WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Virtual Student Event

Wednesday 20th November 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud

WeLearn #AllOurHealth: Virtual Student Event Day 1 - Step 0

Hello and welcome to Day 1 - Step 0 of the WeLearn #AllOurHealth Virtual Student Event   

To get us started here is some info about what you are signing up to: 

  • The WeLearn #AllOurHealth funded by Public Health England and is open access and completely and utterly FREEEEE !
  • The course is 5 days long (this can be completed at your own pace)
  • Each days steps take about 15 minutes to complete
  • There will be one hour long Tweetchat
  • You will get a certificate at the end



To access the WeLearn platform youu will need a Twitter account - if you don't yet have one, or don't feel confident about using Twitter as a health care student / professional then complete our #WeLearnToTweet course HERE

The WeLearn #AllOurHealth Virtual Student Event starts on January 20th 2020 and runs until January 25th 2020 however feel free to sign up now and we will send you a Twitter Direct Message to remind you a few days before the start. 

WeLearn #AllOurHealth is best experienced on a laptop / desktop where you can have more than one tab open .. we recommend that you have the WeLearn platform open in one taband Twitter open in another.  (Although WeLearn works on mobile phones we don't advise you completing the course on your phone as it's quite clunky to switch between browser and apps.  WeLearn works well on tablets however please use them in landscape orientation)

Without further ado lets get started....

Completing this step

To complete this step simply follow the link and sign up to WeLearn. We wish you well on your WeLearn #AllOurHealth journey and look forward to tweeting with you. 


This is part of a full programme of activity around Public Health England's All Our Health Framework:

To sign up to the rest of the focus weeks CLICK HERE 


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