#WeNurses - Thursday 25th October 2018 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Care plans - do we need them?

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During a recent #WeNurses Tweetchat on patient safety the subject of care plans came up:

Care plans are something that we are religiously taught are an essential part of nursing ... but are they?? This #WeNurses tweetchat aims to explore the care plan and it's role in nursing ... and perhaps even the alternatives !

  • What is the purpose of a care plan?
  • Taking into account the answers from Question 1 - do care plans achieve what they set out to achieve?
  • Do you write care plans in your day to day work? 
  • Do you read care plans in your day to day work? 
  • What does the evidence say about care plans? 
  • How do we make care plans into more of a working document .. ie more dynamic?
  • If we were to scrap care plans what is the alternative? 

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