on behalf of NHS England.  The information standard provides the mechanism for consistently recording the sexual orientation of all patients/service users aged 16 years and over across all health services and Local Authorities with responsibilities for adult social care in England (although it might be used more widely by local authorities) in all service areas where it may be relevant to record this data.  The webinar will provide:

  • an overview of the scope and the benefits of the Standard
  • explore some of the health Inequalities faced by the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual community
  • examples of how monitoring can be used locally to improve access to services and patient experience
  • how the implementation the standard is supported nationally

For more information contact england.eandhi@nhs.net

2-3pm How do non-clinical staff contribute to patient experiences of care? - Care Opinion CIC
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It is widely acknowledged that all staff – not just clinicians – may have an impact on people’s experiences of health and care services. Despite this, there is little information available on how non-clinical staff actually do affect experiences of care.  If non-clinical staff are important to patient experience, then it might be helpful to them to routinely receive feedback from patients on their impact. In addition, non-clinical staff could be far more involved in efforts to improve experience of their services.  In this webinar we will present a recent study of how non-clinical staff affect patient experience (for good or ill), based on stories shared on Care Opinion. We will go on to discuss how real-time online feedback could be a simple and effective tool for building and supporting an improvement culture among non-clinical staff.  For more information contact james.munro@careopinion.org.uk

4-5pm Global Perspectives on Patient Experience – NHS England & NHS Improvement
Register for WebEx here
We are delighted to announce a joint WebEx with a global leader in the field of patient experience improvement –The Beryl Institute.  President of The Beryl Institute Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP will be joining Dr. Neil Churchill from NHS England and Julia Holding from NHS Improvement to discuss the similarities and differences and the success and challenges between the U.S. and the English health system. We will be joined on this WebEx by patient experience leaders from the USA and a range of other countries.   For more information, please  contact julia.holding@nhs.net or beverley.annan@nhs.net   

8-9pm Care Opinion CIC Twitter chat - How do non-clinical staff contribute to patient experiences of care?  

Thursday 26th April

Short film from Healthwatch Essex – Jennifer Rogerson, Senior Research Associate
→ Follow @HWEssex and watch HERE as Jennifer speaks about the work Healthwatch Essex Research team do relating to how important patient experience is when discussing ‘end of life’.

8.30-9.30am Patient experience framework – NHS Improvement
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Dr Karen Dunderdale will be sharing her work to develop a Patient Experience Improvement Framework. Karen has undertaken a detailed analysis of many CQC inspection reports and identified some key markers for great patient experience. These have been used to underpin the framework. There has already been extensive engagement with trusts and others, but this WebEx will enable a wider range of people to engage with the tool.  For more information contact beverley.annan@nhs.net

9.30-10.30am Always Events: An Introduction for those who want to know more – NHS England
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Have you heard of Always Events® but aren’t quite sure what they are? This webinar will give you an introduction to Always Events as a way of truly working together with patients, service users, families, carers and frontline staff to improve experience of care.  Always Events® are defined as ‘Those aspects of the care experience that are so important to patients, service users, families and carers that they should be carried out consistently for each patient every time’. The methodology uses co-production to work with patients and families to find out what is really important to them, and to work with them to design test and implement improvements.  The conversation with patients is enhanced by moving from just asking “What’s the matter?” to also asking “What matters to you?”  You will also hear the experience of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust in using Always Events and the difference it has made.  For more information contact claire.marshall3@nhs.net

10.30am – 12pm Improving the experience of maternity care in Wessex (Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Dorset)
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We invite you to join a webinar where you can hear more details about the findings from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight ‘Maternity Matters’ survey report,  and the Dorset maternity consultation and how these views collected from families have influenced service redesign.  Also Dorset’s ongoing engagement and co-production work.  Participants will hear directly how their voices made a contribution and will hear a response from the Local Maternity System (LMS) boards of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, and from Dorset.  This will be a great way of going back to all those participants and acknowledging that their voices have been heard, counted and will make a difference to the future of maternity services in Wessex.  Over 1,600 women shared their experiences of local maternity services across Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.  The views were collected by Wessex Voices a collaboration between local Healthwatch and NHS England.  Healthwatch Hampshire, on behalf of Wessex Voices, worked with local maternity and Health Visiting services to gather feedback that will help commissioners and maternity service providers ensure that women have an informed and empowered choice through their pregnancy and birth.  Views were collected from child development clinics across the region and through social media.   The views were summarised into the nine key areas.  For more information contact tracey.davies1@nhs.net

2-3pm Headlines and Highlights – NHS Improvement featuring Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Portsmouth NHS trusts
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This WebEx will discuss outcome and feedback from  the Annual NHSI Patient Experience conference (28 February 2018) and  shine a light on Trusts approaches to using patient feedback and improvement methodologies to improve patient experience of NHS care and the quality of care:

  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals will discuss how they have engaged with, and listened to, children and young people through varied platforms, to work collaboratively and develop services to meet the specific needs of children and young people YP
  • Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust will share their experience of developing an inclusive approach to patient engagement and experience. They will also discuss the opportunity this provided to explore creative ways to develop a richer understanding of people’s lived experience of acute hospital care and the shift from personal to organisational process

For more information contact beverley.annan@nhs.net


2-3.30pm Person Centred Visiting – is it time to move on in this 70th Birthday year?  - NHS England
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Following on from the blog from Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England https://www.england.nhs.uk/blog/lets-be-open-all-hours-for-carers/ this session will hear from different contributors talking about their experiences of making visiting person centred to share learning, thoughts and reflections on what has really mattered to patients, families, carers and staff.  For more information contact claire.marshall3@nhs.net

8pm Tweet chat- We AHPS Twitter Chat - Always Events - For more information click HERE

Friday 27th April

Carers in Employment: Staff Carers Network Blog - For more info contact dave.ross@nhs.net

Short film from Healthwatch Essex – Dr David Sollis, Chief Executive Officer Healthwatch Essex
→ Follow @HWEssex and watch HERE as David describes the importance of peoples’ experience of care and how Healthwatch Essex allows people to share their lived experience in different ways

10.30-11.30am The use of digital stories, how, where and why? DNA of Care - NHS England
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Following the successful launch of the DNA of Care digital staff stories, NHS England have commissioned Patient Voices to develop a guide to enable people to make the most effective use of the stories to share understanding, prompt reflection and support transformational change.   We know that many of the DNA of Care stories are already being used to highlight issues relating to the original five themes. These are, compassion, wounded healers, learning from serious incidents, staff as carers and leading change. We know also that some of the stories are being used in digital Schwartz Rounds and some organisations are using them in support of transformational change. We feel the stories could have even more impact if more people felt confident in using them in presentations, teaching sessions and improvement activities.  During this webinar we will share the new facilitator packs and their improvement themes of resilience, compassion and compassionate leadership, leading change, inclusion and the interface between the personal and professional self. We will explore how the stories can be used to:

  • help create reflective spaces in which staff can honestly share their own feelings and responses to difficult situations
  • promote greater understanding, empathy and compassion
  • provide a catalyst for organisational development, particularly compassionate leadership
  • illuminate the reality of working in the NHS to viewers of the stories
  • provide a rich and flexible learning and teaching resource for use in education and service improvement

For more information contact england.staffexp@nhs.net

1-2pm Supporting health and care staff who have experienced distress and/or traumatic incidents in the workplace - NHS England & Hope for the Community CIC
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In this session Dr Wendy Clyne from Hope for the Community CIC will describe the results of a rapid review she has undertaken for NHS England, to explore the options for supporting healthcare staff who have experienced distress or been involved in traumatic incidents at work. Wendy will describe the range of support options available to healthcare staff and the evidence that they are effective.  We would also like to hear about what support has been useful to you if you have experienced distress as a result of your job. Join in, and contribute to NHS England’s developing work in this area.  For more information contact england.staffexp@nhs.net

2.30-3.30pm Commissioning for workplace compassion, a good practice guide to help you - NHS England & Hope for the Community CIC
Join webex here
In March 2018 NHS England launched new guidance for commissioners and for providers to support them in achieving compassion in the workplace and so create an NHS culture of compassion for all.  Dr Wendy Clyne from Hope for the Community CIC who wrote the guide will talk us through the reasons why the guide was developed, the research and insight work that underpins it, and what NHS England plans next to make workplace compassion a reality for all NHS organisations.  For more information contact england.staffexp@nhs.net



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