We Active Challenge 2018

Monday 16th July 2018 by @WeNurses


The sun is shining, holidays are being planned, we are spending more time outdoors, we are dusting off our trainers and limbering up .... it can only mean one thing ..... WeActiveChallenge is on the horizon!! 

Yes WeActiveChallenge is back for the FOURTH year running and with WeAHPs winning gold for the last 3 (!!!!!) years, professional pride is totally at stake.  

So here are the details:

When?            1st – 31st August 2018

What?             A social media campaign & competition to help us all get active in the summer

Who?              YOU!

Where?           On twitter!

How to get active with WeActiveChallenge:

Throughout August we’re asking all our communities, your families and friends and anyone else who wants to tag along to dust off their trainers, walking boots, or swimming gear, active wear, and then GET ACTIVE .... tweeting pictures to share what you've been doing.

Your photos don’t have to be in Lycra, poised or perfect, this challenge is about having visible fun, being inspired and inspiring others. 

You'll be working towards getting a virtual bronze, silver or gold medal, that of course you can share in a tweet:

Limber up and get involved: 

  1. Set yourself a goal or challenge for August – like taking the stairs, going for a lunch time walk each day, climbing your local peak, or trying out Park Run.
  2. Get friends, family and your work colleagues involved as well.
  3. Take some pictures (or even a vine or video) of your activity.
  4. Share your pictures on twitter with your community hashtag (see below) – choose your allegiance carefully, this is a competition!  

Choose your hashtag

These are the official campaign hashtags we'll using for the competition - choose one, or more if you have MDT loyalty, and use it in all your tweets for the challenge:

  • #NursesActive
  • #PharmacyActive
  • #AHPsActive
  • #MidwivesActive

If you don't "belong" to any of the professional groups about then please pick whatever one, or ones, you fancy ... the important thing is to get active this summer. 

Some ideas on what to tweet:

Some of the feedback we recieved last year was around people not knowing what pictures to tweet - we understand that you may not want to take pictures of your sweaty self and upload them to Twitter so here are some suggestions - in rhyme !