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Wednesday 28th August 2019 by @WeStudentNurse

@WeStudentNurse is a Twitter account predominately aimed at Student Nurses. Keep an eye out for tweetchats using #WeStNs 

@Natalie_StN - Natalie Elliott is a 3rd year student nurse (adult stream) at Glasgow Caledonian University. She is the #WeStNs team lead and through taking part in the Council of Deans of Health’s, Student Leadership Programme (#150Leaders) has developed a passion for compassionate leadership. She believes through good leadership we can provide better, more personalised, care for the people we look after. She is also passionate about the physical and mental well-being of students, and is a strong advocate for making positive change to student nurses conditions. Natalie loves the diversity of nursing and looks forward to what the future holds.In her spare time, Natalie enjoys spending time with her three children and her golden retriever, Bruce. She is a huge Disney fan and on her bucket list is to go to every Disney Theme park in the world.

@Georgina_Lilly_ - Georgie is a 3rd Year Adult Nursing Student at the University of York. Prior to starting her nursing degree, Georgie undertook a degree in Psychology and then gained experience working in acute mental health settings. This experience gave her the enthusiasm to pursue a career in adult nursing. Georgie has both an interest in physical and mental health, particularly how they can interrelate. Furthermore, Georgie is passionate about raising awareness of mental health for both patients and nurses themselves, promoting self-care wherever possible. Though she is still not sure which area she will work in once she has qualified, Georgie has a keen interest in emergency nursing, cardiac nursing, and end of life care. She had partaken in various death cafes and has raised awareness of the dying matters week within her university.Outside of nursing Georgie can be found playing her acoustic guitar and after previously studying fine art, occasionally still paints portraits. Georgie is an animal lover and currently has a dog named Mac and a cat called Theo.

@uolddancingnurse - Bethan Jones is a 2nd year (im)mature student nurse at the University of Leicester. She studies MSc Dual registration nursing (child and mental health branches) with an additional leadership qualification. She is also an RCN Student Ambassador. She is passionate about advocating for the voice of the student nurse, and believes student nurses are just as capable of making lasting changes to the nursing profession, even before they qualify. She regularly gets involved in student nurse activism, if it coincides with her own beliefs and opinions. She is very passionate about student mental health and wellbeing, pushing for student nurses to still have ‘lives’ even though they are on a very high-demand degree. She is also passionate about sexual health education and hopes to work on a project surrounding this subject in the future. Bethan loves all things nursing! She doesn’t have a particular favourite subject, instead, she enjoys the diverse learning opportunities that all the different areas of nursing bring. She is very interested in the science behind procedures and illnesses because her previous degree was in Medical Physiology. Outside of her studies, she is an avid Ballroom and Latin dancer, and danced competitively representing her university as an intermediate same-sex dancer most weekends before covid, now, she regularly embarrasses herself by dance training in the park or the gym at the weekend. When she isn’t doing that she’s busy crocheting, playing video games, or watching lord of the rings. She’s also a proud Gryffindor.

@GwenWPunc19 - Gwen Willetts is a second-year student nurse, specialising in the adult field at the University of Plymouth, Cornwall Campus. She is honoured to have been given the opportunity to make a (hopefully!) impactful contribution towards @WeStudentNurse, inspiring student nurses to explore the world of peer support through the twittersphere. Throughout her first year, she increasingly took up regular opportunities to participate in tweetchats to not only build on her knowledge and understanding of broad nursing topics, but to also share experiences and support those around her. A fundamental quality necessary for nursing in her opinion is being supportive and caring (as well as professionalism and organisation obviously!). Even as a student, we must ensure we build each other up through positive reinforcement and encouragement. During placement and previous experiences, Gwen had the opportunity to explore her growing passion for geriatric care, whilst also realising her other interest: wound care and chronic ulcer management. She finds this fascinating, understanding the properties within dressings that promote healing and treat local infection, improving a patient's quality of life. Continuing with her training, she would like to further explore this area, with the aspiration to become a tissue viability nurse, specialising in geriatric care. Gwen has the vision that nothing is impossible, but instead says I'm possible. As long as you have the drive and determination, whilst also possessing passion, you are able to conquer anything with the world at your fingertips! Away from nursing, Gwen is a keen clarinettist, achieving her grade 7 aged 17 years old. Now 19 years of age, she has currently got 13 years experience, with a passion for the jazz and blues genre. She is also an STA trained and qualified swimming teacher and lifeguard. Her experiences range from teaching children from just 2 years old all the way to 15, in addition to those with additional needs and sensory impairments, requiring individualised support. This, in her opinion, enables her to adapt her teaching style which allows children to blossom into competent swimmers, comfortable in the water without fear. Therefore, the skills developed from teaching are transferable to nursing, in which she hopes will help her to become the best nurse she can be!

@Rachel_A_ - Rachel A is STILL a 3rd year ‘mature’ Adult Nursing student at Buckinghamshire New University.  Her student experience has made her super passionate about placement experience, particularly protecting student wellbeing & suitable rostering.  Rachel brings experience of ambulance work & a penchant for GIFs. ‘’I changed to nursing for the wide opportunities. I think I’ll myth bust by starting in practice nursing, before eventually adding prescribing & education to the mix.’’ Rachel curated the #WeGoGreener event, inspired by the volunteering she undertook during a 6 month health break from studies. She’s now a Community Guardian for Planet Patrol, leading clean-ups & qualifying to lead river cleans with Thames21. In the rest of her down time, Rachel would be found in theatres & cabarets, walking or cycling & enjoys aerial fitness & jigsaw puzzles.  She’s a Slytherin.

@samkitchen03 - Sam is a second-year student Learning Disability Nurse at the University of Hull. Her background is not in healthcare. She studied Music at the University of Hull, graduating in 2014, with a background in events, managing volunteers and administration.  She chose to pursue a career as a Learning Disability Nurse as when she struggled with her mental health, she witnessed the many barriers to gaining access to the right support and healthcare. She is now keen to use her privilege to empower others to demand access to support and healthcare they are entitled to and deserving of. This is not limited to clients and their families but extends to fellow student nurses and colleagues across all professions. Sam formed Hull University’s first Nursing Society to create a community within student nurses from all disciplines and backgrounds outside of lecture theatres. She hopes that it brings students together for all kinds of activities including student socials, academic events, fitness events and events suitable for the whole family. She is also a Course Representative and RCN Student Ambassador, keen to challenge and improve current practice for everyone


@StnKirstin - Hi, my name is Kirstin Totten, I am a 3rd year Adult Nursing Student at Edinburgh Napier university. I am currently a student rep for my year, and I am an active volunteer within the university, this allows me to assist on interviews, do campus tours and do career fairs promoting nursing.  I am passionate about Palliative and End of Life Care and find it one of the most rewarding jobs being able to support patients and their loved ones. I am currently trying to organise a spoke placement with the Palliative Care Nurse’s to learn more about the speciality. I love taking care of those who are at the end of their life and ensure they receive the best care possible. In my spare time I love reading fantasy fiction and watching horror movies with my family, even if I scare myself for weeks. I also love going to the theatre as I love acting and enjoy seeing the play acted out live, my favourite productions have been Hamlet at The Citizens Theatre in Glasgow and Hamilton in London.


@PUNC_Ello - Hello, my name is Ellie and I am a 3rd year student nurse (child health), studying at the university of Plymouth. My passion for working with children stems back from the days when I worked as a martial arts instructor, teaching children Tae Kwon Do. However, I have always known that my dream career is nursing and I aspire to work in paediatric emergency care one day. I was introduced to twitter as part of my degree in first year and have loved using it as a professional platform ever since. Having the opportunity to be a part of the We Student Nurses team and share my experiences with other student nurses is amazing. I feel that we can learn a lot from each other and Twitter is a great place for this. I look forward to supporting other student nurses, like myself on their journey. On the side of my nursing degree, I still practice and instruct in Tae Kwon Do as much as I can and am working towards my 3rd degree black belt. I am also an extreme dog lover, especially to my 4 springer spaniels. I love to read, surf and listen to music.


@lucy_uo - Lucy (she/her) is a 3rd year adult nurse at The University of Birmingham. She is an RCN Student Ambassador and Academic Officer for Nursesoc. Lucy came into nursing due to her own (extensive!) experiences as a patient. She is interested in holistic care, multimorbidity, public health and improving patient experiences. She is a mature student and already has a psychology degree, before nursing she worked in a children's nursery. When not nursing/studying Lucy enjoys playing Pokemon Go, reading and blogging about books, and playing board games. She doesn't have a TV but likes to binge netflix. Lucy is a Potter fanatic and is a self-identified Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies. Luna Lovegood is her spirit animal.


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