#WeMHNs - Monday 28th November 2022 8pm (GMT Standard Time) Importance of Raising Concerns with @NatGuardianFTSU

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This chat is guest hosted by @NatGuardianFTSU

The National Guardians Office leads, trains, and supports a network of over 900 Freedom to Speak Up Guardians in the NHS, independent sector organisations, national bodies and elsewhere. Freedom to Speak Up Guardians support workers to speak up when they feel they are unable to in other ways, about anything preventing people from doing a great job. Freedom to Speak Up Guardians have handled over 75,000 cases since 2017.

The National Guardian’s Office and the role of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian were created in response to recommendations made in “The Freedom to Speak Up” report from Sir Robert Francis in 2015, as he found that NHS culture did not always encourage or support workers to speak up, and that patients and workers suffered as a result. Now, 7 years on, we still see examples, like in the recent panorama expose, where workers don’t speak up about things that get in the way of delivering great care.

The Guardianship Office also has LOTs of resources that you can use as an individual or a leader at work.

Join us and @NatGuardianFTSU on this tweet chat to discuss all things speaking up.

This chat will be guest hosted by speaking up experts from The National Guardian (Freedom to speak up) Office.

We'll be asking this prechat poll before the chat:

  • Do you know who your Freedom to Speak Up Guardian is?

On tonight's #WeMHNs tweet chat wewill be exploring the following questions;

  • What does Freedom to Speak Up mean to you?
  • Have you spoken up at work? If so, how was thatexperience? If not, what has stopped you from speaking up?
  • What advice would you give to leaders, to support people to speak up about anything which gets in the way of great care?
  • What personal action will you take after tonight's conversation?


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