#70nursebloggers & #70midwifebloggers

Tuesday 20th March 2018 by @AgencyNurse

By Teresa Chinn & Sam Sherrington

A few weeks back we held a #WeNurses tweetchat that explored blogging as a nurse (you can read it HERE) During the discussion it was suggested that the NHS's 70th Brithday (#NHS70) was a brilliant opportunity to get nurses, from all areas of nursing, blogging:



The suggestion was well recieved:



So we are pleased to announce #70nursebloggers and #70midwifebloggers is now a thing!! 


#70nursebloggers & #70midwifebloggers - getting involved:

The aim is to inspire 70 nurses / student nurses / midwives / student midwives to blog in order to raise profile of what nurses and midwives do and nurses & midwives blogging and to celebrate 70 years of the NHS 

The blog can be setting up a blog alone, or with some colleagues. It can be a guest blog on someone elses website. It can be a written blog, a video blog or an audio blog.  Blogs are welcome from existing bloggers or those new to blogging … but must be about some aspect of nursing or midwifery. 

When you have written your blog please post it and state something along the lines of:


“Here is my wonderful contribution to #70nursebloggers / #70midwifebloggers - INSERT LINK TO BLOG” 


We will then add you to the WeNurses or WeMidwives #70nursebloggers or #70midwifebloggers Twitter list

We also want to encorage those more seasoned bloggers amoungst you to share some of your blogging knowledge and expertise - below are some suggestions on how you could kindly support and encourage new bloggers: 

  • Write a blog on why nurses / midwives should blog
  • Write a blog on how to blog
  • Share existing blogs / resources on blogging
  • Look out for tweets for help via #70nursebloggers and #70midwifebloggers
  • Offer a space on your blog for guest bloggers
  • Offer to proof read / sanity check blogs  
  • Support and encourage all the new nurse bloggers 

We hope that #70nursebloggers & #70midwifebloggers will become a vibrant resource for nurses and midwives who blog or want to blog.

Here is all of that some handy infographics: