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Wednesday 1st April 2020 by @WeExpOfCare

@WeExpOfCare is a monthly Twitter chat predominately aimed at anyone who is passionate about improving experinces of care. @WeExpOfCare tweetchats take place on the third Wednesday of every month at 8pm on Twitter using #WeExpOfCare. 


About the chat co-ordinators

Emily Hextall @RN_Emily_HPN "I’m Emily a community specialist nurse in home parenteral nutrition who works for B.Braun and bank for UHL. I’m passionate about sharing great stories about high quality person centred care and look forward to working with you all."

Jane Newson @janenewson "I’m a Registered Nurse at St Helena which is a hospice in Colchester working in Palliative Rehabilitation, presently I work with an Occupational Therapist and Rehab Assistant and a Developmental Rehab Assistant in STEP (Strength Together Empowering Positivity) an eight week Education Programme.  We provide education for people in the community about Advance Care Planning, Symptom Control, Nutrition, Wellbeing and sleep, Falls prevention and activities the group may wish to do.  I also volunteer at a drop-in for vulnerable people some of whom are living outside, so rough sleeping.  Some are in houses of multiple occupancy.  Some are housed but are vulnerable because of their health issues.  Some struggle with reading.  Most have comorbidities and many have had childhood trauma or have had very difficult lives often due to extreme poverty.  Some have learning disabilities and some have mental health challenges.  You wouldn’t believe the stigma that they have to overcome to be listened to or understood.  Some of our people palliate their emotional distress by using both prescription and sometimes street drugs.  Covid-19 is going to hit these people hardest! I have also been involved in the outcome measures ECHO facilitated by hospice UK and as you may know, I’m a bit of a tweeter!  I’m passionate about collaboration and patient stories as a way to improve the dreadful health outcomes for marginalised groups. My background is Palliative Care and before that HIV care at The Sussex Beacon (when it first opened so a long time ago, but I try to keep up to date with HIV related issues as I’m the link person at the hospice for that).  Before STEP I worked in Breathe Happy which is another 8-week programme for people living with Breathlessness.  I also work in a Nurse and Physio or OT led clinic for people who are living with breathlessness."

Lisa Connell @_lisajc (xolisajane) is a current second year Student Nurse (Adults) at Buckinghamshire New University. Outside of her course, she is widely involved with her Students' Union to advocate on behalf of the student nurses at her university. Prior to university, she worked in various different local authority social care departments (both adult and children services) in a mix of administration roles. She also helped her uncle care for her late grandfather, a stroke survivor, until his passing in 2018. Lisa is passionate about sharing experiences of care because she believes they can ultimately make change, inform current and future practice, provide opportunities to learn and reflect and give recognition to teams and individuals. She actively has shared experiences and feedback as the granddaughter of a stroke survivor, as a primary care patient and as a student nurse. She hopes to use her opportunity as part of the team to inspire current and future student health care practitioners to recognise how valuable experiences of care can be as a student practitione

Pauline Wood @CancerKM

Michaela Tait @michaelatait8

Gillian Orves @Gillian_Orves

Cassia Nice @nicecassia

Becky Millward @beckymilly

Cathy Walsh @cathy_walsh123

Anneliese Hillyer-Thake @anneliese_ht

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Katie Parker-Roberts @KFParker90

Lesley Goodburn @lgoodbu



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