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Thursday 10th February 2022 by @WeCommNurses

Do you know who Heraclitus is/was, well, we didn’t either until we googled “The only constant is change”.

Some may say that in healthcare things are always evolving, some may think very little seems to improve, and others may think we go full circle.

The fact that the WeCommunities exist we think demonstrated that change is not only constant but it can happen relatively quickly too, we’ve gone for a blanket ban on social media use to it being almost the only way we connect learn and share in as little as 10 years.

Since @WedistrictNurse joined the WeCommunities family back in February 2013 we have shared over 17,000 tweets via #WeDNs and created an impressively professional support network to share and develop our ability to discuss and improve how we improve the delivery of care, one tweet at a time.   

There has been a significant drive to deliver more care within the community, work in an integrated way and with that more skills and specialisms have joined District Nurses both in people’s homes and other settings including the growing social care sector too. 

Over the last couple of years, we have noticed that our tweetchats have become much more multi-disciplinary team focused, reflecting on how we as District Nurses practice with many other health and social care professionals; community nursing, like the WeCommunities, is dynamic and forever changing.  We all strive to empower individuals, families and communities to have control over their health and improve their wellbeing

With the 10th anniversary of @WeNurses approaching this year we used this as an opportunity to rethink how our community should fit into the WeCommunities. Following recent consultation, we feel that taking our amazing community beyond District Nursing, to be inclusive of all community nursing roles, in a variety of settings is something that is very right to do now. 

There will still be opportunities to discuss topics that are hugely relevant to District Nurses specifically but we feel it will open up the opportunity the have more rounded learning and sharing and help us all focus on delivering the best care we can, through sharing best practice one tweet at a time, for all our patients in the community.

We are really pleased to announce that @WeDistrictNurse has become @WeCommNurses and we’ll be tweetchating via #WeCNs, for some that will take some getting used to, but we hope it will add value to everyone.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to thank all those that have volunteered to support @WeDistrictNurse as our community managers, for many years, and of course the now over 10,000 of you that have created the community.

Additionally and importantly…

As the current team of volunteer community managers running the account has a District Nurse focus we would really like to welcome some new people to our team, to ensure we are supporting all community nurses daily and through our tweetchats, with appropriate knowledge, understanding and empathy for our new future.

If you would like to join this team, with no experience necessary, and bring your community nursing passion to @WeCommNurses then we would love to hear from you! All you need is some time a few days a week to tweet from the account and add some input into creating our tweetchats. You don’t need to have vast experience in tweeting with lots of followers, it is more about a genuine desire to support those nursing in the community.

We have a quick form below for you to complete and we’ll be offering full training and support to give you the confidence and ability to support this amazing Twitter community.


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