#AllOurHealth - It's no secret!

Friday 13th December 2019 by @WeLearnOutLoud

by Professor Jamie Waterall, (Deputy Chief Nurse, Chief Nurse, Maternity & Early Years Directorate – Public Health England) & Teresa Chinn MBE (WeCommunities Founder) 

Picture this – information and learning that is:

  • Evidence based
  • Has relevance to your role
  • Easily accessible and engaging
  • Counts towards your professional development hours (and for some revalidation)
  • Will reduce ill health, premature death and health inequalities on a huge scale.

Sounds like a lot to ask, but, this is exactly what Public Health England’s All Our Health framework provides to the 2 million health and care professionals working across the system.

For those professionals who know about the framework and the associated learning opportunities know how useful, engaging and relevant it is and we often hear them say “why didn’t I know about this before?”

For those of you reading this blog post and discovering All Our Health for the first time there are three ways to access the framework (and for those of you who know all about All Our Health, here is a reminder so you can tell everyone you know about it):

Via the gov.uk website: Simply access the All Our Health webpage on gov.uk HERE and have a read, click on a few interesting links, explore topic areas and explore the resources. 

Via the e-learning: The Interactive All Our Health e-learning sessions, are written by PHE and developed by Health Education England’s e-Learning for Healthcare team. The sessions aim to increase the knowledge, confidence and skills of all health and care professionals in embedding prevention, protection and promotion into their day to day practice. The learning is open access, free to use and you have the option to create an account to record your learning for your professional development.

Via WeLearn AllOurHealth: The WeLearn #AllOurHealth project sets out to establish and deliver an interactive s-learning (learning through social media) programme to extend the reach of All Our Health. The 2020 programme of activity is divided into 6 separate weeks of learning, each day consisting of 10 – 20 minutes worth of short, snappy and engaging learning that runs alongside a Twitter hashtag - #AllOurHealth – to encourage discussion, networking and sharing.  The WeLearn #AllOurHealth project is open access and free to use. You can take part by following posts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram however to fully take part, and gain a course certificate then you can sign up to the WeLearn #AllOurHealth course platforms using your Twitter details (if you don’t yet have a Twitter account then click HERE to complete a short sign up course): 



Jan 20th – 24th WeLearn #AllOurHealth Virtual Student Event CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Feb 3rd – Feb 7th Mental health & wellbeing CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Feb 24th – Feb 28th  Smoking & tobacco CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Mar 9th – Mar 13th  Cardiovascular disease prevention CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Mar 23rd – Mar 27th Air pollution CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Organisation’s such as provider trusts and universities can also get involved with WeLearn #AllOurHealth as a ‘Trailblazer’:  If you and your university or organisation are passionate about preventing illness, protecting health and promoting wellbeing and want to grab this opportunity and be part of something amazing then read more HERE.

We can’t encourage you enough to find out more about the All Our Health framework, take a look, take part in some of the e-learning, sign up to WeLearn #AllOurHealth and then shout about it, share it, tell your colleagues, post it on your social media, pass it on to every health and care professional you meet. All Our Health isn’t a secret… it’s a fabulous way to learn more about preventing illness, protecting health, and promoting wellbeing and how it applies to your role so tell everyone you know. Most importantly, our collective efforts of increasing our focus on these evidence based interventions really make a huge difference in prevention illness, reducing premature death and reducing unacceptable health inequalities. Start using All Our Health today!