Promoting physical activity in your professional pratice

Thursday 25th July 2019 by @LauraKoehli

#WeActiveChallenge and how to promote physical activity in your professional practice

By @LauraKoehli


The #WeActiveChallenge this summer presents a fantastic opportunity for health and care professionals to try something new, form some new physical activity habits and most importantly, it’s a great motivator to have fun and get active.

As a health and care professional, it’s also a great time to reflect on the physical and mental health benefits of physical activity for yourself and also for the population that you work with. 

Public Health England has been working with Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare to develop a series of #AllOurHealth e-learning sessions providing a bite-sized introduction to different public health topics, with signposts to trusted sources of evidence, guidance and support.

The #AllOurHealth session on physical activity is available here and is a great way to learn more about the latest evidence base, your local data and find advice for how professionals working across the health and care sector, from frontline practitioners to managers and strategic leaders can help to keep people physically active.  

We know that unfortunately our population is around 20% less active than in the 1960s and many people are not aware of the benefits of physical activity for both physical and mental health.

Health and care professionals are in a great position and have many opportunities to speak to people about the benefits of physical activity and the risks of inactivity. There are great resources out there to help professionals to have these conversations and clear national guidance and campaigns that can be promoted. You can find out more in the #AllOurHealth e-learning sessions which have been created to be a bite-sized guide bringing together all of the relevant prevention guidance and information you’ll need into one easy to access place as we know how busy professionals are. Completing the session will also count towards your CPD if you’ve registered on the e-learning for Healthcare site – but you can still access the session without registering if you want.

Please do share the resources using the #AllOurHealth hashtag and let us know what you think of them. 


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