#WeDNs - Wednesday 29th April 2020 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Intimate partner abuse

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This Twitter Chat will discuss the issue of intimate partner abuse (IPA) occurring within the house bound population cared for by the District Nursing Service. Some people call IPA; domestic abuse or domestic violence, buttonight’s chat will use the acronym IPA. This chat invites contributions from professionals who have knowledge or experiences of intimate partner abuse and are employed or experienced within community and district nursing services at any professional level.

More than 250 000 people aged 66+ annually report maltreatment from a family member (NICE, 2014). More than half of these individuals’ state that a spouse or partner is the perpetrator. Whilst both men and women report violence by their partner, women are disproportionately impacted when frequency and severity of violence are brought into account, andthe evidence tells us that IPA occurs in heterosexual and same sexrelationships.  For many women who live with IPA there are some common factors in their lives which include: poverty, disability, long terms conditions and alcohol and drug use, which prompts the question: is this an issue for the women cared for by District Nurses, many of whom also live with these common factors.

There is a lack of research evidence of the extent of IPA against older housebound females or females who care for housebound partners to underpin interventions to prevent, recognise and respond to IPA in this population and Georgina Ritchie has decided to undertake a PhD exploring this subject and will be guest host on this chat. The PhD research will generate knowledge to address this deficit and make a unique contribution for DN practice and our patients. The transcripts from this Twitter Chat and data from the Polls used within the chat? will be used as part of a PhD research study so please do keep this in mind if you decide to takepart. It is understood this can be a difficult subject for some people to talk about so there is no pressure to take part if you would rather not. A full information sheet about how the data will be used for in study is available at the link below:

Link to participant information and privacy sheet


Questions for Twitter Chat:

  • First, let’s chat about the many definitions of abuse; elder abuse, domestic abuse, domestic violence, intimate partner abuse. What are your thoughts?
  • Have you ever witnessed or suspected intimate partner abuse or had anyone disclose this to you whilst working within community or District Nursing services?
  • Do you view this as a significant part of your role?
  • Do you feel that you have been adequately prepared and / or educated to meet the needs of this very specific issue or is it addressed within wider safeguarding education?
  • Do you know how to access support and advice if you have a patient in this situation?
  • Do you believe mental capacity influences practitioner actions on this issue?  
  • Any final thoughts or comments on tonight’s chat?
  • Would you like to be contacted to participate in the next stage of this research project,which will be a focus group? 

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