#WeNurses - Thursday 14th July 2022 8:30pm (Greenwich Standard Time) The delegation dilemma !

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To delegate or not to delegate that is the question !! Delegation requires some complex thought: who do you delegate to? what do you delegate? how do you ensure that delegation is appropriate? how much support should you give? The NMC have a helpful Caring With Confidence video on Delegation that starts to unpick some of these questions:

This tweetchat aims to explore the key aspects of delegation and will follow the tweetchat formula below: 

From 8:15pm Pre tweetchat 2 x poll questions 

8:30 - 9pm Tweetchat 3 questions 

From 9pm Post tweetchat 2 x poll questions 


The tweetchat will ask the following questions: 

  • Question 1 (poll) - Are you confident with delegation in your nursing role? Yes / No / Other (please state) 
  • Question 2 (poll) - How often do you delegate in your nursing role? More than daily / Daily / Weekly / Other (please state) 
  • Question 3 (tweetchat) - What stops us delegating in nursing? 
  • Question 4 (tweetchat) - What are the consequences of not delegating / inappropriate delegation in nursing? 
  • Question 5 (tweetchat) - What are the key parts of delegation that as nurses we need to be mindful of when delegating? 
  • Question 6 (poll) - Why should nurses delegate? To save time / Build others skills / Ensure care is safe / Other 
  • Question 7 (poll) - Think back to the last time you delegated in your nursing role .... how did you ensure you delegated appropriately? You checked in on the person  / You worked alongside the person / You asked the person to document / Other (please state) 

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