Dedicating April to help international Nurses #StayAndThrive

Monday 14th March 2022 by @WeNurses

How amazing is it that nurses pack up their lives and homes and head to the UK to be part of delivering care both in and beyond the NHS?

Possibly still relatively fresh in the publics' minds will be the highlighting of our international colleagues' existence and value as they became one of the focal points in Brexit "discussions". Working in health and social care as nurses we didn't need a political process to highlight that we are surrounded by these amazing people who have made this leap to live and care alongside us. 

It is estimated that there are some 68,501 internationally recruited/educated nurses forming approximately 20% of our current workforce. 

Couple this estimation with current workforce issues with many tens of thousands of role vacancies, impounded by a pandemic fatigued workforce, it is no wonder many employers' eyes remain keen to continue to encourage international nurse recruitment. 

The question is, given their value in delivering care, are we doing enough to help them stay and thrive?

#StayAndThrive is cross-regional research in action pilot involving 41 organisations across the  North East and Yorkshire and South West regions. The program aims to uncover what really matters to international recruits and how the conditions can be created where international recruits feel a strong sense of belonging, are able to thrive in their personal life and professional life whilst progressing in their career. The program is working in collaboration with the Looking After our People Retention program and has commissioned research by Huddersfield University to develop evidence-based recommendations to inform retention strategies for international nurses working in the NHS.

We asked back in February what your concerns would be if you moved to work in another country, here were your thoughts:

The #StayAndThrive projects look to help us all understand the needs and provide support for those that have chosen to live and care here in the UK, including at work and in their home life too.

Throughout April we will be learning from experiences and work that is going on to help our internationally recruited nurses #StayAndThrive

@WeNurses will be supporting a series of tweetchats and takeovers to help identify what it is like to be an international nurse here in the UK and how organisations and individuals can support them to #StayAndThrive

The April focus (starting 31st March!) is very much focused on the holistic things we can all do for our internally recruited nurses, more so than current workforce issues. 

Please keep an eye out for #StayAndThrive events and place the following Tweetchats in your diary:

Chat: Being prepared to help international nurses #StayAndThrive
Date: March 31st   8:30pm using #StayAndThrive
Details Here 

Chat: Supporting international nurses to #stayandthrive & belong 
Date: April 7th    8:30pm using #StayAndThrive
Details Here

Chat: Supporting International Nurses to be great communicators

Date: April 14th      8:30pm using #StayAndThrive
Details Here

Chat: Exploring principles/practices to help International Nurses
Date: April 21st      8:30pm using #StayAndThrive
Details Here

Chat: What can you do to help International Nurses #StayAndStrive
Date: April 28th    8:30pm using #StayAndThrive
Details Here


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